The Best BBQ In Australia [2020 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

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Nothing beats char-grilled meat off the barbecue, but if you’re in the market for one, it can be confusing choosing between all the models available. In this article, we outline the best five barbecues available in Australia. We’ve also included a brief buyer guide to help you get started.

1. Weber Q BBQ (Top Pick)

The Weber Q2000 is one of the nicest barbecues around. It’s portable so you can throw it in the car and take it out for a trip, but it’s large enough to feed the whole family or for a Sunday afternoon barbecue with friends.

It can be used for both grilling and baking, and it accommodates a grill plate cooking surface or a pizza stone as well. Preheating takes under ten minutes so you can get cooking pretty fast, and it’s fairly economical as it can cook around forty meals off one bottle of gas.  

For fast, easy cooking that comes out right every time, this is the best barbecue to go for.  

If you like the look of the Weber Q but think you’ll benefit from a stand-alone bbq with a bit more capacity, consider the popular Weber Family Q BBQ.

What We Like:

Large capacity
Fast cooking
Bakes and grills 

What We Don’t Like:

Capacity may be too small for serving very large groups

2. Everdure Furnace 3 Burner Gas Barbeque

The Everdure Furnace is a solid gas barbecue with a nice design. The outer shell is made of heavy aluminium, so you don’t need to worry about it rusting, and the finish is easy to clean.  

The flame controls are excellent, allowing you to adjust the heat just the way you want it, and the preheat time is only around five minutes so you can get cooking fast. The bbq is great for grilling and has a range of interchangeable plates and flame tamers, so you can cook just the way you want to. The high hood also allows you to use convection cooking for large roasts.  

This is not a portable bbq, it will stay in your yard or the shed, and the price is on the expensive side, but overall this is a great bbq for a serious chef. 

What We Like:

Good flame control
Looks great
Fast heat up
Won’t rust 

What We Don’t Like:


3. Weber Pulse 2000 Electric BBQ

If you’re looking for an electric bbq, the Weber Pulse 2000 should be your first pick. It has two heating zones that are independently controlled so you can cook steak on one side at a high temperature, and cook your side dishes on the other side at a lower temperature.  

The unit has a built-in thermometer with an LED display on the front and you can plug-in electric meat probes to keep track of your meat and makes sure it has the right internal temperature. If you download Weber’s app, you can have the information sent directly to your phone so you can monitor your roast while you’re out of the room. 

Grease is funnelled away from the heating elements to reduce smoke and prevent flare-ups, and grilling and convection heating are both fast and easy, although there is no integrated hot-plate. 

Overall, this is the best electric bbq around.  

What We Like:

Dual heating zones
Thermometer and heat probes
Good grease management 
No gas bottle

What We Don’t Like:

No hot-plate

4. Everdure Force 2 Burner Gas Barbeque

The Everdure Force is a two-burner bbq with a lot of power. It has a heavy aluminium outer shell so it won’t rust, and the lid is perfect for convection cooking. 

Heat-up is fast and you’ll be ready to cook in about five minutes. It comes with interchangeable grills and grill-plates so you can cook in a range of styles. It is quite large for a two-burner bbq, you can definitely feed the family with this, or a small army. If you often have friends over, or you need a cooker for a party, then this unit has you covered. 

The flame control taps are quite nice on this too. Instead of knobs, they have a modern-looking tap design, which is easy to adjust when you may have greasy fingers.  

Overall, this bbq is a workhorse. It’s solid and good for cooking large quantities of food.  

What We Like:

Large capacity
Won’t rust 

What We Don’t Like:

Only two burners

5. Weber Baby Q Titanium LPG BBQ

The Weber Baby Q is a more compact version of the Q2000. This one cooks for around four to six people at a time, so it’s perfect for taking camping or on a driving trip.  

It has most of the features of the larger Q2000; it handles both grilling and convection cooking well, and fat and grease are funnelled away from the burner into a drip tray to reduce smoke and the chance of flare-ups. 

The Baby Q is also very efficient. If you’re using a standard nine-kilo gas bottle, you can expect to cook up to a hundred meals off the one bottle. 

This is an excellent bbq, and if you don’t want one as large as the Q2000, then this is the one to go for.

What We Like:

Fast cooking
Bake and grill 

What We Don’t Like:

Grill plate is sold separately

BBQ Buyers Guide


Where do you want to put the bbq? Larger bbqs tend to be gas while compact bbqs tend to be electric, but there is some overlap in the sizes around the middle.

If you want it for an outdoor kitchen or on the verandah, larger gas bbqs will probably suit you more, but if you want it somewhere with limited space, then electric may be more convenient.

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Number of people 

You should consider the number of people you will be cooking for. If you have regular parties, then a larger model is the way to go. If you mainly cook for two or three people, then it isn’t worth getting one of the large gas bbqs. It will just take longer to heat up and you will waste a lot of fuel.

If you mainly cook for your family but throw the occasional party, then a medium-sized bbq that cooks for eight to ten people will probably be best.

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Gas bbqs tend to give better flavour than electric because you have more control over the heat and you can get a better sear. Charcoal gives the best smoky flavour but it’s a lot less convenient than either gas or electric.  

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Heat control 

Electric bbqs are very convenient, but they provide radiant heat from an element that usually powers on and off intermittently. Because of this, it can be difficult to get a good sear. With gas you can apply consistent high heat at the temperature you want, so you have much more control over how you cooking turns out.

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