Vuly vs Kahuna: Trampoline Comparison

Vuly vs Kahuna: Trampoline Comparison

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The trampoline market can be confusing for parents with its wide array of options. In this comparison, we break down the differences between two notable Australian trampoline brands: Vuly and Kahuna, aiming to assist families in making an informed choice.

Trampoline Models in Focus

We compare the following trampoline models:

  • Vuly Flare (Medium Size)
  • Vuly Ultra (Medium Size)
  • Kahuna Classic (3.05m)
  • Kahuna Blizzard (3.05m)

These models represent the spectrum from Vuly’s entry-level to mid-range offerings, and Kahuna’s standard round trampolines, excluding their springless and oversized models.

Vuly Flare
Vuly Ultra
Kahuna Classic
Kahuna Blizzard

Size and Weight Considerations

A detailed comparison of the physical measurements of these trampolines:

Size and weightVuly FlareVuly UltraKahuna ClassicKahuna Blizzard
Frame width305cm314.5cm305cm305cm
Mat width262cm267cmNot statedNot stated
Mat height78.1cm91cm65cm65cm
Trampoline height272.3cm281cm245cm230cm
Assembled weight50.3kg75.5kg56kg70kg
Max user weight100kg150kg100kg100kg
Coil spring count56646464
Spring length13.7cm13.7cm13.5cm13.5cm

Vuly Flare vs Kahuna Classic

  • Frame Width: Identical at 305cm.
  • Mat Width: Vuly Flare provides a marginally larger mat.
  • Mat Height: Vuly’s mat stands at 78.1cm, significantly higher than Kahuna’s 65cm.
  • Trampoline Height: The Vuly Flare is taller, measuring 272.3cm compared to Kahuna’s 245cm.
  • Assembled Weight: Vuly is lighter with 50.3kg.
  • Max User Weight: Both models accommodate up to 100kg.
  • Spring Details: The Flare has 56 longer springs, compared to Classic’s 64 shorter ones.

Vuly Ultra vs Kahuna Blizzard

  • Frame Width: The Ultra is slightly wider at 314.5cm.
  • Mat Height: The Ultra’s mat is 40% higher than the Blizzard’s, enhancing jump height.
  • Trampoline Height: The Ultra’s overall height is greater, offering a higher jump experience.
  • Assembled Weight: The Ultra is heavier at 75.5kg, suggesting robust construction.
  • Max User Weight: The Ultra supports a higher weight limit of 150kg.
  • Spring Configuration: Both have 64 springs, but Vuly’s are marginally longer.


Whichever trampoline you choose, we highly recommend also purchasing an anchor kit, which will secure your trampoline to the ground.

Feature Set Comparison

A closer look at the features of each model:

FeaturesVuly FlareVuly UltraKahuna ClassicKahuna Blizzard
Curved safety net polesYesYesYesNo
External springsYesYesYesNo
Superfine meshYesYesYesYes
Self-closing entryYesYesNo (zip)No (zip)
Galvanised frameYesYesYesYes
Powder coated steelNoNoYesNo
  • Curved Safety Net Poles: Found on Vuly and Kahuna Classic for enhanced jumper safety.
  • External Springs: A common feature across all models except the Kahuna Blizzard, reducing the risk of injury.
  • Superfine Mesh: Standard across all models, enhancing enclosure security.
  • Self-Closing Entry: Exclusive to Vuly models, adding an extra layer of safety and convenience.
  • Galvanised Frame: Present in all models, ensuring durability.
  • Powder Coated Steel: Only on Kahuna Classic, offering additional protection against elements and a premium appearance.

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Safety Standards Adherence

Vuly trampolines meet Australian and US safety standards. Kahuna’s adherence to these standards is not specified.

Warranty Coverage

WarrantyVuly FlareVuly UltraKahuna ClassicKahuna Blizzard
Warranty (frame)3 Years5 Years1 Year1 Year
Warranty (springs and mat)3 Years5 Years1 Year1 Year
Warranty (safety net and pads)1 Year1 Year1 Year1 Year

Vuly offers more extensive warranties, demonstrating confidence in their product’s longevity and quality. This includes up to 5 years on certain components, in contrast to Kahuna’s standard 1-year warranty.

Accessory Options

AccessoriesVuly FlareVuly UltraKahuna ClassicKahuna Blizzard
Shade coverYesYesYesYes
Tent wallYesYesNoNo
Basketball hoopYesYesYesYes
Anchor kitYesYesYesYes

Both brands offer a range of trampoline accessories, enhancing the overall experience. Vuly’s unique offering includes a tent wall, allowing the transformation of the trampoline into a tent, perfect for backyard camping adventures.

Shipping and Delivery

ShippingVuly FlareVuly UltraKahuna ClassicKahuna Blizzard
Shipping costVaries by locationVaries by locationVaries by locationVaries by location
Ships fromBrisbaneBrisbaneMelbourneMelbourne

Vuly provides consistent nationwide delivery, typically within a week, excluding certain regions. Kahuna offers a distinctive same-day delivery service in the Melbourne Metro area, an attractive option for urgent purchases.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Based on ratings from Product Review:

  • Vuly Flare: High ratings suggest strong customer satisfaction.
  • Vuly Ultra: Similarly high ratings, indicative of quality and performance.
  • Kahuna Classic: Lower ratings, potentially pointing to areas needing improvement.

Company Backgrounds

  • Vuly: Established in 2007 in Brisbane, Vuly is known for its innovation in trampoline technology.
  • Kahuna: A part of the Klika Group, Kahuna provides affordable trampoline options and is a significant player in Australia’s e-commerce sector.


PriceVuly FlareVuly UltraKahuna ClassicKahuna Blizzard
RRP ($AUD)$699$1,049$549$499
*Price valid at the time of publishing.

Kahuna trampolines are more budget-friendly. However, Vuly often offers discounts, making their higher-quality trampolines more accessible and competitive in price.

Final Assessment

Vuly trampolines excel in quality, safety, and warranty, making them a preferable choice for those seeking a long-lasting and safe trampoline, especially for older children and more active users.

Kahuna presents a viable alternative for budget-conscious buyers, offering basic features and safety at a more affordable price point.

Vuly Flare
Vuly Ultra
Kahuna Classic
Kahuna Blizzard

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