8k vs 4k TVs: Understanding the Latest in TV Technology

8k vs 4k TVs: Understanding the Latest in TV Technology

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8K is the newest TV technology available, providing the next level of picture quality to create a fully immersive entertainment experience. These impressive TVs are on their way to becoming mainstream with many of the top TV brands including Samsung, LG and Sony releasing 8K TVs as their flagship sets. It’s a great time to consider a TV upgrade but first let’s see exactly what this new technology offers consumers with a 8K vs 4K comparison. 

Picture Resolution

The biggest difference between a 4K TV and a 8K TV is the picture resolution.

A 4K TV offers a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, this is 4 times more than a full HD TV. This leap in quality, clarity and definition is what has made 4K TVs so popular in recent years. A lot of content is now being made in 4K and the TVs are able to upscale compatible content so its quality is the best it can be.

An 8K TV offers a resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixels, four times more than a 4K TV. That’s 33 million pixels that work together to give you outstanding detail. This means you’re not only getting the best possible picture now, you are getting a TV that will give you the very best picture for years to come.

There’s currently not much 8K content available so these TVs use impressive upscaling technology that enhances content to give you the highest resolution picture possible. This means you can buy and enjoy an 8K TV even while the available 8K content is limited.

Can You See The Difference Between 4K And 8K TVs? 

With 8K TVs you will see better contrast, sharper definition and more true to life colours. An 8K system can reproduce more colours than 4K this means they will look brighter, more natural and more realistic.

With so many more pixels, there is a dramatic difference in the picture quality. With 8K, you can enjoy entertainment on a much bigger screen without losing any of the detail or clarity. You can also watch the TV from any angle and still get a great view. 

The differences between 4K and 8K TVs are more apparent when you are watching on big screens and when you are looking at the screen closely. 

Upgrading to an 8K TV will cost more than buying a 4K TV as it is a newer technology. On the plus side, you won’t need to upgrade your TV again for a while as an 8K model is great not just for current content but for future content too. 

Key Benefits Of 8K:

  • Future-Proof investment
  • Perfect for big screens
  • Incredible detail 
  • Bright, colourful picture
  • Wide viewing angle 
  • Advanced upscaling technology 

Recommended 8k TVs

Samsung 65″ 8K QLED TV

This 65” Samsung TV is one of the best 8K TVs available, particularly due to its advanced upscaling of content to 8K quality from HD and 4K sources. 

It has an infinity display meaning there are virtually no borders on the edge of the screen giving a truly immersive experience. The TV uses HDR10 and 8K AI Upscaling to deliver brilliantly sharp, vibrant and impressively detailed entertainment. As well as incredible screen detail, the Dolby Digital Plus sound ensures the audio is high quality too.  

This Smart TV is compatible with all of the key video streaming services including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube and Stan.

The Samsung 8K QLED TV comes with 4 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports, the One Clear Cable reduces clutter by letting you manage your devices from the One Clear Box rather than the back of the TV.


This 75” 8K TV from TCL boasts many premium features including its ability to support IMAX enhanced content. The IMAX Enhanced certification shows that this TV provides extremely high quality visuals and sound to create the ultimate viewing experience. 

The 8K hardware, picture upscaling, powerful processor and latest HDMI come together to make sure you get the most out of every pixel. This TV uses an Android operating system making it easy to access the content you love. The system is compatible with Netflix, Youtube, Stan and Freeview Plus and also lets you cast media from smart devices using Chromecast. 

This TCL TV displays true to life images and 3D-like depth thanks to Quantum Dot technology. The large screen size ensures you can enjoy every detail and it also uses Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos to refine the images and sound to make it even more immersive. 

For added convenience, this TV is compatible with Google Assistant and works with Alexa smart devices for hands-free control. It offers everything a 4K TV can, and so much more.

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