The Best Vibration Machine In Australia for 2024

Best Vibration Machine

Vibration platform fitness machines are great for individuals at any level of fitness who want to get a low-impact full-body workout from the comfort of home. They’re ideal for use in tight spaces like apartments, living rooms, or even your home gym or office. Vibrating machines can be used for strength building, cardio, improving bone density, circulation, muscle tone, and more. Below are some of the best vibration machine options currently available in Australia. All of these vibration platform fitness … Read more

The Best Pilates Reformer In Australia for 2024

Pilates is a form of resistance training that is renowned for promoting a more balanced body, core strength, coordination, body composition, and general wellbeing. Traditional pilates is performed solely on a mat, however, there are pieces of special pilates equipment that can provide further challenge and variation to each workout. One particular machine is known as the reformer. The reformer has a bed-like frame with a platform on top which is known as the carriage. This carriage rolls backward and … Read more

The Best Home Gym In Australia for 2024

Best Home Gym Equipment

Home gym machines are extremely popular pieces of training equipment. This is primarily down to the fact that their design allows the user to perform a wide range of exercises and strengthen every muscle of the body. Because they combine the functions of several resistance machines in one unit, home gym machines negate the need to purchase multiple resistance machines and therefore save space. This article will review seven of the best home gyms available in Australia. It will then … Read more

The Best Skipping Rope in Australia for 2024

If you’re old enough to remember double-dutch, you might think you’re too old to jump rope. Not true! In fact, jumping rope is an excellent cardio workout and an important part of many pro-athlete’s regimens. Today, we’re going to take a look at the best skipping ropes on the market. Whether you’re a serious athlete or a couch potato looking to expand your fitness horizons, there’s a rope for you. There’s a wide variety of options for all fitness levels … Read more

The Best Elliptical Cross Trainer In Australia for 2024

Elliptical cross trainers are a very popular piece of equipment for both commercial and home gyms. Not only do ellipticals improve your cardiovascular capacity, but they are also extremely low impact which makes them superb pieces of fitness equipment for those with movement or joint issues. This article will start by reviewing nine of the best elliptical trainers that money can buy. We then move on to discuss the many benefits of using an elliptical and the different types of … Read more

The Best Rowing Machine In Australia for 2024: Concept2


When it comes to improving aerobic fitness and body composition, the rowing machine is one of the best pieces of cardio kit that you can invest in. This article will begin by highlighting seven of the best machines on the market. It will then go on to provide detail on the benefits of rowing, the different types of rowers, and considerations to make when buying a rower. 1. Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine (Top Pick) When it comes to rowers, … Read more

The Best Exercise Bike In Australia for 2024

While the design of the stationary bike has evolved greatly over the years, these machines have been the mainstay of many commercial and home gyms for decades. Nowadays, there are a number of different types of exercise bikes that can be purchased which each bike type having its own specific benefits and uses. This article will begin by highlighting seven of the best exercise bikes on the market in Australia. It will then cover the different types of exercise bikes … Read more

The Best Foam Roller In Australia for 2024

Best Foam Roller

Although foam rollers may feel like a relatively new piece of fitness equipment, they were actually first used back in the late 1980s. They have become synonymous with improving flexibility and mobility, enhancing muscle function, and reducing tightness and pain. In this article, we will highlight a number of the best foam rollers on the market and also discuss the key considerations to be made when purchasing one.vibrat 1. TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller (Top Pick) When it comes to innovative … Read more

The Best Treadmill In Australia for 2024

Best Treadmill

For many years, treadmills have been used to bring about significant changes in cardiovascular fitness, physical health, and body composition and they are still one of the most popular pieces of gym equipment around. Whether you are a runner or a walker, a treadmill may be a worthwhile addition to a home gym. This first section will highlight a number of the best treadmills to buy for home training. 1. Proform Pro 2000 Treadmill – Top Pick The Proform Pro … Read more

The Best Protein Shaker Bottle In Australia for 2024

Best Protein Shaker

Protein shakers make it quick and easy to mix up a protein shake or smoothie after a workout. They are a must in any gym bag but unfortunately, they are not all as high quality as you would hope. When looking for the best shaker you want to choose one that is leak-proof, sturdy and easy to clean. The following reviews and buyers guide can help you separate the good from the bad so you can find the best shaker … Read more