The Best Cordless Phone In Australia: Uniden XDect 8355

Wireless Phone

Cordless phones offer a whole host of benefits over a corded phone or even cell phones. They have great sound quality (both talking and listening), which can be important for long conversations or where you need to sound professional, or where people have trouble with hearing. Whatever your reason for wanting a cordless phone, we’re here to help you choose the best one for your needs. Below you’ll find the top phones in Australia, followed by a handy buyer’s guide … Read more

The Best TV Wall Mount Bracket in Australia for 2024

Wall mounting your TV looks great, saves space and creates a better viewing experience. However, there’s more to choosing between wall mounts than you may first think. With a large selection of types, sizes and features, each mount offers something different and not every bracket is suitable for every TV. The following reviews and buyers guide tells you all you need to know about buying TV wall mounts. 1. Sanus Advanced Full-Motion Premium TV Mount (Top Pick) The high-quality Sanus … Read more

The Best Indoor TV Antenna in Australia: Crest, One For All

Indoor TV antennas are easy to install, unobtrusive and effective. They are ideal for apartment living, for setting up a TV in a caravan or boat and for situations where you can’t install outdoor antennas. There are now many brands and styles of indoor TV antennas available but they won’t all have the same effect so picking one that will work for your home and location is essential. The below reviews and buyer’s guide will help you find the best … Read more

The Best Wifi Extender And Wifi Mesh Systems In Australia

Best WiFi Repeater

Having a wifi signal that drops or becomes very weak at certain points of a home or office is incredibly frustrating. These problems do not mean you need a whole new router though as an extender or mesh system can instantly get rid of wifi dead zones and give you an enhanced online experience. Find a simple solution to your connectivity issues using our reviews and buying guide below. Best WIFI Extender: WAVLINK WiFi Range Extender (Top Pick) The WAVLINK … Read more

The Best Digital Piano in Australia for 2024: Yamaha

digital piano price

A digital piano is an exciting purchase. It enables both beginners and experienced piano players the chance to enjoy hours of practice and performance in the home, and maybe even on stage.  If you are unsure which digital piano is the best choice for your needs, we have some reviews of the best products in Australia to help you get started.  Here are our top 5 digital pianos currently available on the market: 1. Yamaha-P45 Digital Piano The winning feature … Read more

The Best Home Theatre System In Australia for 2024

Best Home Theater

A great home theatre system can transform your TV and film experience. A high quality system can create a truly immersive, impressive audio experience in the comfort of your living room. As there are countless variations of sound systems available, this review and guide will help you make sense of the ins and outs so you can find the best option for your home. 1. Yamaha – LiveSTAGE 7500 – 7.2Ch Home Theatre System (Top Pick) This Yamaha Home Theatre … Read more

The Best Surge Protector In Australia for 2024: Belkin

surge protector reviews

Using a surge protector will protect your devices from being damaged when there is a sudden jump in the electrical charge of your wall socket. With so many to choose from it may be a little confusing, so here are our best picks and a brief guide on what to look for when choosing your product. 1. Belkin 4 Amp USB Charging 8-Outlet Surge Protection Strip (Top Pick) This surge protector from Belkin is one of the most popular on … Read more

The Best Smart Plug In Australia for 2024

Smart ac/dc plug

Smart plugs give you more control over your home appliances and make your daily routines more convenient. If you aren’t sure where to start, take a look at our top picks below. We’ve also included a handy buyer guide to get you up to speed on what to look out for when making your selection. 1. TP-Link HS100 Smart Plug (Top Pick) The TP-Link Smart Plug is simple to use; just plug it in and you’re ready to go. It … Read more

The Best Night Light in Australia for 2024

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Night lights can be the best way to gently illuminate a room in the evening without having to use the main light. In this article we review the best night lights currently available in Australia. After our reviews, we list the key things you’ll want to watch out for when choosing to help you make the best choice for you and your family. 1. VAVA Baby Night Light (Top Pick) The beautifully designed VAVA Baby Night Light for kids is … Read more