How to Incorporate Gardening into Your Home Improvement Projects

Gardening goes beyond being a simple hobby; it is an art form that can greatly enhance the beauty and value of your home. By incorporating gardening into your home improvement projects, you can create an outdoor living space that complements your home’s style, boosts its curb appeal, and provides a serene sanctuary for relaxation. This article will explore creative ways to blend gardening with home improvement for a harmonious and sustainable living environment. It’s important to note that choosing a … Read more

The Best Irrigation Controller In Australia for 2024

Best Irrigation Controller

Sprinkler systems and irrigation control devices help gardeners and homeowners distribute water to their lawns and gardens more efficiently. These devices can connect to a range of lawn and garden systems, often using Wi-Fi. They can be controlled remotely or manually to improve water consumption and distribution. Many controllers even implement real-time information and read weather alerts. Essentially, devices of this kind let you custom adjust the amount of water your sprinkler system distributes, making watering your foliage an easier … Read more

The Best Hand Saw In Australia for 2024

Best Hand Saw

A hand saw is a great addition to any workshop or tool kit. They are an ideal hand tool for making precision cuts and can be used for a variety of tasks. Whether you are a professional or an at-home DIYer, a hand saw is perfect for cutting wood and plastic down to size. There are lots of different choices and not all saws are equal in quality or ability so finding one that best suits your use and budget … Read more

The Best Folding And Pruning Saws In Australia for 2024

A pruning saw is one of the most popular gardening hand tools. These hand saws make light work of removing branches that are within or just out of arms reach. A quality pruning saw can be a gardener’s best friend, helping to get rid of dead or diseased wood, shape plants or even remove plants entirely. Below are some of Australia’s best pruning saws as well as a buyers guide to help you find a pruning saw to suit your … Read more

The Best Pop Up Sprinklers In Australia: Hunter, Rainbird

Best Pop Up Sprinkler

If you’re looking for the best way to water your lawn and garden without the eyesore of a massive sprinkler system, a pop-up sprinkler system is for you! These small sprinkler heads are placed unobtrusively in your lawn or garden and pop up only when needed. You can also get many types that feature timers so you can set and forget them. Keep reading to take a look at our review of the 6 best pop up sprinkler systems in … Read more

The Best Weed Killer In Australia: Slasher, Hortico

Best Weed Killer

If you’re wrestling with stubborn weeds, it can be tempting to grab the first weed killer you see. But not all weed killers are created equal! To kill weeds for good, you need a high-quality product with a proven track record. Today, we’re going to cover some of the best weed and grass killer products on the market. We’ll also talk about some options for people who want to steer clear of chemicals and herbicides. Below, the top 9 best … Read more

The Best Garden Hose In Australia for 2024: Hoselink

Best Garden Hose

A quality garden hose will make tending to the garden easy and hassle free. Not all hoses are the same; cheap, poor quality hoses are prone to kink, break and leak water whereas high quality options are durable, UV and abrasion resistant and built to last. Below is a review of the best hoses available and a garden hose buying guide to help you choose the right one for your garden. Here are the best hoses in Australia: 1. Hoselink … Read more

The Best Sprinkler in Australia [2024 Reviews]

A sprinkler system is a convenient way to care for your lawn and garden while also saving time, energy and water. Sprinklers can help make sure your plants are carefully watered even when you’re busy or out of town. There are lots of garden and lawn sprinklers to choose from depending on your needs, and making sense of the options can be confusing. Check out the reviews and buyers guide below to help you find the best sprinkler for your … Read more

Black Spots on Roses – What it Means and How to Treat

Black spot is a common fungal disease found on roses that causes the leaves to yellow, and then eventually fall off the plant completely. Black spot, which has a Latin name of Diplocarpon rosae, can cause the roses in your garden to look ugly, but unfortunately the effects of the disease run deeper than aesthetics. Over time, they can weaken the plant quite dramatically. When Is Black Spot Most Active? Black spot can occur at any time, but it loves … Read more

When to Aerate Your Lawn: A Beginners Guide

A luscious, beautiful lawn is an asset to the whole family, providing the perfect setting for backyard sports, picnics and relaxation. Aesthetically, an attractive lawn also enhances the garden, particularly if you’ve put a lot of effort into landscaping. In order to maintain your grass it is important to apply plenty of lawn care, including aerating it at the right time. If you’re unsure on how to do this, here’s the why, when and how to get help you maintain … Read more