The Best Soundbar In Australia For 2020

Best Soundbar

A soundbar is a simple way to dramatically improve your TV’s audio quality. They are easy to set up so you can be enjoying your favourite films with impressive sound in no time. There is a soundbar for every room size and budget, the hard part is identifying which is the best option for you. One soundbar can produce audio that sounds incredible in one room but feels lacking in another. This is why selecting the best soundbar for your … Read more

The Best Digital Radio in Australia: DAB Radio Reviews

Best Digital Radio

Digital radios are an incredibly popular, simple way to listen to the radio. The best digital radios offer a high sound quality, a consistently strong signal and the ability to listen to all of your favourite stations whenever you want. The popularity of DAB radios means there’s a lot of choice and choosing between them can be a challenge. The reviews and buyers guide below can help you make sense of what is available so you can find the best … Read more

The Best Student Laptops In Australia For 2020

Best Student Laptop

Student laptops need to be quality, durable and ready for any challenge. A quality laptop does not need to break the bank, whatever your budget you’ll be able to find a laptop that is durable, powerful enough to handle a student’s workload and light enough to carry around as needed. The reviews and buyer’s guide below will help you find the best student laptop for your needs so you can concentrate on your studies. 1. Dell XPS 13.3″ i7 10th … Read more

The Best Wireless Earbuds in Australia For 2020

Best Wireless Earbuds

One of the most popular pieces of new tech is true wireless earbuds, everyone either has them or wants them. The ease, convenience and freedom of not having cables attached to your earphones is driving this popularity and has led to a huge number of products flooding the market. The wide range of price, quality, and features offered in wireless earphones means choosing the right pair can be a difficult task. Below we review the best wireless earbuds currently on … Read more

The Cheapest 144hz Monitors In Australia For 2020

Best 144hz Monitor

144Hz refresh rate monitors provide a superior gaming experience and can also improve the user-experience for a range of other uses. Whether you are browsing online, working, or gaming, the monitor that you are using has a huge impact on the quality of your viewing experiences. There are many 144hz monitors to choose from and each one offers different benefits and features. The specifications and all the different features such as response time, aspect ratio and adaptive syncing can be … Read more

Kobo Vs Kindle: The Best eReader In Australia For 2020


E-readers are a great way to have access to lots of books anytime, anywhere without needing to carry any heavy paperbacks around. They are lightweight, portable and cover all the needs of book lovers. In fact, the screen of an ebook reader offers a clean, crisp text that doesn’t look too different from a print book. When it comes to e-readers there are two brands in the running: Amazon Kindle and Rakuten Kobo. Let’s take a look at the options … Read more

The Best External Hard Drive In Australia For 2020: Seagate, Western Digital

Best External Hard Drive

An external hard drive is an affordable way to back up your whole computer, your important files and your favourite memories. It’s a terrible feeling to lose important or valuable files, and backing data up onto a hard drive is an easy way to protect against system crashes and potential tech problems. Fortunately, there are many reliable external hard drives available so losing files is not an issue you should ever need to worry about. Different situations need drives with … Read more

The Best Computer Monitor In Australia For 2020: Dell, HP, Samsung


The best computer monitor is going to be the one that best suits your needs and budget. If you spend a lot of time at your computer, upgrading to a more intuitive, high-quality screen can completely transform your work, gaming or viewing experience. There are lots of different reasons you may be looking to invest in a new monitor so to help in your search we’ve reviewed the best options on the market in Australia. Whatever your intended use, the … Read more

The Best iPad Case In Australia For 2020

Best iPad Case

iPads are incredibly popular thanks to their ease-of-use and portability. These high-quality tablets have taken the world by storm but it remains surprisingly difficult to find good iPad cases. A case is really important as it is all too easy for an iPad to slip through your hands or off the table and we all know how quickly screens can become damaged. The best iPad cases help to keep the device in great condition for longer. Below we’ve reviewed some … Read more

The Best Label Maker In Australia For 2020: Dymo, Brother

Best Label Maker

A label maker is an extremely useful piece of equipment for the home and the office. It is so satisfying to stick a perfect label onto an item and there is no doubt that a printed label looks so much better than a handwritten equivalent. With so many labelmakers to choose from, the following reviews and buyers guide will help you narrow down the selection. 1. DYMO LM420P Label Maker (Top Pick) The Dymno LM420P is a portable, rechargeable label … Read more