Tefal i-Companion XL vs Thermomix vs Magimix

Large volume, affordable, and no subscription costs. Integrated scales and remote connectivity. Multiple blade attachments and a range of bowl sizes. Tefal, Thermomix and Magimix are three of the most popular thermal cooker brands in Australia, thanks to their innovation, quality, and versatility. Each of these brands started in Europe and their thermal cookers continue to be manufactured in both France and Germany. Trying to decide between these three multifunction cookers? Read on as we break down the key things … Read more

Kmart Air Fryer vs Philips Daily Collection Air Fryer

Air fryers offer a healthier alternative to oil when cooking but they can be quite expensive. They are extremely popular thanks to their ability to cook crispy chicken and chips as though they were deep fried but they use air instead of oil. Air fryers simply work by circulating hot air so how different can a budget model and a premium model be? This comparison takes a look at Kmart 5.3 Litre Air Fryer and the Philips Daily Collection Airfryer … Read more

The Best Smoothie Blender In Australia for 2024

Best smoothie blender

If you want to easily blend up bananas or shred strawberries, a quality smoothie blender is a must. Smoothie blenders can be used to make healthy blended beverages like green or superfood smoothies but they also have a range of other uses. To make smoothies and frozen beverages, you’ll want to pick a blender that has a powerful motor and enough processing capability to pulverize ice. Variable speed settings are also important, as they allow you to smooth, stir, liquefy, … Read more

Global vs Wusthof: Kitchen Knife Reviews

Well-balanced with a full-tang and traditional design. Modern and lightweight with a stainless steel handle. Global and Wusthof both produce some of the best kitchen knives in the world. These two brands have excellent reputations for producing sharp, long-lasting knives that look and feel great. Whether you need a single paring knife or a full set of knives Global and Wusthof both offer a full range of options. Choosing between these two premium brands can be a challenge. If you’re … Read more

The Best Electric Frypans & Woks In Australia for 2024

Electric woks and fry pans can be used to cook a wide range of delicious dishes quickly and conveniently. With energy-efficient electric thermal components, these devices allow you to whip up great home-cooked meals without having to worry about heating up your stovetop or lighting a burner. Electric woks and frying pans are great for frying, braising, stir-frying, deep-frying, stewing, searing and much more. In this guide, we will take a look at some of the best electric skillets, woks, … Read more

Kitchenaid KSM150 vs KSM160: The Best Kitchenaid Mixer

The Kitchenaid Artisan mixer range is arguably the most iconic and most popular selection of stand mixers. They are reliable, stylish and make preparing your favourite food simple and straightforward. The Kitchenaid stand mixer range includes many models and sometimes it is not immediately clear what the differences are between them. Many find this is the case with the KSM150 and the KSM160. Below we are taking a closer look at these two stand mixer options so you can decide … Read more

SodaStream vs SodaKing

A good sparkling water machine is easy to use and can instantly transform tap water into delicious soda water. These clever appliances can save you money, limit the use of plastic bottles and allow you to make a range of sparkling drinks in a simple, fun way. If you have heard about home sparkling water machines before you will have heard of SodaStream, but they aren’t the only premium machine manufacturers out there. This guide takes a closer look at … Read more

The Best Electric Knife In Australia for 2024

best electrick knife

Electric knives can be an enormous help in the kitchen. They do a lot of the work for you, easily shredding, dicing, slicing, and cutting through all kinds of ingredients. You can use them to quarter up meat, slice bread, and prepare meals quickly. Usually, an electric knife will come with at least one removable dishwasher-safe blade for easy cleaning. There are a lot of electric knives to choose from. Below, we review some of the best electric knife options … Read more

The Best Pie Maker In Australia for 2024

Pie makers are popular kitchen appliances that can be used to create perfectly uniform, evenly-cooked, golden-brown pies. The best pie makers are easy to use, powerful enough to cook pies thoroughly with consistent and equally distributed heat output, and simple to clean. Below, we take a look at the 5 best pie makers in Australia, helping you find the perfect pie maker to save you time in the kitchen. 1. Sunbeam Pie Magic 4 Up Pie Maker (Top Pick) First, … Read more

The Best Juicer In Australia for 2024

Best Juicer

While a standard blender might serve up a decent smoothie, juice requires its own device. But not all juicers are equal. In fact, the wrong juicer can be more hassle than help. That’s why it’s essential to get your hands on an appliance that’s simple to use and easy to break down and clean. Otherwise, it’s bound to end up in the dreaded appliance-graveyard, unseen and unused. The best juicers are efficient, high-quality, and user-friendly. Not only can they juice … Read more