The Best Kitchen Bins In Australia for 2024

The Best Kitchen Bins In Australia for 2024

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It’s time to talk trash! Bins, that is. Many people overlook the importance of owning a quality kitchen bin.

However, you may be interested to learn that your kitchen waste receptacle is probably one of the most frequently used items in your home!

As such, getting the best possible kitchen is a smart investment that can dramatically simplify your daily life. 

The best kitchen bins will be large enough for your household, user-friendly, durable, and aesthetically appealing.

With so many options out there, how can you figure out which bin will be best for you? That’s precisely what we’re here to look into.

Below, we’ve listed some of the absolute best kitchen bin options currently available in Australia.

1. Simplehuman Hands-Free Kitchen Bin (Top Pick)

simplehuman 45 Liter Rectangular Hands-Free Kitchen Step Rubbish Bin with Soft-Close Lid, Black Stainless Steel

Stylish, durable, and utility-friendly, this large 45-litre kitchen bin is very easy to use. It features a liner rim that quickly flips up for fast liner changes and closes tightly to keep rubbish odours under control.

With its handy liner storage pocket, you can keep bin liners easily accessible and dispense them efficiently to save time.

On the exterior, it showcases a nano-silver clear coating and easy-to-clean stainless steel construction.

Its durable stainless-steel body has a contoured space-saving rectangular shape and comes in a range of metallic colours. Choose from Rose Gold, Brushed Stainless Steel, and White Steel finishes.

Finally, this kitchen bin implements a wide hands-free steel pedal that opens its patented lid smoothly and silently.

2. Brabantia 30L NewICON Pedal Bin

Controlling your rubbish is easy with this Brabantia 30-litre pedal opening bin. Its innovative and creative design makes it a practical and stylish option for essentially any home.

With its steel construction and matte black finish, it can match a range of kitchen appliances. 

Its non-slip base keeps it steady on hard floors and it has a removable interior bucket that’s easy to clean.

It also has a super responsive foot pedal that opens its soft-close lid quickly, quietly, and smoothly.

Plus, when this kitchen bin is closed, it’s totally odour proof.

Lastly, this product has a 10-year manufacturer guarantee, making it one of the best options for those who value long-lasting durability.

3. Brabantia Flatback 60L Twin Touch Bin

Large, durable, and masterfully contrived, the Brabantia Flatback 60-Litre Twin Touch bin is one of the best options for busy kitchens.

This large capacity bin has a wide opening and easy-to-use design that lets you effortlessly keep waste under control.

It can save you time and energy while streamlining any number of kitchen clean-up jobs! The hinged soft-close top opens silently with the lightest touch and closes just as quietly, sealing odours inside.

Made with a hard-wearing finish that’s easy to clean, this heavy-duty bin can be an enormous help in the kitchen. It’s easily one of the best options for large households.

4. Stainless Steel 60L Dual Compartment Kitchen Bin

60L Dual Compartment Dustbin Stainless Steel Pedals Bin Trash Can Kitchen

With its unique design, this impressive 60-Litre bin features two removable rubbish containers with easy-to-carry handles.

An ingenious trash solution, you can separate your waste quickly and efficiently with this bin.

It also features a durable fingerprint-proof stainless steel exterior, modern minimalistic profile, silent soft-closing lid, and even comes with 1 x set of free rubbish bags!

Its double foot pedals let you easily fill each interior bin separately. This is a fantastic option for those who want to eliminate a range of daily frustrations and save space in the kitchen.

5. Brabantia 36L BO Touch Bin

Have you ever noticed how disturbingly sticky and dirty the floor around your rubbish bin can get?

The Brabantia 36-L BO Touch Bin solves this issue! It has four click-on legs that elevate it off of the floor.

Its silent lid opens with a light touch and when closed, this lid also seals in odours.

Plus, this bin has a removable bucket that can accommodate rubbish bags easily.

It measures 68 x 54 x 31.5cm and has a stable non-slip, spill-resistant design.

Finally, this space-saving bin has an attractive white exterior that makes it a stylish choice for a range of interior decor themes.

6. Wesco Kickmaster Junior Waste Bin

If you want a stylish bin that’s well-made, the Wesco Kickmaster Junior may be just right for your kitchen!

This unique trash bin is made of powder-coated steel and comes in an array of creative colours including white, lilac, pink, almond, orange, lime green, and black.

It has a 15-litre capacity and a removable plastic bucket liner, meaning that it’s easy to clean.

This pedal bin is also a durable choice that’s capable of withstanding daily wear and tear. This is one of the best kitchen bins for those who want something functional, chic, and unique!

7. Joseph Joseph Totem 60L Waste & Recycling Bin

Recycling waste is incredibly easy with the Joseph Joseph Totem Waste & Recycling Bin.

This rubbish bin effortlessly lets you separate your waste from your recyclables with its multipurpose space-saving two-tiered design.

The Joseph Joseph Recycling Bin utilizes angled vertical compartments that can easily be fitted with waste bags and have removable buckets to make cleaning a breeze.

This 60-litre Joseph Joseph Totem receptacle also has a triple custom-fit food waste bin liner configuration and implements Ventilated Carbon Odour Filter Airflow Technology.

Its capable design and odour filter system make it one of the best kitchen bins for those who want an all-in-one food waste and recycling solution!

If that’s not enough, this product even comes with a 10-year manufacturer guarantee.

8. Brabantia Grey Brabantia Sort & Go 6L Waste Bin

Compact, efficient, and extremely handy to have in your kitchen, this Brabantia Sort & Go Bin is one of the best options for those who need to store compostable waste!

It easily fits on your countertop and can be used for eco-friendly composting anytime. Made of durable plastic, this little bin has a handle that makes it easy to carry and a lid that shuts firmly to prevent spills and seeping odours.

Its subtle grey colour and minimalistic look make it a versatile and effective food waste solution for any home.

Plus, this high-quality and reliable 6-litre compost caddy and waste-separation bin can be purchased for a great price! 

9. Ikea Rubbish Bin with Lid

This HÅLLBAR bin from Ikea has been designed to meet all of your waste sorting needs.

HÅLLBAR waste bins are one of the best solutions for sorting cardboard, plastic, paper, food waste, and more.

Part of a stackable recycling bin system, you can save time and space as you recycle.

Plus, these recycling bins are stable and have lids to minimize spills and odours. Every receptacle lid fits tightly to ensure that leaks and seepage are minimized.

With included stickers, you can also quickly label everything you sort. Lastly, these Ikea recycling bin sets are easy to clean, have folding handles, and come at impressive prices.

All in all, these storage containers and recycling receptacles are best for families who want to ensure that their homes are as organized and environmentally friendly as possible.

Buy one or get an entire set, either way, you’ll have access to a truly impressive storage solution. 

10. Butler 5L Soft-Close Pedal Bin

A compact and attractive bin for kitchens, the Butler Soft-Close Pedal Bin holds 5-litres, utilizes durable heavy-duty plastic, and requires no assembly.

It comes available in both black and white colours to match a range of kitchen and home decor aesthetics.

This is one of the best little kitchen bins for anyone looking to free up space and keep their waste controlled in easy-to-handle quantities.

It measures 30 x 21.5 x 18.5cm and weighs just 2kg. All in all, it’s a simple, subtle, and savvy solution that could work for several rooms in the home.

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11. Kmart Bin with Round Lid

Save money and make the most of your kitchen space with this Kmart rubbish bin.

It comes for sale at an extremely low price and has a rounded top with a hinged lid piece that swings in two directions for quick and efficient trash disposal.

Its 25-litre capacity is great for busy kitchens and it can accommodate various bag-style bin liners.

One of the simplest and most lightweight options available, it measures 7 x 57.8 x 24.8cm and weighs around 1kg.

Easy to clean, waterproof, and hassle-free, this is one of the best choices for frugal shoppers.   

kitchen bin FAQs

As you search for the best kitchen bin to buy for your home, there are a few factors you’ll want to take into consideration.

Kitchen bins come in a range of shapes, styles, sizes, and materials. You can choose from materials like fingerprint-proof stainless steel, aluminium, plastic, and more.

Plus, kitchen bins sometimes include innovative features optimized for different applications.

Dual compartment rubbish and recycling bins have useful combination designs that make them one of the best options for sorting organic food waste.

Alternatively, a smart bin or sensor bin can make cleaning up much easier. On top of that, various accessories are available to buy for your bin.

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider while you shop.

To help you more easily buy the best kitchen bin for your living situation, check out our helpful FAQ section!

Are sensor bins any good?

You may have heard that some kitchen bins come available with sensors that allow them to open automatically. These smart bins sense motion so that you don’t actually have to touch them when throwing away rubbish. So do sensor bins actually work?
The answer is yes. A motion sensor bin can be an extremely practical addition to your kitchen. This is especially true if you have kids, lead a busy life, or use smart home technology. In fact, as smart home tech improves each year, sensor bins become more and more practical and affordable. Keep in mind that if you do decide to get a sensor bin, you’ll need to be prepared to pay a little bit more. Still, these practical automatically opening receptacles are extremely handy to own and can be a good investment.

What is a good size kitchen bin?

While needs will vary from household to house, anything over 30-litres should suffice for most people. With that in mind, larger households should usually buy larger bins. If you have kids, for example, daily life can easily become busy. You may not have time to take out your rubbish every day, and an overflowing bin is never fun. Therefore, you may want to buy a large 60-litre bin. Extra-large families could realistically buy high capacity 100-litre bins as well, though these huge containers may become difficult to empty when full.  
For those who aren’t home often or who live alone, a small bin will usually suffice. You could realistically buy something as small as 20-litres as long as you’ll have the time to remove the full bin liner bag every day or two.
As far as height and width go, it’s smart to find a kitchen bin that makes good use of the floor space you have available. We recommend finding a bin with a compact or flat-back design. A pull out bin may be a good option to check out as well. Some bin sets include compact designs with recycling and rubbish compartments. These receptacles are best for maximising your kitchen space and sorting things like cardboard, paper, plastic, and spoiled food.

Where should I put my kitchen bin?

Ideally, it’s best to place your kitchen bin near to cooking, cleaning, and food preparation areas but out of view. Having a rubbish receptacle easily accessible is the best way to ensure your kitchen will stay clean. However, be sure to leave foot traffic paths clear. Also, try to find a location that’s slightly out of view. After all, you don’t want this to be the first thing your guests see when they walk into your kitchen. 
Consider placing your bin along the side of your kitchen counter or near an outdoor exit. Keeping your bin near an exit to an outdoor area is a great way to make disposing of a full bin liner easier. The overall best storage locations will be non-obstructive, well within reach, and also slightly out of view.

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