Swann vs Arlo: Security Camera Reviews

Swann vs Arlo: Security Camera Reviews

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If you’re looking to improve your home security, Swann and Arlo both offer reliable and effective products to do just that.

Arlo focuses on using security cameras to protect your home while Swann offers a broader range of products including motion detection sensors, entry sensors and more.

Both have user-friendly systems that are easy to use and monitor, so which is best?

This guide takes a closer look at the similarities and differences to make deciding between these two top-level home security brands a bit easier.

Popular Swann and Arlo models

Swann 1TB Full-HD CCTV System

Swann 1080p Wire-Free Security Camera 4 Pack

Arlo Pro 3 – 2K Video Security Camera System

Arlo Technologies HD Video Doorbell

Key similarities

Multiple product options

Both offer a range of product options so you can choose the products that best suit your situation. You will be able to find a number of indoor and outdoor cameras for house security.

Arlo offers 3 outdoor security cameras of varying specifications, 2 for indoors, 1 portable option and 1 baby monitor camera. They also offer doorbell and floodlight cameras.

Swann has a larger range of products that includes around 50 security cameras with various features including two way audio, motion detections, facial recognition and camera security lights.

They also offer video doorbells, alarms, accessories and complete security systems with DVR recorders.

High resolution video

There are high resolution home security cameras available from both brands. These include 4K, 2K and 1080p HD so images are clear and and good quality at all times.

In addition to the high resolution, you will also get a great field of view to ensure minimal blind spots.

The field of view varies depending on which camera you choose. With Swann, the wireless options offer between 120-degree and 180-degree field of view.

You will get 180-degree wide viewing angle with the Arlo Ultra but the Arlo Pro models offer between 130-160 degrees.

Night vision

All of the Arlo products have integrated night vision that automatically turns on at night so you can see exactly what is happening.

The Arlo Ultra and the Arlo Pro 3 have enhanced night vision that allows you to see colours at night too. The Swann security camera range also has night vision.

This ranges between 8m and 45m depending on the camera you select so whether you want to keep an eye on your front door or the whole garden/ street they have options to suit the situation.

Smartphone App

Both have a user-friendly app that connects to your home security cameras so you can manage the system and check the footage with ease.

The apps are iOS and Android compatible and make it easy to keep an eye on what’s happening at home no matter where you are.

You can also listen in and talk back through the camera from the phone app thanks to the two way audio.

This two way microphone/ speaker system can be found on all of the Arlo products and is also available on a few of the Swann wire-free models.

Customisable settings

You can adjust the settings of each camera to suit the situation and camera use. Adjustments include field of view, sensitivity and picture quality.

Indoor and outdoor use

If you need cameras in the house as well as outside, you’ll be able to find suitable options from both brands. You can find indoor-specific models from both.

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For Business

Both brands have products suitable for small businesses as well as for residential use.

Arlo has a “for business” section on their website to help businesses easily find the best options to suit their requirements.

Key differences

Security Systems

Swann offers full home security system while Arlo focuses on house cameras. If you are looking to install a full security system with window and door sensors, a heat-sensing or facial recognition feature on your security camera, or a key fob to remotely control your smart home security then Swann is the better option.

If you are looking for a reliable security camera that boasts excellent image quality, night vision and a wire free or AC power connection then Arlo will have what you need.


A camera from Swann comes with local and cloud storage. For example the 1080p wire-free security camera offers 7 days of cloud storage, 2 days of local storage and if the internet or power goes out recording continues and is uploaded later.

If you want to store security footage for longer, Swann also offers cameras that work with a microSD or security systems that include a 1 TB HDD that can store months of video footage before overwriting.

Each Arlo camera records motion or sound triggered events and saves them to the cloud for 7 days where you can view and download them at no extra cost.

If you want to keep the videos for longer, they can be saved for up to 30 days if you are on the Premier or Elite subscription plan ($4.49 – $7.49 per month for 1 camera).

Battery Life

Arlo offers a reliable and long-lasting battery life, for example you will need to recharge the Arlo Ultra battery after 3-6 months depending on usage.

It only takes 2.9 hours of charging until the battery is fully charged and ready for another 3-6 months of use.

The 1080p Full HD camera from Swann, on the other hand, requires 6 hours recharging time and the battery can last up to 2 months.

However, it is likely to be less than this due to many factors such as high sensitivity, frequent app use, high number of alerts etc.

Many of the Swann products are wired which is where their tech and surveillance features excel.


The Arlo Ultra 4K UHD wireless camera will cost around $449 and the Arlo Pro 2 (set of two) will cost around $599.

A wired 4K camera from Swann would cost between $111 and $270 depending on the model chosen, or a smart security system with 4 cameras and a 1TB HDD for $799.95.

A set of two wire-free 1080p cameras (similar to the Arlo Pro 2) costs between $469.95 and $499.95 from Swann.

Making your selection

Installing in your home security cameras you can access through your smartphone is a great way to protect your loved ones and belongings while also giving you peace of mind.

Swann and Arlo are two fantastic brands that make installation and use of a home security camera easy. Each camera has features like motion detection and night vision and works with a user-friendly app but which brand is better?

If you want to create a full security system with extra products (entry sensors, doorway alerts, security lights etc.) that all work together to alert you of intruders then Swann is the way to go.

They have a huge number of security products to choose from, although most of the cameras are wired which may impact your choice.

If you’re looking for a high quality camera that is easy to install, has a long battery life and has excellent self-monitoring capabilities then Arlo is the best option for you. These cameras are fantastic not only in their features but also in that they are incredibly user-friendly and hassle-free.

Arlo may cost more per camera but they are the market leaders and there’s good reason for this. Go with Arlo unless you plan to create a full security system.

Popular Swann and Arlo models

Swann 1TB Full-HD CCTV System

Swann 1080p Wire-Free Security Camera 4 Pack

Arlo Pro 3 – 2K Video Security Camera System

Arlo Technologies HD Video Doorbell

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