Vuly Thunder vs Thunder Pro: Springless Trampolines Compared

Vuly Thunder vs Thunder Pro: Springless Trampolines Compared

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Trying to choose the right Vuly trampoline for your backyard? The Vuly Thunder and Thunder Pro are both popular and high-quality springless trampolines, known for their durable, rust-free frames, advanced safety features, and great bounce.

Let’s dive into the key similarities and differences.

Vuly Thunder
Vuly Thunder Pro


TrampolineThunder (M)Thunder (L)Thunder (XL)Thunder Pro (M)Thunder Pro (L)Thunder Pro (XL)
Trampoline width300cm367cm447cm367cm437cm497cm
Safety Net height180cm180cm180cm190cm190cm190cm
Mat width250cm316cm377cm253cm323cm377cm
Frame width292cm366cm427cm298cm368cm428cm
Mat height89cm89cm89cm83cm83cm83cm
Trampoline height282cm282cm282cm300cm300cm300cm
Assembled weight106kg122.2kg141.4kg168.9kg217.7kg265.6kg
Max user weight150kg150kg150kg150kg150kg150kg
Leaf spring count425664425670

Key Differences

  • Width: The Thunder Pro is generally wider, offering more space.
  • Safety Net Height: Thunder Pro boasts the tallest safety net at 190cm.
  • Full-Length Door: Thunder Pro features a door running the full height of the safety net.
  • Next-Generation Leaf Springs: Thunder Pro’s springs extend from the bounce surface to the ground for a better bounce.
  • No Underside Access: The Thunder Pro’s design prevents access beneath the trampoline. Both models have a safety skirt.
  • Price: The Thunder Pro is pricier, but its premium features might justify the cost for some.


Whichever Vuly Thunder trampoline you choose, we highly recommend also purchasing the Vuly Trampoline Anchor Kit, which will secure your trampoline to the ground.

Key Similarities

  • No Contact Design: Curved netting prevents contact with poles.
  • Springless and Padless: Edge-to-edge bouncing without springs.
  • Durable Netting: Strong, soft, UV-resistant netting tested in real weather.
  • Trampoline Games: Both have images printed on the bounce surface for games.
  • No Contact Injuries: Spring systems are outside the bounce area.
  • Sturdy Frame: Dual-ring steel frames, galvanised inside and out, prevent rust.
  • Max User Weight: Both can hold up to 150kg.

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Making Your Selection

Both the Vuly Thunder and Thunder Pro offer great springless trampoline experiences.

The Thunder Pro has more advanced leaf springs, but the standard springs in the Thunder are also reliable.

The standard Vuly Thunder, being more affordable and sharing core construction and safety features with the Thunder Pro, is recommended for most people.

Vuly Thunder
Vuly Thunder Pro

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