The Biggest Trampolines in Australia (Buying Guide)

The Biggest Trampolines in Australia (Buying Guide)

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Large trampolines are great for families and are perfect for entertaining energetic kids. They can also be a big investment so choosing the right size, shape and features are essential.

There are a few important things to consider when looking for a big trampoline.

To help you in your search, we have analysed the best big trampolines in Australia and assessed them against a range of important criteria including design, limitations and safety features. This review can help you find the best trampoline for your children.

Best Value: Everfit 16FT Big Rebounder Trampoline

Everfit Trampoline for Kid 16FT Big Rebounder w/Basketball Set Ladder Enclosure Safety Net Pad Outdoor Bouncing Children 150KG Capacity Orange

The Everfit 16ft Big Rebounder is a large, robust and heavy-duty trampoline that ticks all the boxes for most people. It is the biggest trampoline size commonly available to buy and uses a marine-grade galvanised steel frame with a 150kg weight limit meaning it can handle lots of family fun.

One of the great things about the Everfit is how sturdy and reliable it is. The trampoline has a 5000-hour UV-tested mat that is also water-resistant so you can jump on it time and time again knowing it can handle the Australian weather. The frame is also covered by a 3-year warranty.

This is one of the biggest trampoline models available and it has been packed with user-friendly features to ensure maximum enjoyment. It has a 180cm high net, 20mm padding and uses a double-lock entry system to help keep everyone safe. The kit also includes storage pouches for storing loose items and a step ladder for safer entry and exit.

Vuly Thunder Extra Large Trampoline

The largest trampoline from Vuly is both springless and padless. Instead, it uses a tightly woven UV-tested net with curved poles and leaf springs. Vuly stands out as an innovative brand with this unique, high-quality outdoor trampoline design.

One of the features we love on this Vuly trampoline is the printed game mat. This is a simple detail that offers kids endless trampoline games and keeps youngsters interested.

For safety, the trampoline is surrounded by a cushioning enclosure and uses a flexible entry system that seals shut during bouncing to prevent accidents. As with many of the other big above-ground trampolines, this model can handle up to 150kg and the enclosure is 180cm high. This keeps the Vuly Thunder in line with the other spring trampolines rather than with the Springfree model that offers considerably more strength and durability

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Springfree Large Oval Trampoline

If the safety benefits of a spring-free trampoline appeal to you, consider this large oval trampoline with a springless design. Having no springs makes the Springfree Trampoline suitable for all ages. The trampoline gives a great bounce and the oval shape offers more jump points.

These trampolines have a wide range of user-friendly features including flexible mat rods, a soft edge mat that is 30x more shock-absorbent than pads and a FlexiNet enclosure. To help make the trampoline even safer, the frame is positioned out of the way so kids can play without worrying about knocking it while they jump. With no springs to worry about, Springfree offers excellent trampolines for young families.

The springless design is able to hold up to 700kg, this is considerably more than the biggest spring trampolines which can usually support around 150kg. With such a high weight limit, this 13ft trampoline is a great choice for adults as well as kids and can handle a large group. The Springfree trampolines are also covered by a 10-year warranty, the best warranty coverage of the listed trampolines.

Lifespan 16ft Hyper Jump 3 Steel Trampoline

If you’re looking for the biggest trampoline that is quick and easy to set up this 16ft model from Lifespan is a great option. Lifespan has a reputation for producing high-quality outdoor play equipment and their largest trampoline doesn’t disappoint.

The strong frame is made from double galvanised steel and is surrounded by a 183cm enclosure. The enclosure is slightly taller than the standard 180cm height offered by most of the other listed trampolines.

This is a quality trampoline that offers value for money and is covered by a 1-year warranty. This large trampoline has a weight limit of 140kg, this is slightly less than the listed trampolines but it is still suitable for kids and adults.

Oz Trampolines Summit Round 16 ft Trampoline

This round trampoline from Oz Trampolines offers one of the biggest weight limits of the standard round above-ground models at 175kg. This makes it sturdy enough for lots of family fun for adults and kids. The sturdy materials and no-weld galvanised steel frame help to make the trampoline reliable.

We really like the zip-free net design, it is secure, effective and built to last. Instead of a zip, the enclosure is overlapping so provides great protection and you don’t need to worry about stiff or broken zips. Other safety features include dense padding that covers the springs and the frame.

These trampolines come with a ladder, anchor kit and pocket storage pouches included. The padding has a 2-year warranty, this is good but is not as extensive as the warranty coverage of some of the other trampoline models.

Genki 16ft Round Kids Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

This kids trampoline from Genki is a sturdy, secure and fun option for families. At 16ft, this is one of the biggest trampoline models and it comes with a net enclosure to help maximise enjoyment while giving parents peace of mind.

We love the built-in basketball hoop, this detail brings some friendly competition and extra entertainment. The hoop is heavy duty and is 28cm in diameter so can be used with standard-sized kids basketballs.

This trampoline is surrounded by a 180cm high safety enclosure to prevent falling off. The structure is made from galvanised steel and has a 150kg weight limit. There is a convenient shoe bag so kids can safely store their belongings before getting onto the trampoline.

GeeTramp Force 10x17ft Rectangle Trampoline

The GeeTramp Force trampoline is unique as it is rectangular rather than round. This large, rectangular trampoline is Olympic sized at 17ft long and 10ft wide. Rather than being round or square, the rectangle shape of the GeeTramp Force makes it ideal for gymnasts as the trampoline provides plenty of space for practising tricks and routines.

The trampoline features Tencate Permatron matting which is USA-made, durable and UV resistant. The water-resistant pads are hand-made and have two-step foam over the frame. The trampoline also features UV-resistant webbing with small holes to prevent fingers from getting caught.

The galvanised steel frame has a curve to help produce a higher bounce. The set comes with a rust-resistant ladder and a strong upper net. The GeeTramp Force has a weight limit of 150kg and the enclosure is 190cm high making it the highest safety netting of the listed trampolines.

This trampoline may not be as easy to assemble as other options and will likely take a few hours with a couple of people. This rectangular trampoline is backed by a 3-year warranty, while not close to the 10-year coverage offered by Springfree 3 years is the second-best warranty offered.

Kahuna Classic 14ft Trampoline

If you are looking for a large classic trampoline the Kahuna is great. Unlike the other trampolines listed, the Kahuna Classic frame features linked legs. This leg structure is brilliant as it helps to support and stabilise the trampoline. This simple feature helps to prevent the legs from digging into the ground while people are jumping around.

Another thing we love about the Kahuna Classic is the inner net. This helps to keep the jumping area separate from the springs so you don’t have to worry about kids getting caught by the springs while they bounce.

The padding is UV stabilised, the mat is anti-graze and the carbon springs are triple rated. This is a safe and fun trampoline with a zipper entrance and a 150kg weight limit. The Kahuna classic also comes with a 1 year warranty.

Oz Trampolines 14ft Round In-Ground Trampoline

This inconspicuous trampoline is designed to be installed in the ground. It can be used with or without a safety net and removes the need for a step ladder to jump around and enjoy the fun. This can help make the trampoline more easily accessible while also reducing the visual impact of having a big trampoline in the garden.

This trampoline uses commercial-grade springs that are longer than the standard springs seen in most trampolines. These longer springs help to produce an effective bounce. The in-ground trampoline uses vented frame pads, these are unique and help to make bouncing quiet.

This is a European-made trampoline and is covered by an impressive 10-year warranty. One of the downsides to an in-ground trampoline is the installation process, the hole depth needs to be 90cm and the inner hole diameter needs to be 12ft. This can be a big DIY project but the task is easier using a mini digger or electric vibration dampened breaker.

Kahuna Blizzard 14ft Trampoline with Net

Another option from Kahuna is the 14ft Blizzard. Compared to the other Kahuna model, this one is a great option for older kids as the safety net is on the outside rather than the inside so there is more space for jumping around. Although this does mean the padded springs are on the inside of the netting too.

This trampoline uses grounding straps to help make it as stable as possible and prevent the legs from digging into the ground. This trampoline has a zip and clip safety lock and also has a 150kg weight limit.

The padding is UV stabilised and the nylon mesh helps to ensure it is durable and long-lasting. This trampoline is covered with a 1-year warranty.


What Is The Biggest Size Of Trampoline?

16ft is the biggest trampoline size commonly available to buy in Australia.

What Is The Best Large Trampoline?

This depends on your requirements and available space. If you are looking for a large trampoline for outdoor family fun then the Everfit 16ft Big Rebounder is perfect but if you want a big trampoline for practising gymnastics then the GeeTramp Force is a great option.

Is 14 Foot Trampoline Too Big?

14ft trampolines are ideal for family use, the large size and sturdy frame means the trampoline can handle lots of kids and the adults can join in too if they want.

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