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Who We Are

Welcome to Home Muse, your one stop shop for all things Home & Garden in Australia. We’re dedicated to providing the very best information, inspiration, tips and tricks to help to create the best home for you and your family.

From home decor and gardening tips, through to kitchen appliances and cleaning solutions, we’re here to help you create your perfect home every step of the way.

Our focus is on providing the following:

  • Well researched, value-packed answers to common household questions
  • Inspiration and ideas to make your home more organised, livable, and beautiful
  • High-quality product round-ups/buyers-guides showcasing the best home & garden products available in Australia

Since 2018, Home Muse has been providing inspiration and advice for Australian households across the country. We strive to become the leading home & garden website in Australia.

We hope you enjoy the content on this website as much as we enjoy offering it to you.


Home Muse

Meet Our Writers

Sandra Wilson

Sandra is a writer and editor from Sydney. Prior to writing for Home Muse she worked for a large national news paper before taking time off to raise her two children. 

In 2016 she completed a major renovation in her home including a kitchen, living area and patio. This project kicked off a love affair with home design and she has since thrown herself head first into the world of home & garden. She now writes full time for Home Muse and several other websites.

Sandra is also a part-time artist and photographer.

Bill Rashford

Bill is a writer from Sydney who specialises in home improvement and DIY. He combines exceptional research skills with a passion for home improvement to create content that cuts through the fluff and provides actionable tips and insights.

He loves digging deep into topics related to home improvement and demystifying ideas that people often find complex.

Product Reviews

In our buyers guides, we present lists of recommended products in a given category. These lists are the result of hours of research and compilation using our refined techniques and processes. 

Our goal with our buyers guides and product reviews is to do the hard work of product research so you don’t have to. We leverage our time and research abilities and present the findings in a succinct and easy to digest article, providing our readers with what we consider to be a great starting point on their search for a given product.

While we do not physically test products ourselves, we consolidate a very wide range of consumer and expert reviews. We familiarise ourselves of the key features, benefits, potential issues and risks of each product and use all the information we can get our hands on to weigh up the options and publish them for our readers. 

Within these articles are links where readers can view the product for sale at a retailer. With some of these links, we have partnerships with the retailer and may receive commissions from purchases. We are not paid by any brand to include specific products on any list – all lists are compiled based on our research process as described above.


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