Tefal i-Companion XL vs Thermomix vs Magimix

Large volume, affordable, and no subscription costs. Integrated scales and remote connectivity. Multiple blade attachments and a range of bowl sizes. Tefal, Thermomix and Magimix are three of the most popular thermal cooker brands in Australia, thanks to their innovation, quality, and versatility. Each of these brands started in Europe and their thermal cookers continue to be manufactured in both France and Germany. Trying to decide between these three multifunction cookers? Read on as we break down the key things … Read more

Asko vs Miele dishwashers: Which to Choose?

A good dishwasher is the unsung hero of the kitchen (when it’s working well). What makes a good dishwasher? It’s quick, quiet, and efficient. When a dishwasher isn’t working so well, though, it can be a huge pain. Your dirty dishes get pre-washed and re-washed, glassware and cookware are dried again…maybe even by hand! This is why many consumers choose premium European brands like Meile and Asko. These trusted whiteware brands have a reputation for not only performing their task … Read more

The Biggest Trampolines in Australia (Buying Guide)

Large trampolines are great for families and are perfect for entertaining energetic kids. They can also be a big investment so choosing the right size, shape and features are essential. There are a few important things to consider when looking for a big trampoline. To help you in your search, we have analysed the best big trampolines in Australia and assessed them against a range of important criteria including design, limitations and safety features. This review can help you find … Read more

Oral B Vitality vs Pro 100 vs Pro 500 vs Pro 700

An electric toothbrush can help you improve your dental hygiene compared to a regular manual toothbrush but does price always dictate quality? To help you select the best option for your needs, in this guide we directly compare the Oral B Vitality Vs Pro 100 vs Pro 500 vs Pro 700. The differences between the Oral B Vitality and Pro electric toothbrushes are subtle but they are worth knowing about. We’ve assessed these electric toothbrushes against a range of important … Read more

Oricom vs Angelcare baby monitors

Oricom and Angelcare offer some of the best baby monitors available. Both brands are extremely popular and create products that include a wide selection of useful features. Below we compare the brands and two of their top products to help you decide which is best for you. Oricom vs Angelcare – Brand Comparison Oricom Oricom is an Australian owned brand that was founded in 2003. One of their three communication focus points is baby monitors and they use the latest … Read more

Kogan 22v Stick Vacuum vs Dyson D7

Dyson is the brand that dominates the vacuum cleaner industry but some people are put off by the high price tag of the products. In this comparison, we are looking at how the affordable Kogan 22V stick vacuum compares to the Dyson V7. We dive into the key similarities and differences between these vacuums so you can decide which offers the best value for money for your needs. Key Similarities Charging For ease of use, both products come with an … Read more

Kmart Air Fryer vs Philips Daily Collection Air Fryer

Air fryers offer a healthier alternative to oil when cooking but they can be quite expensive. They are extremely popular thanks to their ability to cook crispy chicken and chips as though they were deep fried but they use air instead of oil. Air fryers simply work by circulating hot air so how different can a budget model and a premium model be? This comparison takes a look at Kmart 5.3 Litre Air Fryer and the Philips Daily Collection Airfryer … Read more

Nuttag vs Tile: The Best Key Finder

A key finder is a tiny Bluetooth device that you can clip onto whatever valuable item you want to keep track of such as your bag or keys. You can check the location of the device at any time using a smartphone app and this way your items will never be lost. There are a few big names when it comes to Bluetooth trackers but it can be hard to know which brand and product to go for. This comparison … Read more

Ryobi Stick Vacuum vs Dyson V11

goovi stick vacuum cleaner

DYSON v11 RYOBI 18-Volt ONE+ When choosing a new vacuum there is a wide range of options available at every price point. Two popular brands you are likely to come across are Dyson and Ryobi. Dyson is a household name known for making premium, reliable and super-efficient vacuum cleaners. Established in 1991, Dyson is a global technology enterprise that has a team of engineers creating a range of products including vacuum cleaners, hand dryers, hairdryers, heaters and more. Ryobi was … Read more

Vornado 660 vs 633 Fan Comparison

Vornado is one of the go-to manufacturers when it comes to household fans. They create effective, reliable fans that use Vortex technology to circulate air throughout the whole room. Their products offer excellent value for money and there are a number of Vornado fan models to choose from, with the 660 and 633 being two of the most popular. Below is a Vornado 660 vs 633 comparison to help you find the best air circulator fan for your needs and … Read more