Kobo Vs Kindle: The Best EReader In Australia For 2020


E-readers are a great way to have access to lots of books anytime, anywhere without needing to carry any heavy paperbacks around. They are lightweight, portable and cover all the needs of book lovers. In fact, the screen of an ebook reader offers a clean, crisp text that doesn’t look too different from a print book. When it comes to e-readers there are two brands in the running: Amazon Kindle and Rakuten Kobo. Let’s take a look at the options … Read more

The Best External Hard Drive In Australia For 2020

Best External Hard Drive

An external hard drive is an affordable way to back up your whole computer, your important files and your favourite memories. It’s a terrible feeling to lose important or valuable files, and backing data up onto a hard drive is an easy way to protect against system crashes and potential tech problems. Fortunately, there are many reliable external hard drives available so losing files is not an issue you should ever need to worry about. Different situations need drives with … Read more

The Best Computer Monitor In Australia For 2020


The best computer monitor is going to be the one that best suits your needs and budget. If you spend a lot of time at your computer, upgrading to a more intuitive, high-quality screen can completely transform your work, gaming or viewing experience. There are lots of different reasons you may be looking to invest in a new monitor so to help in your search we’ve reviewed the best options on the market in Australia. Whatever your intended use, the … Read more

The Best iPad Case In Australia For 2020

Best iPad Case

iPads are incredibly popular thanks to their ease-of-use and portability. These high-quality tablets have taken the world by storm but it remains surprisingly difficult to find good iPad cases. A case is really important as it is all too easy for an iPad to slip through your hands or off the table and we all know how quickly screens can become damaged. The best iPad cases help to keep the device in great condition for longer. Below we’ve reviewed some … Read more

The Best Label Maker In Australia For 2020

Best Label Maker

A label maker is an extremely useful piece of equipment for the home and the office. It is so satisfying to stick a perfect label onto an item and there is no doubt that a printed label looks so much better than a handwritten equivalent. With so many labelmakers to choose from, the following reviews and buyers guide will help you narrow down the selection. 1. DYMO LM420P Label Maker (Top Pick) The Dymno LM420P is a portable, rechargeable label … Read more

The Best Mini Projector In Australia For 2020

Best Mini Projector

A mini projector is an easy way to bring a night at the movies to wherever you are. The best portable projectors are lightweight, compact and produce excellent image quality. There are so many options with various resolution, brightness and connectivity factors to consider. The following reviews and guides will help you to find the best projector for your requirements. 1. Anker Nebula Capsule II Mini Projector (Top Pick) The compact size and the high-quality of this Mini Projector makes … Read more

The Best PVR In Australia For 2020

Best PVR

If you never want to miss your favourite shows again, a PVR is what you need. This smart device gives you the ability to store hundreds of hours of high-quality recordings that can be accessed at any time (and sometimes even from anywhere!). One of the great things about a PVR is that your recordings will never expire or become unavailable like they will on on-demand services. With a PVR you can watch live TV (as well as streaming services), … Read more

The Best Power Banks and Portable Chargers in Australia for 2020

Power banks are convenient as they allow you to charge your electronic devices from anywhere at any time. They help you to keep connected whether you’re having a busy day or a weekend away. The best power bank is portable, powerful and versatile. Many portable chargers are designed for use with phones and tablets but there are also options that can be used to charge laptops, cameras and gaming devices. Use the reviews and buyers guide below to find the … Read more

The Best Rechargeable Batteries In Australia For 2020


The best rechargeable batteries are high performance, hold their charge well and are ready to use straight from the pack. Good quality rechargeable batteries will save you money, reduce waste and can be used hundreds of times. It is worth doing a bit of research before buying a set of batteries as you want to make sure the ones you pick hold a charge and live up to your requirements and expectations. As you will be using them time and … Read more

The Best Turntables in Australia For 2020: Record Player Reviews

Record players are back and they are here to stay. Offering a timeless feel, great sound and more modern features than ever, it’s the perfect time to bring a vinyl turntable home. No matter what your budget or requirements, finding the best record player for you is now far easier than it used to be. We’ve rounded up and reviewed some of the best turntable options out there and the buyers guide below will help you identify which features to … Read more