Weber Q3100 (Family Q) vs Q3200 (Family Q Premium)

Weber Q3100 (Family Q) vs Q3200 (Family Q Premium)

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Weber is one of the world’s leading BBQ brands. They have a strong reputation for producing quality, reliable barbecues and the Weber Q range doesn’t disappoint. There is so much to love about the Q series but they don’t come cheap so finding the right BBQ for your needs is essential.

Some of the Weber Q models look almost identical making it difficult to figure out which one to buy. To help you in your search, we’ve compared the Weber Q3100 (Family Q) vs Q3200 (Family Q Premium). We’ve analysed them against a range of important criteria including size, features and user experience.

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Q3100 vs Q3200 Comparison Table

Weber Family Q Q3100Weber Family Q Premium Q3200
Check PriceBCF, eBay, The Good GuyseBay
Size109 H x 140 W x 74cm D (lid closed)110.5 H x 127.6 W x 53.4cm D (lid closed)
Number of BurnersTwoTwo
Lid Thermometer?NoYes
Ignition SystemPush-button piezo igniterElectronic igniter
Cooking Area2400cm22400cm2
Warranty5 years5 years
Cooking Height18cm20cm
LidStandardHigh dome
ColoursBlack or titaniumBlack, titanium or red

Key Similarities

2 Burners

Both of these Weber Q models have 2 stainless steel burners and offer a primary cooking area of 2400cm2.

Heavy-Duty Cart

These two Q series models come with a heavy-duty cart with side tables and tool hooks. The cart is useful for storage space, a preparation area and a place to keep your tools together. The folding side tables are also removable.

The open design of the cart means you can put the gas tank there so it is out of the way while connected up to the BBQ. If you are using natural gas you will need to attach a stationary gas line.

Removable Catch Pan

Keeping a Weber BBQ maintained is easy thanks to features like the removable catch tray. Every model in the Weber Q range from the Weber Baby Q right up to the Weber Q Premium has a removable catch pan. It’s no surprise to see this feature here.

Infinite Control Burner Valves

Infinite control burner valves keep you in control of the heat while you cook. These two BBQs use different ignition systems but adjusting the temperature is achieved in the same way.

High-Quality Features

The high-quality Weber grill is something you can always rely on. Both models include porcelain enamelled cast iron split cooking grills. They also both have a cast aluminium lid and body. These tried and tested materials are built to last.

The cookbox, lid assembly, burner tubes, grills and plastic components are all covered by a 5-year warranty.

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Key Differences


There is a small difference between the specs of these two barbecues. The Q3100 measures 109 H x 140 W x 74cm D with the lid closed. Compare this to the Q3200 and you will see the 3200 has less width (127.6cm), less depth (53.4cm) but more height (110.5cm) when the lid is closed.

These differences are only slight. However, they do mean the 3200 offers the same primary cooking area in a way that is sleeker and higher than the 3100. The two Weber models also weigh more or less the same with the 3200 weighing 35kg, only 1kg more than the 3100.


The primary cooking areas of the Weber Family Q and the Weber Family Q Premium are the same. However, the lid of the premium has a higher dome. This gives it a couple of cm of additional space that can be useful if cooking larger cuts of meat or using a rotisserie in the Weber. The cooking height of the 3100 is 18cm while the 3200 is 20cm.


One of the most noticeable differences is that the Weber Q Premium has a built-in lid thermometer. The thermometer alone may be enough to sway people over to the 3200 as being able to check the temperature of the BBQ has many benefits. This is a personal preference but can make it easier to get to the right heat for roasting meat.


One difference that may not be obvious at first is the igniter. The 3100 model uses a heavy-duty push-button piezo igniter, this does not need electrical components. The 3200 uses an electronic igniter that requires 1 battery to work.


The Weber Family Q 3100 seems to be much easier to get your hands on. It is available in most relevant retailers and tends to go on sale more often too. The Q3200 usually needs to be ordered online from Weber and it is rarely on sale. The 3200 is available in titanium, black, or red while the 3100 can be bought in titanium or black.

Making Your Selection

As you can see in our Weber 3100 vs 3200 comparison, there are only a couple of differences between these two Weber barbecue models. If you would like a BBQ with a higher domed lid and a built-in thermometer, go for the Q3200. It may cost a bit more but for many, being able to monitor the temperature is a worthwhile investment. Also, the higher dome is useful for grilling larger cuts of meat.

If these factors are not particularly important for your Weber grill, the Q3100 is worth a look. You can find it at a better price and the ignition system does not require batteries.

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