Do I Need Planning Permission To Build a Patio in Brisbane?

With its pleasant surroundings and climate, Brisbane is one of Australia’s most beautiful cities. Given that Brisbane has such a great climate, it makes sense that many homeowners would like to add a patio to their homes in order to enjoy outdoor life. But before you start planning your dream patio, there’s an important question you need to consider: do I need planning permission? The response is more complicated than a simple yes or no. That’s why we’ve teamed up … Read more

Using Napisan to Clean a Deck (How To Guide)

Best Decking Oil

Keeping a timber deck clean is important for its appearance and durability. Decking can start to look worn and faded after just a few months but cleaning it with the right product can restore the finish and bring it back to life. Before you go out and buy an expensive deck cleaner, check your cupboard for Napisan. This step by step guide will help you clean your deck with just a few basic pieces of equipment, water and Napisan. Why … Read more

The Best Decking Oil In Australia

Best Decking Oil

Decking oils come in clear and coloured formulations and often offer UV protection and slip resistance. Relatively easy to apply, these oils deeply penetrate the surface of wooden decks where they work to protect the timber from the inside out. Decking oils are highly resistant to water and dirt, making them an ideal protective finish for all kinds of wooden decks. A range of decking oil formulations and brands are available, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. … Read more

The Best Hammer In Australia for 2024

Best Hammer

A good quality hammer is one of the most useful tools in a toolbox. This simple tool offers versatility, power, and can be used for a wide range of jobs. The best hammers will last you decades so finding one that is the right size, weight and material for your needs is important. Below we’ve reviewed the best hammers in Australia. The buyers guide later in the article will help you figure out exactly which hammer best suits you. 1. … Read more

The Best Paint Remover In Australia for 2024

Best Paint Remover

Paint removal is a good way to refurbish furniture and other pieces in your home. It’s also a common task on DIY projects. While it can be a time-consuming process, fortunately there are a number of tools and solutions to make the job easier. Before buying a paint remover, consider the type and size of the surface, the type of paint to be removed, as well as the number of coats. It’s also important to understand the features of each … Read more

The Best Paint Spray Gun In Australia

Best Paint Spray Gun

If you are doing DIY, a paint spray gun is a must-have tool. You can cover wider areas in less time, the coat will be more even than traditional painting methods and the end result will look professional. Finding the best paint sprayer for your needs is essential because choosing one that is too powerful or too small will cause frustration. The reviews and buyer’s guide below will help you find the best sprayer for your painting projects. 1. Haupon … Read more

The Best Multimeter in Australia

Best Multimeter

A multimeter is an important tool that every home DIYer should have in their kit. They are absolutely necessary for electrical work and provide vital measurements that will help you carry out safe home improvements. There are lots of multimeters available and the prices range from just a few dollars to hundreds and even over a thousand dollars. Finding the best multimeter doesn’t have to be tiresome, this guide reviews the best multimeters for DIY and the buyer’s guide below … Read more

The Best Soldering Iron In Australia for 2024

Best Soldering Iron

A soldering iron is a great tool to have as part of your kit. Soldering is a simple skill to learn and as a soldering iron is so versatile it can be used to work on a range of projects. It is a quick, easy and neat way to make electrical connections, connect together copper plumbing pipes or work on your craft and jewellery. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, selecting a soldering iron is not always easy. … Read more

The Best Laser Level In Australia for 2024

Best Laser Level

Laser levels are a versatile tool that allows you to align your work and keep it level at all times. They are accurate, simple to use, and take hardly any time to set up. A laser level has a whole host of indoor and outdoor applications. They are often used instead of a spirit level because they offer accuracy across long distances while a spirit level is only useful for very short distances. This multipurpose tool is convenient and very … Read more