The Best Range Hood In Australia for 2024

The Best Range Hood In Australia for 2024

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A range hood is an effective way to rid your kitchen of smoke, steam and smells when you are cooking. There are a range of ventilation options available so your rangehood can be sleek and discreet or large and stylish, whatever you think will work best in your space. Check out the reviews and buying guide below and find the best rangehood for your home in no time.

1. Best Undermount Rangehood: Sirius SL906-L 850 Undermount Rangehood (Ducted)

The best undermount rangehood is the Sirius SL906- L850, which is streamlined, modern and easy to use. This unit allows for greater use of cupboard space above the oven while effectively cleaning your kitchen of unwanted cooking smells. It’s efficient, quiet and discreet, making it a perfect addition to stylish, functional kitchens.

The design incorporates an energy-efficient LED striplight that lights up your cooker without leaving dark areas like many spotlights do. The rangehood, which is controlled electronically, features 4 fan speeds to choose from and a 10-minute auto function to help reduce condensation build-up.

The 25mm stainless steel baffle filters are easy to fit and remove, and for additional convenience they are dishwasher safe and there is a clean filter indicator too. The larger ducting diameter of the unit means there is greater extraction and less airflow restriction. There is also a rear venting option.

What We Like:

  • Sleek and stylish
  • Efficient
  • Convenient to clean

What We Don’t Like:

  • Only suitable for ducted applications

2. Runner-up Undermount Rangehood: Schweigen 60cm Silent Undermount Rangehood (Ducted)

This Schweigen is one of the few rangehoods able to powerfully extract smells and smoke from your kitchen without making noise. The size, fitting and sleek appearance makes it ideal for kitchens with limited space.

There are 5 speed settings and the noise remains quiet even on the highest, most powerful setting. You can control the unit with convenient push buttons and there are also two LED lights to illuminate your cooking area.

The mesh filter is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and maintenance. There is also a handy delay timer that you can set for up to 15 minutes.

What We Like:

  • Quiet
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful

What We Don’t Like:

  • Expensive model

3. Best Slide-Out Rangehood: Westinghouse 60cm Slideout Rangehood (Ducted or Recirculating)

This Slideout Rangehood from Westinghouse can be ducted or recirculating making it ideal for apartments and houses. It has a slimline design, perfect for integration into any kitchen.

The 2 fans give maximum circulation and there are 3 speed settings that can handle any smoke or steam before it spreads through your home. If you are unable to duct this to outside then you can use it with carbon filters to recirculate the air instead.

There are no switches on this model, you control the light and the fan speed by pulling the front trim, the further out you slide it the more power it has. The micromesh multi-layer filters are easy to remove and wash.

What We Like:

  • Can be ducted or recirculating
  • Slimline
  • Easy to use

What We Don’t Like:

  • Slightly louder than other options

4. Best Canopy Rangehood: Bosch 90cm Canopy Rangehood (Ducted)

This is an efficient, robust and durable rangehood that gives optimum air volume whether you have a small kitchen or a large, open plan space. This unit is quiet in operation and offers more features than the standard rangehood.

The PerfectAir Sensor automatically controls the settings for the best results with minimum noise. There is an intensive speed setting with a reset that can reset the hood to normal speed setting too.

The removable, dishwasher safe metal grease filters remove over 85% of grease from the air. The Bosch Canopy Rangehood can connect to your induction bench for added convenience meaning the rangehood automatically turns on when the hob is switched on.

What We Like:

  • Low noise level
  • Smart features
  • Automatic controls

What We Don’t Like:

  • Expensive but high quality

5. Best Fixed Rangehood: Omega 60cm Fixed Rangehood (Ducted or Recirculating)

A perfect budget option is the quiet and powerful Omega fixed rangehood. It removes cooking odours, smoke, steam and grease with ease.

The built-in light illuminates your hobs and the unit is controlled by simple push buttons. The extraction rate has 3 speed options and the grease filters and removable for quick and easy cleaning.

The Omega fixed rangehoods are finished with stainless steel to look clean and sophisticated.

What We Like:

  • Affordable
  • Powerful
  • Easy to use and clean

What We Don’t Like:

  • Uses incandescent light bulbs rather than more energy-efficient options

Range Hood Buyers Guide

Range hood ventilation is an effective way of dealing with moisture, smoke and smells in the kitchen. There are a selection of rangehoods available so there’s bound to be an option to suit your cooking needs and kitchen design.

Ducted or recirculating

  • Ducted – A ducted range hood moves the air from the kitchen to outside. They are very common and are efficient in removing steam and smells.
  • Recirculating – A recirculating range hood filters and recirculates the air that is within the kitchen. This is usually achieved by using a charcoal filter that captures and eliminates odor that is generated during the cooking process. As not all homes are suitable for ducted rangehoods, recirculating rangehoods are an effective, convenient alternative that can be fitted anywhere.

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Types of Rangehoods

Undermount Rangehoods

  • An Undermount is integrated into a kitchen cupboard making them unobtrusive and effectively hidden away.

Canopy Rangehoods

  • Canopy is an option when there is no cabinet above the cooker, the chimney style shape can be fitted to the wall or ceiling (making the canopy style suitable island rangehoods too) and the wide canopy effectively covers the whole cooking area.

Fixed Rangehoods

  • Designed to permanently be above your cooker, a fixed rangehood has a large filter and covers the whole cooker area.

Slide-out/ Retractable Rangehoods

  • A retractable is a space-saving design that has a fan and light that turns on as you slide the front of the unit out.


  • Filters – Aluminium mesh filters are cheap and easy to clean, some are even dishwasher safe. Non-washable filters need to be replaced which is an ongoing cost. Charcoal carbon filters are used for recirculating range hoods.
  • Light – A light is very useful, two globes or a strip light provide better illumination than just one bulb.
  • Controls – The controls should be located on the front panel, push button or slide controls tend to be the easiest to operate.

Range Hood FAQs

What is the best CFM (cubic feet per minute) for a range hood?

At least 150 CFM per linear foot of rangehood is recommended. Keep in mind the size of your kitchen too as larger kitchens will need a stronger extraction rate. For frequent cooking a rate of 700m3/h and up is effective.

What does undermount rangehood mean?

An undermount rangehood is fitted under a cabinet above the stovetop. They are a discreet and convenient option, particularly for small kitchens.

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