The Best Ceramic Cooktop In Australia for 2024

The Best Ceramic Cooktop In Australia for 2024

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Ceramic cooktops are a popular choice for many modern kitchens. As the surface of a ceramic hob is smooth they are sleek, easy to clean and look fantastic. They are also quick to heat up, affordable and there are options to suit kitchens of all sizes and styles. To make choosing a new cooktop easier, we’ve reviewed the best ceramic cooktops in Australia.

1. Omega 60cm Ceramic Cooktop (Top Pick)

This black Ceramic Cooktop from Omega is smart, sophisticated and simple to use. It works with touch controls and has 9 power levels to choose from. There are four cooking zones and the controls are positioned at the front of the unit so there is no need to lean over the cooktops.

This model has some of the best safety features built-in including a heat indicator, a child lock, a key lock and an auto switch off feature.

This Omega Cooktop is available at a great price and the frameless design provides a seamless, minimalistic look. Being frameless also makes the cooktop easier to clean as there are no areas to trap dirt.

What We Like:

  • Smart finish
  • 9 power levels
  • Good safety measures

What We Don’t Like:

  • Simple features

2. Westinghouse 60cm Ceramic Cooktop

This 60cm cooktop from Westinghouse is a simple but functional option that will look great in any kitchen.

There are 4 cooking zones that you can adjust between 9 power levels to suit the dish you are making. The knob controls clearly indicate the power level and are very easy to use. A heat indicator lets you know if any of the zones are still hot after the temperature is turned off.

This model has an auto thermal cutout safety switch which turns the cooktop off if it detects spills. The black ceramic glass finish of this Westinghouse cooktop looks sophisticated and stylish. You can simply wipe the surface clean after use.

What We Like:

  • Easy to clean
  • Simple to use
  • Knob controls

What We Don’t Like:

  • The power level indicator could be clearer on the controls

3. Electrolux EHC644BB 60cm Ceramic Cooktop

This versatile ceramic cooktop from Electrolux is great for a busy family home. It offers 4 cooking areas and a flexible triple zone to make preparing your favourite food easier.

The controls allow you to adjust the power by sliding your finger across the panel. You can also use the Stop & Go setting to temporarily turn off the cooktop if someone comes to the door or the phone rings. There is also a keep warm setting and a built-in timer too.

This model is able to work with compatible rangehood products thanks to Electrolux’s Hob2Hood technology. This means the temperature sensors will automatically adjust the hood to ensure all kitchen odours are captured and the room stays well ventilated.

What We Like:

  • Versatile
  • User-friendly features
  • Hob2Hood technology works with compatible rangehoods

What We Don’t Like:

  • No auto-off safety feature

4. Bosch 60cm Ceramic Cooktop

This black glass cooktop from Bosch is refined, durable and comes at a great price. It is spacious and has 4 cooking zones of varying sizes, each with 9 power levels.

This is a user-friendly model that is easy to operate and the knob controls make it simple to adjust the power settings. The controls are front-mounted on the right-hand side so they are within reach without having to lean over the cooker.

The heat indicator lets you know if any of the zones are still hot after use. This cooktop is easy to clean as it is frameless, although dirt can get caught underneath the control knobs.

What We Like:

  • Frameless design
  • User-friendly
  • Residual heat indicator

What We Don’t Like:

  • Limited safety features

5. Gasland Electric Ceramic Cooktop

This Gasland Electric Cooktop is durable, quick to heat up and easy to use. It also has multiple safety features making it one of the best options for family homes. The smooth surface can simply be wiped clean and the residual heat warning lets you know if any of the zones are still hot.

The 4 heating zones have 9 power levels that are controlled using touch buttons for precise and effortless temperature changing. This is a quiet, energy-efficient cooktop that offers multiple safety features including a child safety lock and overheating protection. The corners are also rounded to ensure there are no sharp edges to worry about.

The programmable built-in timer will turn the hob off automatically when it reaches zero and the pan detector automatically turns off the power after 1 minute of there not being a pan on the cooking zone.

What We Like:

  • Multiple safety features
  • Front positioned controls
  • Automatic pan detector

What We Don’t Like:

  • Can only adjust the power on the cooking zones one at a time

6. Chef 90cm Ceramic Cooktop

This spacious cooktop from Chef is perfect for making big meals or multiple dishes at once. There is plenty of room to fit different sized pans and you can easily move pans on and off the heat as needed.

The knob controls are positioned at the front of the cooktop and make it easy to adjust the temperature from high to low.

There is also a heat indicator so you can see which of the zones are still hot even after the power to that zone has been turned off. This is a modern, reliable cooktop that keeps things simple.

What We Like:

  • Spacious
  • User-friendly controls
  • Reliable

What We Don’t Like:

  • No child lock or auto off safety switch

7. Devanti 30cm Electric Ceramic Cooktop

Devanti Ceramic Cooktop 60cm Electric Kitchen Burner Cooker 4 Zone Knobs Control

If you’re limited on kitchen space, take a look at this 30cm ceramic cooktop from Devanti. This is a low price cooktop that offers 3 cooking zones (2 including 1 dual ring) and gives users access to a range of great features.

The touch control panel makes it simple to adjust the power level and the LED display shows you everything you need to know. Each cooking zone has an independent 99-minute timer as well as overheat protection.

If the temperature gets excessively high or you forgot to turn the cooktop off after cooking, it will turn itself off. This is a sleek cooktop that is easy to maintain and gives you everything you need in a small but powerful package.

What We Like:

  • Ideal for smaller kitchens
  • LED display
  • Sleek design

What We Don’t Like:

  • Limited space for larger pans

Ceramic Cooktop Buyer’s Guide

When you compare different brands and products consider the following features to ensure your new cooktop has everything you need. This guide will help you narrow down the best ceramic cooktops for your home.


When you are buying a new cooktop, make sure you measure your countertop to get the right dimensions before you start shopping. Ceramic cooktops are installed so they sit flush with the countertop, this makes them look sleek and is a style that suits any kitchen. As this is an electric cooktop there is no special installation requirements, they simply need to be the right size and positioned within reach of a power source.

Number of Cooking Zones

Ceramic cooktops have zones rather than hobs, a zone is where there is a radiant heat element built into the surface. Each zone can be individually controlled to the desired temperature. Depending on the size of the cooktop, you can have anything from 1 to 6 zones of varying sizes.

Dual Zones

Some ceramic cooktops offer dual zones where there is a smaller cooking zone inside a larger ring. This means you can use either option depending on the size of the pan you are using. Some products also offer flexible cooking zones where you can merge two zones to form one larger area, this feature can be found on ceramic cooktops as well as induction cooktops.

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Framed or Frameless

Deciding between a framed or framless cooktop will depend on style preferences. The frameless cooktop type is best for maintenance and cleaning as there is nowhere for dirt to be trapped. A framed cooktop looks smart but can add to the cleaning routine.

Touch Controls

Touch controls are common on ceramic cooktops as well as induction cooktops. Touch sensitive controls are responsive, easy to use and complement the sleek style of the ceramic glass.

Some models offer control knobs rather than touch sensitive controls. These can look less sleek but can make it easier to adjust temperatures. Control knobs can also make the cooktop harder to clean.

Power Settings

Many ceramic cooktops offer power levels from 1-9. The power settings allow you to cook multiple dishes at different temperatures at the same time. The more power settings there are the more control you will have over the cooking temperature.


A built-in timer is a useful feature that will help you make sure you don’t forget about the food. Some cooktops have a timer that automatically switches the hob off when it reaches 0 while others will simply play an audio tone to let you know the timer is finished. There are some premium electric cooktops that allow you to set different timers for individual zones allowing you to make multiple dishes without confusing the cooking times.

Ease of Cleaning

The smooth surface of ceramic cooktops makes them much easier to clean than traditional cooktops. This is the same as an induction cooktop. Both can simply be wiped with a damp cloth and a mild cleaning product. However, if food boils over or spills onto a cooking zone it can get cooked on which makes it much harder to clean. If you need to clean stubborn burn marks you can use distilled vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to help get the ceramic glass looking new again.

Safety Features

  • Residual heat warning lights – as the burners hold onto their heat for a while after cooking, a warning light is important so you know if the elements are still too hot to touch or clean.
  • Safety lock – a child lock or safety lock helps keep you safe by making sure the controls aren’t adjusted by accident.
  • Spillover protection – cooktops with spillover protection will automatically switch off if a spill is detected.
  • Pan sensor – if the burner has pan sensor it will detect when the pan is on one of the zones. Like induction cooktops, some ceramic cooktops have a sensor that turns the power off if the pots are moved away from the heated area. Others have pan sensors that adjust the cooking area to suit the pan size.
  • Auto-off – some cooktops have an auto-off feature that turns them off after a certain period of time.

Ceramic Cooktop FAQs

Is a ceramic cooktop the same as a glass cooktop?

Yes, ceramic cooktops and glass cooktops are the same. They are electric cooktops that have the heat elements underneath a ceramic-glass blend that creates a smooth surface to cook on.

Which is better: induction cooktop or ceramic?

A ceramic hob is cheaper to buy and lets you use any cookware type. An induction cooktop is faster and more energy efficient but only works with certain pans. They each have their pros and cons but you’ll find both look more or less the same and are very easy to clean. Technically, induction cooktops are a type of ceramic and both products provide great service in the kitchen so you can’t go wrong.

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