Oz Trampolines vs Vuly: Which to Choose?

Oz Trampolines vs Vuly: Which to Choose?

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Selecting the right trampoline involves considering various factors like durability, safety, and price.

This article delves into the specifics of Oz Trampolines and Vuly, two leading brands in Australia, helping you understand the differences and similarities that matter.

Trampolines in Focus

Oz Trampolines Summit
Vuly Ultra
Vuly Lift 2

Size and Weight

Size and weightUltraLift 2Summit
SizeLL12 Foot
Safety net height175cm180cm180cm
Mat width323.5cm314cm317cm
Frame width359cm381cm366cm
Mat height91cm91cm86cm
Trampoline height281cm292cm266cm
Assembled weight90.9kg118.8kg
Weight capacity150kg150kg200kg
Coil spring count707272
Spring length13.7cm14.1cm16.5cm

The size and weight of a trampoline affect its stability and suitability for your space. Larger, heavier models are typically more stable but require more space and are harder to move.

Feature Comparison

FeaturesUltraLift 2Summit
Curved safety net polesYesYesNo
External springsYesYesNo
Superfine meshYesYesYes
Self-closing entryYesYesNo
Flippable paddingNoYesNo
Galvanised steel frameYesYesYes
Powder coated steelNoYesNo
Anchor kit includedNoNoYes
  • Safety Net Poles: Curved poles in Vuly models reduce the risk of injury by keeping jumpers away from the structure.
  • External Springs: External springs on Vuly trampolines prevent accidental contact, enhancing safety.
  • Self-closing Entry: This feature in Vuly models ensures the net closes automatically, an important safety aspect for children.
  • Flippable Padding: Available in Lift 2, extends the lifespan of the padding, offering better long-term value.
  • Anchor Kit: Included with Oz Summit, crucial for stability in windy conditions.
  • Colour Options: Summit’s variety caters to personal preferences, adding a fun element.


Whichever trampoline you choose, we highly recommend also purchasing an anchor kit, which will secure your trampoline to the ground.

Safety Standards

Both brands adhere to Australian and, in Vuly’s case, also to US safety standards.

Compliance with these standards indicates a commitment to safety and quality, a primary concern for most buyers.

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WarrantyUltraLift 2Summit
Frame5 Years10 Years5 Years
Springs and mat5 Years5 Years2 Years
Safety net and pads1 Year1 Year2 Years

Warranty periods reflect the manufacturer’s confidence in their product’s durability. Longer warranties usually suggest a better long-term investment.


Optional AccessoriesUltraLift 2Summit
Shade coverYesYesYes
Tent wallYesYesNo
Basketball hoopYesYesYes
Anchor kitYesYesYes

Accessories like tent walls and basketball hoops add extra play value, important for keeping kids engaged. An anchor kit is vital for safety, especially in windy areas.


  • Vuly: Varies by location; typically within 1 week.
  • Oz Trampolines: Free to 95% of Australia.

Shipping costs and times can significantly affect the overall cost and convenience of your purchase.

Company Background and Manufacturing

Both are Australian-owned owned but manufactured in China.


Price*UltraLift 2Summit
RRP ($AUD)$1,149$1,499$999
*All prices valid at time of publishing

Price is often a decisive factor. Assessing value for money in terms of features, safety, and warranty is crucial.

Conclusion: Making an Informed Choice

  • Safety Features: Vuly’s curved poles and external springs offer enhanced safety.
  • Customisation: Summit’s colour options cater to personal tastes.
  • Accessories: Consider what extras each brand offers for added enjoyment.
  • Affordability: Oz Trampolines generally offer a more budget-friendly option.
  • Sales: Look out for discounts to get the best value.

Each brand has strengths catering to different needs and preferences. Weigh these factors against your specific requirements and budget for the best choice.

Oz Trampolines Summit
Vuly Ultra
Vuly Lift 2

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