Miele Vs Bosch Dishwashers

Miele and Bosch are two of the leading dishwasher brands, they both represent excellent design, quality and high end cleaning performance. Choosing between the two is tough so we are taking a closer look at Miele and Bosch dishwashers so you can find the best option for your kitchen. Bosch Bosch is a German brand that was founded in 1886. They have always been innovative and have a long, rich history creating powered equipment and machinery. They originally focussed on … Read more

The Best Ceramic Cooktop In Australia For 2021

Best Ceramic cooktop

Ceramic cooktops are a popular choice for many modern kitchens. As the surface of a ceramic hob is smooth they are sleek, easy to clean and look fantastic. They are also quick to heat up, affordable and there are options to suit kitchens of all sizes and styles. To make choosing a new cooktop easier, we’ve reviewed the best ceramic cooktops in Australia. 1. Omega 60cm Ceramic Cooktop (Top Pick) This black Ceramic Cooktop from Omega is smart, sophisticated and … Read more

The Best Microwave In Australia For 2021

Best Microwave

The humble microwave is one of the most useful and convenient appliances to have in the kitchen. They are incredibly versatile, reliable, and are a great option for small kitchen spaces. While all microwaves are able to do the basics of defrosting, reheating, and cooking foods they each vary in quality, size and additional features. When looking for the best microwave for your home there are a lot of factors to consider. To help you find quality options we have … Read more

The Smallest Dishwashers In Australia For 2021

Best Smallest Dishwasher

Dishwashers are fantastic appliances that make it easier and more energy efficient to clean up after a family dinner. While traditional dishwashers are quite large and bulky, there is a range of compact options available too. In this article, we’ve rounded up the best small dishwashers in Australia to help you find the best space-saving solution for your kitchen. 1. Bosch Serie 6 45cm Freestanding Dishwasher (Top Pick) This Bosch dishwasher is perfect for washing lots of dishes without using … Read more

The Best Induction Cooktop In Australia For 2021

Best Induction Cooktop

Induction cooktops are very popular thanks to their ease of use, energy efficiency and superior performance. An induction cooktop combines the best of both worlds; they offer consistent and responsive heat like a gas cooktop and are easier to clean than an electric cooktop. Induction cooktops are sleek, stylish and modern. The big decision is not whether to go with induction but which make and model do you choose? The following reviews and buyers guide will give you everything you … Read more

The Best Gas Cooktop In Australia For 2021: Bosch, Miele

Best Gas Cooktop

Gas Cooktops are hugely popular thanks to their effectiveness, their instant heat control and their seamless integration into any kitchen. However, as with all large kitchen appliances, there are lots of factors to consider when choosing a gas cooktop for your home. You need one that will fit well in your available space, look great with your decor and offer the features you need to cook delicious meals with ease. We’ve reviewed some of the best gas cooktops in Australia … Read more

The Best Dishwasher In Australia: Bosch, Miele, Asko

Dish Washer

Walk into any appliance store and you’ll see a range of dishwashers that look more or less the same. It can be confusing to find the right one for you. In our reviews, we take a look at the best dishwasher models in Australia. If you’re still unsure what dishwasher is best for your home, take a look at the helpful buying guide that is located after the reviews. 1. Bosch Serie 6 SMS66MI02A Dishwasher – Best for Most People … Read more

The Best Freestanding Oven In Australia For 2021

Best Standing Oven

Good quality freestanding ovens are spacious, cook food quickly and evenly and are easy to use. There are a few things to consider when choosing a new cooker, as they should last for years so you want one you know you can rely on. To help you in your search, we’ve listed 7 of the best products currently on the market in Australia, and also included a buyer’s guide so you know what to look out for. 1. Smeg 90cm … Read more

The Best Fridge in Australia for 2021: LG, Samsung

Say goodbye to old, clunky refrigerators as now is the time to welcome new, energy-efficient and streamlined models into your home. Choosing a new fridge can be overwhelming as there are so many options, but this guide will help you focus on the important factors and find the best one to suit your needs. Skip to section: Best French Door Fridge Best Side by Side Fridge Best Top Mount Fridge Freezer Best Bottom Mount Fridge Freezer Best Cheap Fridge Best … Read more

The Best Range Hood In Australia for 2021

Best Range Hood

A range hood is an effective way to rid your kitchen of smoke, steam and smells when you are cooking. There are a range of ventilation options available so your rangehood can be sleek and discreet or large and stylish, whatever you think will work best in your space. Check out the reviews and buying guide below and find the best rangehood for your home in no time. 1. Best Undermount Rangehood: Sirius SL906-L 850 Undermount Rangehood (Ducted) The best … Read more