Antler vs Samsonite: Luggage Reviews

A great suitcase can make all the difference when you are travelling. Antler and Samsonite are two of the leading brands when it comes to luggage. They both offer some of the best hardcase, softcase and casual bags to suit all trips. Whether you are going on a business trip, a weekend away or a long holiday you can find a sturdy, stylish case from either brand, so which one should you choose? If you aren’t familiar with luggage, both … Read more

The Best Christmas Gifts In Australia For 2020

Shopping for the perfect Christmas gift for our loved ones can be a difficult task. Everyone has that family member who is impossible to buy for or the friend that already has everything. Ready for some winning Christmas present ideas? In this holiday gift guide, we’ve rounded up some of the most popular products of the year to provide you with some inspiration so you can start your shop with confidence. Ninja Shark Kids Full Face Snorkel Mask BUY AT … Read more

The Best Beach Towels In Australia For 2020

Best beach towel

Having a great beach towel on hand can make your entire oceanside experience better. Most people don’t give a lot of thought to the beach towels they buy. However, as soon as you see your friends plush, absorbent, and stylish beach towel, you might wish you’d given your own towel some more thought. Beach towels aren’t like bath towels; they’re bigger, softer, more durable, and come in a wide range of colours and patterns. If you’re on the hunt for … Read more

The Best Full Face Snorkel Mask In Australia For 2020

Having a high-quality full face snorkel mask can transform a holiday and show you a whole new world without the stress, anxiety and claustrophobia that many people experience with a traditional snorkel set. There are lots of excellent full face masks available but it is sometimes difficult to determine which ones are good and which are best avoided. We’ve reviewed some of the best full face snorkel masks in Australia so you can confidently enjoy your next snorkelling experience. 1. … Read more

The Best Neck Massager In Australia For 2020

Best Neck Massager

Over 10% of the world’s population currently suffers from neck and/or shoulder pain in one form or another. Neck massagers work to relieve shoulder, upper back, and neck pain on-the-go. They come in all shapes and sizes and with an extensive range of user-friendly convenience features. So what’s the best neck massager? Below, we have listed some of the best neck massagers currently for sale. We’ve also created an in-depth neck massager buyer’s guide so that you can find the … Read more

The Best Bike Lights In Australia For 2020

Best Bike Lights

Bike lights are a key aspect of bicycle safety. They let you see and be seen as you ride in town, along dark country roads, or through dimly lit tunnels. Lights for bike riders are often optimized for various weather conditions, front or rear functionality, and different cycling styles. With so many options out there, finding the best lights for your cycling needs can feel challenging. In this useful guide, we will go over some of the absolute best lights … Read more

The Best Suitcases In Australia For 2020

Best Suitcase

If you’re on the hunt for the best suitcases for travel, we’ve got you covered! Whether you’re headed out for a short weekend getaway or an extended trek across the globe, these high quality suitcases can ensure you’re prepared and protected. Below, we take a look at the top luggage on the market as well as benefits, things to consider before you buy, and frequently asked questions. Let’s dive into the top ten best suitcases on the market today. 1. … Read more

The Best Home Brewing Kit In Australia For 2020


Home brewing is an increasingly popular trend in Australia. New homebrewers are attracted to the idea of learning a new skill, saving money, and having a few of their own beers to celebrate when they’re done! It can, however, be confusing to know where to start when selecting your first home brew kit. In this article, we list a few of the best home brew kits available in Australia and also include a buyers guide covering the basic questions you … Read more

The Best Foot Spa In Australia For 2020

Best Foot spa

A foot spa is a great gift for yourself or a loved one. Soaking and massaging your feet in a spa can be a luxurious way to relax and get rid of aches, pains and tension after a long day. Thanks to the wide range of foot spas available, pampering doesn’t need to be reserved for expensive spa days anymore. The best foot spas are affordable, easy to use and long-lasting. With so many foot massagers available it can be … Read more

The Best Metal Detector In Australia For 2020: Teknetics

Searching for hidden treasure using a metal detector is a fun and increasingly popular hobby. It gets you out into the outdoors and is great as a solo activity or can provide fun for the whole family. Whether you have hopes of finding gold or you are searching your local area for old coins and relics, the metal detector you use makes a huge difference in your experience and your chances of finding items hidden in the soil. The reviews … Read more