Panasonic vs Fujitsu Split System Air Conditioners: Which is Best?

Panasonic and Fujitsu are two of the most popular split system air conditioner brands in Australia, thanks to their quality, impressive performance, energy efficiency, and reliability. Trying to decide between the two? Read on as we break down the key things you should keep in mind when choosing, answer some commonly asked questions, and compare some of the best Panasonic and Fujitsu Split System Air Conditioners currently on the market. Panasonic vs Fujitsu Split Systems In our view, the people … Read more

Bosch vs Miele Washing Machines: Which Should You Choose?

Bosch and Miele are two of the most popular whiteware brands in Australia thanks to their reputation for being high quality and reliable. They are both based in Germany, although their cheaper products are often manufactured elsewhere. Trying to decide between the two? Read on as we break down the key things you should keep in mind when choosing, answer some commonly asked questions, and compare some of the best Bosch and Miele washing machines currently on the market. RELATED: … Read more

Kogan 22v Stick Vacuum vs Dyson D7

Dyson is the brand that dominates the vacuum cleaner industry but some people are put off by the high price tag of the products. In this comparison, we are looking at how the affordable Kogan 22V stick vacuum compares to the Dyson V7. We dive into the key similarities and differences between these vacuums so you can decide which offers the best value for money for your needs. Key Similarities Charging For ease of use, both products come with an … Read more

How to clean a Bosch washing machine

Keeping your washing machine clean on the inside helps to improve results and prevent unpleasant odours from developing. This guide will help you keep your washing machine clean and hygienic. Cleaning The Inside Of The Washing Machine Cleaning the washing machine drum is necessary to prevent a build-up of greasy residues. It’s recommended you clean your washing machine every 3 months. Bosch offers a dishwasher and washing machine cleaner which they recommend is used every few months to clean the … Read more

How to Clean a Fisher and Paykel Washing Machine

ansons washing machine

We use washing machines on a regular basis but if the inside of your washer is not clean then your clothes won’t come out clean either. Cleaning the washer drum will help keep it running effectively and efficiently. It’s a misconception that a washing machine doesn’t need to be cleaned because it is regularly filled with soapy water so the appliance “cleans itself”. The warm, damp environment of washing machines is actually the perfect place for mould and mildew growth. … Read more

Ryobi Stick Vacuum vs Dyson V11

goovi stick vacuum cleaner

DYSON v11 RYOBI 18-Volt ONE+ When choosing a new vacuum there is a wide range of options available at every price point. Two popular brands you are likely to come across are Dyson and Ryobi. Dyson is a household name known for making premium, reliable and super-efficient vacuum cleaners. Established in 1991, Dyson is a global technology enterprise that has a team of engineers creating a range of products including vacuum cleaners, hand dryers, hairdryers, heaters and more. Ryobi was … Read more

Vornado 660 vs 633 Fan Comparison

Vornado is one of the go-to manufacturers when it comes to household fans. They create effective, reliable fans that use Vortex technology to circulate air throughout the whole room. Their products offer excellent value for money and there are a number of Vornado fan models to choose from, with the 660 and 633 being two of the most popular. Below is a Vornado 660 vs 633 comparison to help you find the best air circulator fan for your needs and … Read more

Asko vs Miele Washing Machines

A good washing machine will save you time, provide great value for money and last you for years. They are one of the household appliances we all use on a regular basis so choosing a high quality machine that is durable and energy efficient is important. With all the choice it can be difficult to know which machine is going to be better suited to your needs. In this Asko Vs Miele washing machine comparison, we take a closer look … Read more

The Best Replacement Battery For Dyson v6

Best Replacement battery for Dyson

Buying a replacement battery for your Dyson V6 will save you money and breathe new life into your tired vacuum. As Dyson parts and products are expensive, there is a range of alternative options that can save you money while still providing high quality, long-lasting power for your vacuum. The list takes a look at the best replacement battery for the Dyson V6. 1. Genuine Dyson DC59 DC58 Li-Ion Battery for Dyson V6 This Genuine Dyson battery is brand new … Read more

Samsung Launch “New Air” Range of Air Purifiers

In partnership with Samsung. With this year’s bushfires and Coronavirus outbreak, Australians are becoming increasingly concerned about the air quality in their homes. Surprisingly, concentrations of indoor pollutants are often 2-5 times higher than outdoor concentrations1. Keeping indoor air clean and easy to breathe is extremely important, especially as Australians spend up to 90% of their time indoors2. This is where air purifiers come in. Understanding Indoor Air Quality  If you have allergies or asthma you will know how even … Read more