Ziegler and Brown vs Weber: BBQ Reviews

Ziegler and Brown vs Weber: BBQ Reviews

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Weber is one of the biggest names in the world of BBQs. Since 1952 their innovation and incredibly popular products have meant Weber is practically synonymous with barbeques. However, in Australia, they have close competition for the top spot from local BBQ brand, Ziegler and Brown.

Deciding between a Weber or a Ziegler & Brown product is tough for even the most seasoned griller. There’s no denying that they both offer an impressive, stylish and high-quality range of barbeques to suit any and all occasions. Whether you need a small, portable grill or a large multi-burner barbecue there is no shortage of quality options that’ll get you cooking in no time. The real challenge is choosing which BBQ to buy from all the great choice.

We’re going to take a look at the portable BBQs offered by these two barbequing heavy-weights. You can pick up a Weber portable gas barbeque from $339 – $1,299 depending on the size and features or you can pick one up from Ziegler and Brown for $349 – $948. There’s not a huge difference in the pricing and both brands offer reliable bbqs made with cast-aluminum bodies and cast-iron grills that are built to last.

So, what are the key differences that may sway your decision? In this comparison of the Weber Q and the Ziggy will discuss just that.

Weber Q vs Ziggy

Key similarities

Enamelled Cast Iron Grill

Both gas barbeques offer high quality cooking grills that are enamelled for longevity and minimum grill maintenance. These grills are easy to handle, have great heat retention and are rust protected too. The Ziggy has a Matt Vitreous Enamelled Cast Iron cooking grill while the Weber Q has a Porcelain Enamelled Cast Iron cooking grill. The enamel is important as it stops the iron from rusting and makes the grill easier to clean after use.

Cast Aluminium Roasting Hood

Each gas barbecue features a cast aluminium roasting hood that is built to last. Cast aluminium is lightweight and weather-resistant making it perfect for a portable BBQ. These roasting hoods are resistant to rusting and make sure you can enjoy cooking on your chosen BBQ for many years to come. Both hoods are more or less the same size and have a large handle to make it easy to open and close as needed.

Built-in Lid Thermometer

In addition to the long-lasting lid, both grills have a thermometer built in. The temperature gauge is positioned on the lid on the barbeque above the handle on both models. This is easy to see and lets you know what is going on inside the barbeque without you needing to lift the hood.

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Folding Side Tables

Both the Ziggy and the Weber Q have two folding side tables. These are perfect for placing tools or plates of food while you cook. This practical design helps to provide more space around the grill. The side tables can also help to act as a wind break when folded up too.

5 Year Warranty

Both of these gas barbecues come with a 5-year warranty on most of their parts. The Ziggy has a 5 year warranty on the firebox and roasting hood. The Weber has a 5 year warranty on the cookbox, lid assembly, stainless steel burner tubes, grills and plastic components, any other parts have a 2 year warranty. The paint on the lid and cookbox is also covered for 2 years on the Weber. No matter which option you choose to buy you can enjoy a reliable BBQ and peace of mind.

Key differences

Number of Burners

This Ziegler Brown model has 2 burners while the Weber Q2200 offers 1 burner. The primary cooking area of the Weber is 54cm X 39cm while the Ziggy’s primary cooking area is 57cm x 42cm (oval). There is not much difference in the available space but having 2 burners gives you more control over heat and cooking style. It also allows you to cook 2 different dishes at once.


The Weber is 66.1cm H x 130.6cm W x 63.8cm D with the lid open. It weighs 16.5KG so is compact and lightweight perfect for taking it with you on camping trips and outdoor adventures. The Ziggy is slightly larger, its specifications are 77cm H x 77cm W x 57cm D with the lid open. It also weighs over 5KG more than the Weber at 22KG.

Ignition System

Weber uses an electric ignition (battery-powered with 1 AAA battery) while Ziggy uses a flame thrower ignition system. The Weber has an easy to use ignition button to light the BBQ on the front of the unit. With the flame thrower method, the Ziggy lights first time when you turn the gas on. As well as reliable ignition, if one of the burners accidentally goes out on the Ziggy the other burner will automatically re-light it.

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Infinite Control Burner Valve

The Weber has an infinite control burner valve to give you more control over the temperature. This makes it easier to have full control over the heat while you cook.

Cooking Versatility

Like all products in the Weber Q, Weber Baby Q and Weber Family Q ranges, the Q2200 is designed to be used with the lid closed. Weber says cooking with the lid closed helps to keep the grates hot enough to sear food, speed up cooking time, trap in the smokiness and limit flare ups. The Ziggy on the other hand can be used with the lid open or closed. Both barbeques also offer optional accessories such as a hotplate to give you more cooking options.

Tool Hanging Spots

Although both models have folding shelves, the Ziggy allows you to utilise this additional space slightly better than the Weber. This is because the Ziggy offers convenient cut outs to hang your barbeque tools on the built-in shelves. This helps you keep your BBQ space organised. You can easily hang your tongs or spatula on the shelf when not in use to keep your hands free and the tools clean. The Weber does not feature a spot for hanging barbeque tools.

Dishwasher Safe Grills

For added convenience and quick clean up, the grills on the Ziggy are dishwasher safe. Weber do not recommend you wash their grills in the dishwasher. If you are going to be using the BBQ at home this may be a feature that is important to you. If you are going to be using these portable barbeques on the go then having dishwasher safe grills may not make a difference to you.


At the time of writing, there is only a $10 difference in the price of these two portable gas BBQs. The Weber retails at $479 while the Ziggy will cost slightly less at $469. These two models are very similar in size, style and materials so seeing you can get them for around the same price may not come as a surprise. Being so close in cost makes choosing between the two even harder but it’s time to decide which comes out on top.

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Making your selection

Both the Weber Q2200 and the Ziggy are high-quality barbeques that produce great results. They look very similar, are made from the same long-lasting materials and both offer excellent 5 year warranties. It is clear to see why people are so torn when trying to choose between them.

The Weber is a tried and tested grill that gives you great value for money and unquestionable reliability. It is lighter so is perfect for portability and won’t leave you disappointed. If you buy this BBQ you know you’re getting something good but does the Ziggy offer something better?

The Ziggy offers the same great quality materials with a few added benefits for a slightly lower price. With the Ziggy you can cook with the lid up or down, make use of 2 burners rather than 1 and enjoy a slightly larger cooking area. In addition to this, the grills can be washed in the dishwasher and the foldable shelves include spots for hanging your tongs, fork or spatula while you cook. This all comes together to offer a complete grill package perfect for a range of situations. The Ziggy does weigh a bit more but it is a worthy contender and, for the above reasons, is the barbeque we would get.

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