The Best 55 inch TVs in Australia for 2024

Upgrading your TV helps you enjoy the latest in TV technology. The best 55 inch TVs now come with ultra HD 4K resolution and HDR picture so you can enjoy high end quality without needing to break the bank. A 55 inch TV offers a happy middle ground between size, price and practicality making it an extremely popular screen size. TV shopping can be confusing but the following reviews will help you find the best 55 inch TV for your … Read more

Miele Vs Bosch Dishwashers

Miele and Bosch are two of the leading dishwasher brands, they both represent excellent design, quality and high end cleaning performance. Choosing between the two is tough so we are taking a closer look at Miele and Bosch dishwashers so you can find the best option for your kitchen. Bosch Bosch is a German brand that was founded in 1886. They have always been innovative and have a long, rich history creating powered equipment and machinery. They originally focussed on … Read more

Asko vs Miele Washing Machines

A good washing machine will save you time, provide great value for money and last you for years. They are one of the household appliances we all use on a regular basis so choosing a high quality machine that is durable and energy efficient is important. With all the choice it can be difficult to know which machine is going to be better suited to your needs. In this Asko Vs Miele washing machine comparison, we take a closer look … Read more

The Cheapest OLED TVs In Australia for 2024

Best Cheapest OLED TV

OLED TVs are widely considered the best option for providing amazing contrast, colour and motion handling. Although previously expensive, there are now great deals and several affordable OLED TVs on the market. To help you in your search, we’ve rounded up the cheapest OLED TVs in Australia and ranked them based on quality and value for money. LG OLED55CXPTA LG 55 INCH Smart OLED TV The OLED55CXPTA offers a better picture processor and stronger AI upscaling so if you’re looking … Read more

The Best Replacement Battery For Dyson v6

Best Replacement battery for Dyson

Buying a replacement battery for your Dyson V6 will save you money and breathe new life into your tired vacuum. As Dyson parts and products are expensive, there is a range of alternative options that can save you money while still providing high quality, long-lasting power for your vacuum. The list takes a look at the best replacement battery for the Dyson V6. 1. Genuine Dyson DC59 DC58 Li-Ion Battery for Dyson V6 This Genuine Dyson battery is brand new … Read more

The Best Dash Cam In Australia for 2024

Best Dash Cam

Dashboard cameras are incredibly popular as they are a simple and effective way for drivers to monitor their time on the road. Accidents can happen fast but in the event of a collision or incident, the dash cam footage will be able to show you exactly what happened. These small cameras need virtually no maintenance and record the road in front of the car as you drive. We’ve reviewed some of the best dash cams available so you can have … Read more

The Best Book Light In Australia for 2024

When reading, adequate lighting is essential. Book lights are more than just handy gadgets, they’re an important part of keeping your eyes healthy and safe. The best book lights are bright enough to illuminate full pages, easy to adjust, and fitted with user-friendly features. These useful devices let you peacefully escape into your literature without disturbing those around you. Lots of book light options are currently available to avid readers and night owls alike. Below, we’ve created this list featuring … Read more

The Best Universal Remote In Australia for 2024

Best Universal Remote

Universal remotes can be used to control various types of electronic devices regardless of their brand. These remotes have unique program settings that make them especially useful for televisions, home theatre systems, smart home devices, and more. Generally, universal remotes will work by transmitting signals through a Wi-Fi network, mobile application, or the radio frequencies of your digital devices. Below are some of the absolute best universal remotes in Australia. All of these remotes boast glowing real-life user ratings and … Read more

The Best USB Hub In Australia for 2024

Best USB Hub

USB hubs let you add USB ports to your existing setup by converting a singular USB socket into a hub of USB plug ports. You can use them to add external storage, connect a computer mouse or keyboard, charge and connect smartphones, and more. If you need more USB port access for your device, a USB hub may be the perfect solution. Finding the best USB port hub for your needs can be a complicated task. As such, we’ve hunted … Read more

The Best Laptop Backpack In Australia for 2024

Best Laptop backpack

Laptop backpacks are a great alternative to messenger bags, briefcases, and rolling bags. They give you a hands-free way to carry your laptop and can be used to bring along all of your other gear as well. The best backpacks for laptops will be designed to comfortably and safely carry your computer while also striking a good balance of utility and style. Some laptop backpacks have minimalistic ergonomic designs while others are loaded with helpful accessories and storage compartments. With … Read more