Janome Mylock 644d vs 744d Sewing Machines: Which is Best?

Are you on the lookout for a new overlocker sewing machine? If so, you may be wondering which one is best: the Janome 644d or the Janome 744d? The truth is, there’s no such thing as the best; only what’s right for your particular needs. Both of these machines sit mid-range in Janome’s lineup of overlockers and offer great features and reliability. There are, however, some important things to keep in mind when choosing between the two. In this article, … Read more

Vornado 660 vs 633 Fan Comparison

Vornado is one of the go-to manufacturers when it comes to household fans. They create effective, reliable fans that use Vortex technology to circulate air throughout the whole room. Their products offer excellent value for money and there are a number of Vornado fan models to choose from, with the 660 and 633 being two of the most popular. Below is a Vornado 660 vs 633 comparison to help you find the best air circulator fan for your needs and … Read more

The Best Desk Fan In Australia for 2024

Best Desk Fan

No one wants to be stuck in a stuffy and sweltering living space or office. When turning up the AC isn’t an option and opening a window won’t do you any good, a convenient and portable desktop fan can be the perfect solution. Desktop fans come in many configurations and there are a lot of options to sift through. Which fans are best designed to have on your desktop? Which desk fans are the most effective? What about USB powered … Read more

The Best Sewing Machine In Australia for 2024

Best Sewing Machine

The best sewing machine is one that is easy to use, versatile and meets your creative needs. Finding a sewing machine that suits your style, experience level and requirements is essential to having a good experience. With hundreds to choose from it can be overwhelming, so use our reviews and buying guide below to help streamline your search. 1. Janome DC2150 Computerised Sewing Machine (Our Top Pick) The best sewing machine for beginners is the Janome DC2150; it is versatile, … Read more

The Most Energy Efficient Portable Heaters in Australia

As the months get colder, many Australian households look for solutions to take a bit of chill out of the air. Portable heaters can be a great way to heat up a small space, and can also offer a great alternative to central heating, but they can also be big electricity users. In this article we discuss some of the most efficient portable heaters on the market in Australia and also include a buyer’s guide so you know what to … Read more

The Best Foot Massager In Australia for 2024

Best Foot Massage

Having a foot massager at home is the best way to relax after a long day. Foot massagers are simple to use and can offer a variety of health benefits from promoting blood circulation to alleviating pain. Different massagers offer different features so to help you narrow down your search we’ve reviewed some of the best foot massager models on the market. After that, we’ve included a buying guide to help you find the best massager to suit your needs. … Read more

The Best Dehumidifier in Australia: Ausclimate, DeLonghi

A dehumidifier helps deal with mould, allergens, and just being uncomfortable from excess humidity. If you’re interested in getting one, check out our top picks below. After our reviews, we’ve included a buyer’s guide to get you started. Here are the best dehumidifiers in Australia: 1. Ausclimate NWT Medium 20L Dehumidifier (Top Pick) From market leader Ausclimate comes this high performing and reliable 20-litre dehumidifier. This unit does a fantastic job of pulling moisture out of the air. You won’t … Read more

The Best Electric Heater in Australia for 2024

A portable electric heater can be an energy efficient, cost effective solution to dealing with colder weather. There are many heater types on the market so whether you are looking for additional electric heating for your home, office or workshop there’ll be a selection of options to choose from. Consider the space you’d like to heat and delve into our reviews and buying guide below to find the best electric heaters for you. Here are the best electric heaters in … Read more

The Best Evaporative Cooler In Australia for 2024

Best Evaporative Cooler

An evaporative cooler is more economical than a portable air conditioner and cools better than a fan. If you need something to keep you cool in summer, but don’t want to spend a lot of money, then evaporative coolers are the way to go.   With so many models available it can be a bit confusing about which one to choose, so we’ve listed the best products on the market and given you a brief buyer’s guide so you know … Read more

The Best Humidifier in Australia for 2024

humidifier benefits

A good humidifier will keep your throat from getting sore due to dry air, and it can also help with cold symptoms. But with so many models on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for you, your baby, or your family. To get you started, we’ve listed the five best humidifiers in Australia. We discuss the pros and cons of each model, and we’ve also included a buyer guide to help you make the … Read more