How to clean a Bosch washing machine

How to clean a Bosch washing machine

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Keeping your washing machine clean on the inside helps to improve results and prevent unpleasant odours from developing. This guide will help you keep your washing machine clean and hygienic.

Cleaning The Inside Of The Washing Machine

Cleaning the washing machine drum is necessary to prevent a build-up of greasy residues. It’s recommended you clean your washing machine every 3 months.

Bosch offers a dishwasher and washing machine cleaner which they recommend is used every few months to clean the drum of the machine. The Bosch cleaner is a safe option as it has been tested and won’t damage your appliance.

Step 1

To wash the machine with a cleaner you simply need to put the product directly into the drum. Check the instructions so you know how much cleaning product is required for use in your home appliance.

Step 2

Close the door and put the washing machine on a hot water cycle (90 degree celsius). Look for the Drum Clean cycle on the washing machine menu, if there isn’t one choose another 90 degree program. Make sure the cycle doesn’t include pre-wash. Press start and leave the machine to run the full program.

Step 3

Once the cycle is complete the drum will be clean and will smell fresh. You can open the machine and wipe dry the drum to ensure there is no marks, lint or residue left behind. Now you can turn your attention to the rest of the machine.

Step 4

Clean the rubber seals with a clean cloth and warm water to remove any bacteria and product that’s been left behind. No cleaning product is needed as this can attack and damage the rubber. Wiping the seal around the door of a front loading machine will prevent a potential mold problem from occurring too.

Don’t use vinegar for this. White vinegar is often suggested for cleaning and descaling but it’s best to avoid using products that contain vinegar or acid. The problem is these products are too harsh and can damage the rubber parts of the home appliance.

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Other Maintenance

Clean the soap dispenser every 2 months to ensure there is no washing powder left to build up. The drawers self-clean on Bosch machines but a quick wipe every so often helps to prevent a build-up in stubborn residue.

Wiping the drawer clean helps to avoid odours and bacteria from forming. You can remove the drawer for a full clean by pressing down the lock in the middle. Once removed, soak the drawer in a basin of water before brushing it or wiping it with a cloth. If you find there is limescale build-up or more stubborn deposits, use a washing machine cleaner to remove this.

Remember to clean the area of the machine where the drawer sits while it is out of the way too. Now you can dry the clean, empty drawer and put it back into the housing. If the machine smells it could be due to the drawer needing a clean.

Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

Using the right amount of detergent and softener can help keep your machine in good condition. Under dosage can mean your laundry doesn’t smell fresh after the wash and overdosage can result in detergent being left in the drawer where it can become dirty and stagnant.

After use, leave the door slightly open so the drum can dry.

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Descaling Your Washing Machine

Regularly using a washing machine descaler can help remove limescale from the drum. This helps to increase the lifetime of the appliance. Put washing machine descaler into the main compartment of the detergent drawer and then put a 60 degree program on. Run the program twice, the second time needs to be without any descaler so the water can remove any remaining product.

Cleaning The Washing Machine Pump

When you want to clean the pump of your washer, first unplug the machine and then open the service flap. Let the water in the hose drain before unscrewing the pump cover. Position a towel underneath to catch any remaining water. Now you can check there are no foreign objects in the pump before putting the cover back in position.

Cleaning The Outside Of The Washing Machines

A wipe down with a soft, damp cloth helps to keep the exterior surfaces of your machine clean. You can also wash the bleach dispenser cup (if it is removable) in dish soap and warm water. Regularly vacuuming under and around the machine also helps to prevent a buildup of dust and lint.


What Is Drum Clean On A Bosch Washing Machine?

A drum clean cycle is a full 90 degree C program. It is the one to choose if you are cleaning the machine and it requires washing machine cleaner placed directly in the drum. This program isn’t for washing clothes.
If your washing machine menu doesn’t include a specific drum clean option, a good alternative is the cotton cycle at the hot 90 degrees C setting without pre-wash. This is an effective option when you are cleaning the drum of a Bosch washing machine.

How Do You Descale A Bosch Front Load Washer?

When the appliance is empty, pour the washing machine descaler into the main compartment of the detergent drawer. Select a 60 degree C program and make sure pre-wash is turned off. Press start and the machine will do the rest. When finished, run the program again without any descaler powder to clean the appliance and remove any residues.
Use a washing machine descaler as this will lift the limescale off and dissolve it without it needing to be scrubbed. Front loaders should be descaled every 3-6 months using a descaler that is made for a washing machine.

How Do You Clean The Rubber Seal On A Bosch Washing Machine?

The rubber seal needs to be regularly cleaned using a damp, clean cloth to prevent a build-up of mold and bad smells. A small amount of gentle soap should be enough to clean the seal. Don’t use harsh cleaners or vinegar as these will degrade the rubber seal.

Which Detergent Is Best For Bosch Washing Machine?

The detergent you choose should be highly efficient, the best option depends on the clothes you are washing. Pods are great for convenience and ease of use, liquid detergents are good for dark clothes and powder detergent is most effective for white clothes. The main concern with detergent is putting in the right amount. Check the detergent directions to make sure you know how much to use.

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