Furi vs Global Knives: Which to Choose?

Furi and Global are two of the most popular knife brands in Australia, thanks to their quality, craftsmanship, and impressive warranties. They both have been in business for more than two decades and have built strong reputations for creating innovative knives that are durable, well-balanced, and comfortable to use. Trying to decide between the two? Read on as we break down the key things you should keep in mind when choosing, answer some commonly asked questions, and compare some of the … Read more

Munchbox vs Yumbox: Bento Box Reviews

Compartment lunch boxes, also known as bento boxes, are extremely popular thanks to their convenience, ease of use and leak-proof design. They are ideal for school kids and they help parents separate snacks and portion food out for their little ones. Munchbox and Yumbox are two of the leading brands of Bento style lunch boxes. These lunch boxes are kid-friendly, come in bright colours and are reusable. We love them and it’s no wonder their popularity has been increasing over … Read more

The Best Kitchen Bins In Australia for 2024

Best Kitchen Bin

It’s time to talk trash! Bins, that is. Many people overlook the importance of owning a quality kitchen bin. However, you may be interested to learn that your kitchen waste receptacle is probably one of the most frequently used items in your home! As such, getting the best possible kitchen is a smart investment that can dramatically simplify your daily life.  The best kitchen bins will be large enough for your household, user-friendly, durable, and aesthetically appealing. With so many … Read more

The Best Egg Poacher In Australia for 2024

Best Egg Poacher

Good poached eggs are soft, creamy, shell-free, and mouthwatering. However, they’re not exactly easy to make. If you’ve ever poached an egg in a saucepan before, then you understand why egg poachers were invented in the first place. Egg poachers work to eliminate these problems, saving you time and letting you skip the hassle. With so many seemingly impressive products out there, finding the best egg poacher for your kitchen can be a task in and of itself. That’s why … Read more

The Best Bread Knife In Australia: Global, Wusthof

Best Bread Knife

Buying a knife specifically to use for cutting bread can change your life. No more sawing away at the loaf, squishing it in the process. Find a knife that will smoothly glide through any type of bread and stand the test of time in your kitchen. The best bread knives make slicing simple and have high-quality serrated blades that make cutting even slices no trouble at all. Below are our picks for the best bread knives currently on the market … Read more

The Best Kitchen Knife Set in Australia

The best kitchen knife sets make even amateurs feel like seasoned pros! Whether you’re a savvy home chef or just someone who loves to eat, it’s important to have the right knife set in your (kitchen) corner. But not all blades are created equal, so today we’re taking a look at some high-quality kitchen knives that stand above the rest. We cover materials, durability, cost and more in our comprehensive review and buyer’s guide. Below are our picks for the … Read more

The Best Steak Knives In Australia for 2024

Best Steak Knives

A set of quality steak knives is an investment that will dress up your dinner table and allow you to enjoy eating delicious cuts of meat without having the struggle of trying to slice it with a dull, inadequate knife. There are countless options available but there are some key differences between a quality knife that will last many years and a knife that will become blunt and ineffective after just a short amount of time. The reviews below take … Read more

The Best Coffee Plunger In Australia


There are so many ways you can make a cup of coffee but many coffee lovers swear by using a simple french press. This is an incredibly popular way to make coffee in just a few basic steps. You take your ground coffee, pour in your not-quite boiling water and wait for a few minutes until it is ready to be pressed and enjoyed. There are lots of french presses available and they vary in size, material and quality. As … Read more

Fressko Coffee Cup Review

Fressko pride themself on producing simple and sustainable flasks and reusable cups. Designed in Melbourne, their products are stylish, functional, and are constructed using 100% BPA-free materials. There’s no doubt these products look great, but we were keen to see how they perform. Fressko kindly sent us a couple of products to take a look at. Fressko Bino Reusable Coffee cup Part of Fressko’s Cafe Collection, the Bino is an 8oz (227ml) reusable coffee cup. For reference, this is the … Read more

The Best Protein Shaker Bottle In Australia for 2024

Best Protein Shaker

Protein shakers make it quick and easy to mix up a protein shake or smoothie after a workout. They are a must in any gym bag but unfortunately, they are not all as high quality as you would hope. When looking for the best shaker you want to choose one that is leak-proof, sturdy and easy to clean. The following reviews and buyers guide can help you separate the good from the bad so you can find the best shaker … Read more