UpDown Desk Review (Pro Series)

The combination of more people working from home along with an increasing awareness of the health implications of sitting for extended periods has led to a rise in people in the market for an alternative to a traditional desk. UpDown Desk is an Australian supplier of adjustable desks. They focus on providing high-quality sit stand desks and accessories at a competitive price point. We’ve been using the UpDown Desk Pro Series for the past 2 weeks and have been incredibly … Read more

A Guide To Setting Up Your Home Office

A dedicated office space is vital when you are working from home. It helps separate work life from home life and it makes sure your days can be productive, comfortable and free from distractions. For the best experience, a home office needs a few key pieces of furniture and equipment. A Desk A traditional desk is the place to start when creating a workstation. If you can, position your desk near a window so you can enjoy natural lighting as … Read more

Samsung Launch “New Air” Range of Air Purifiers

In partnership with Samsung. With this year’s bushfires and Coronavirus outbreak, Australians are becoming increasingly concerned about the air quality in their homes. Surprisingly, concentrations of indoor pollutants are often 2-5 times higher than outdoor concentrations1. Keeping indoor air clean and easy to breathe is extremely important, especially as Australians spend up to 90% of their time indoors2. This is where air purifiers come in. Understanding Indoor Air Quality  If you have allergies or asthma you will know how even … Read more

The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals in Australia For 2021

Prime Day is an annual deal event delivering two days of special savings on a huge range of items. It’s Amazon’s biggest shopping event of the year. Dates The dates for Prime Day have been announced as 13 – 14 October. Fortunately for Aussie shoppers, the Amazon Global Store will be running Prime sales until 6pm on Thursday, 15 October, giving access to an amazing 66 hours of deals. How to Prepare Start Your Free Trial The event exclusively for … Read more

The Best Removalists in Melbourne [and tips for choosing one]

Moving house can be an exciting time, however it usually doesn’t come without a fair amount of stress. Often, the most stressful time is the moving day itself. One way to limit this is by choosing a high quality and reputable moving company. Things to consider when choosing a removalist include: Do they charge a fixed price or by the hour? What time increments are used for charging (usually 15min – 1 hour)? Are there any hidden costs and do prices … Read more

The Best Outdoor Heater in Australia: Patio Heater Reviews

Best Outdoor Heater

If you have a beautiful outdoor space, then you will want to use it even as the weather gets cold. One of the best and most popular ways to increase the versatility of an outdoor patio area is by purchasing an outdoor heater. Most patio heaters can be powered by either gas or electricity and are a great way to have an entertaining area that is usable year-round. There are a ton of outdoor heating options on the market today. … Read more

The Best Home Theatre Projector In Australia For 2021

Best Home Theatre Projector

Home theatre projectors are perfect for enjoying films and games on a big screen. They can give you a truly cinematic experience no matter where you are or how much space you have – all you need is a wall or a screen to project onto. There are lots of projectors available, each offering different features and capabilities so deciding which one to invest in is an important choice. The best projectors offer great value for money, excellent image quality … Read more

The Best Soundbar In Australia For 2021: Sonos, Bose

Best Soundbar

A soundbar is a simple way to dramatically improve your TV’s audio quality. They are easy to set up so you can be enjoying your favourite films with impressive sound in no time. There is a soundbar for every room size and budget, the hard part is identifying which is the best option for you. One soundbar can produce audio that sounds incredible in one room but feels lacking in another. This is why selecting the best soundbar for your … Read more

The Best TV Signal Booster In Australia For 2021

Best Tv signal booster

Looking for the best TV signal booster? You’re in the right place. In fact, if your on-air TV broadcast reception is weak, a signal booster is about to be your new best friend. The one unfortunate thing about needing a booster is the sheer volume of products on the market. Because you can’t tell functional from phony at a glance, many people end up with not-so-decorative junk instead of an operational antenna booster. In this article, we’re going to cover … Read more

Buying Plants Online: Indoor Plant Delivery in Australia

Australians are buying more and more items online, with the convenience and increased selection making shopping online the first choice for many households. Fortunately, for us indoor plant lovers, this trend includes an increasing number of options for online plant delivery. Whether you’re looking to add a rare and exotic variety to your collection, or need a last-minute birthday gift, you can now do it all from your phone or laptop. Using same day couriers or clever packing techniques, you’re able … Read more