Buying Plants Online: Indoor Plant Delivery in Australia

Buying Plants Online: Indoor Plant Delivery in Australia

Australians are buying more and more items online, with the convenience and increased selection making shopping online the first choice for many households. Fortunately, for us indoor plant lovers, this trend includes an increasing number of options for online plant delivery.

Whether you’re looking to add a rare and exotic variety to your collection, or need a last-minute birthday gift, you can now do it all from your phone or laptop. Using same day couriers or clever packing techniques, you’re able to get high-quality indoor plants delivered right to your doorstep.

In this article, we explore the growing trend of indoor plant delivery. We’ll discuss the key benefits of buying plants online, how the delivery process works, and our experience trialling out a few of Australia’s most popular online plant delivery services.

Why buy plants online?

We all know that indoor plants look great and can transform an interior space. We’ve also likely heard about the variety of health benefits attributed to indoor plants. But why buy plants online?

Convenience – Sometimes your local plant shop has a limited range or poor quality stock, or maybe you don’t have time to make it to a physical store during their open hours. Online plant delivery can solve all these problems.

Selection – By shopping for your plants online, you significantly increase the options on offer. Many online stores ship around the country so you have access to a wide range of suppliers.

Price – Often, plants from online suppliers will be cheaper than physical stores, especially when comparing to those located in the inner-city. Dedicated online retailers can take advantage of lower overheads and pass on some of these savings to their customers.

Access to rare plants – Coveted plant varieties such as the Variegated Monstera Deliciosa are often only available for short periods of time from a small range of supplies. Online delivery means you can get in quick and snap up these prized plants for your collection.

More information – When walking around a plant shop, it can sometimes be difficult to get information on all of the plants that you like the look of. How big will it grow? What conditions is it suited to? When shopping online, not only will you usually have a detailed description provided, but you’ll have better access to further internet research if needed. Most online stores are quite responsive with online support and are happy to help you find the best option.


Indoor plant delivery – how does it work?

The biggest questions people have when buying plants often relate to the process of delivery. After all, plants can be fragile things, and the idea of them banging around in a box as they are shipped across the country doesn’t sound ideal.

We’ve found that delivery generally falls into three categories:

Hand delivery by store or courier – These are generally local-only deliveries and are a good option if you’re concerned about damage, or need your plant delivered at a certain time. Benefits include quick delivery times, quality control, and a personal touch to the delivery – great if your order is a gift. The delivery may be completed by the store itself or by a 3rd party.

Courier delivery from Hello Botanical

Shipped in a pot – For this type of shipping, the plant remains in its plastic nursery or gardeners pot. The pot itself is fastened inside a box, and a range of other materials (paper, tape, plastic wrap) are used to ensure the soil stays in the pot. The leaves of the plant are then protected using paper towels or something similar. The advantages of this method of transport are less stress on the plant and the fact that the plant arrives already potted, so you don’t need to prepare potting mix and a pot in advance. Stores will usually encourage (or insist on) express post so plants spend as little time as possible in transit.

Delivery from Uprooted shipped in nursery pots

Shipped bare (or semi-bare) rooted – This type of shipping involves the soil being removed (or partly removed) from the roots before being wrapped in a material (such as sphagnum moss) that will stay moist for the duration of the journey. Once wrapped, the roots will be taped to the inside of the box. The plant’s leaves may remain loose or be contained with paper or other materials if necessary. The advantages of shipping bare-rooted plants include the ability to fit many more plants inside a box and the reduced weight of the parcel (meaning lower shipping costs). This will also usually be an express post shipment.

Bare rooted plants shipped by Homegrown Houseplants​

Where to buy your plants Online?

To learn more about this increasingly popular way to purchase plants, we decided to test out some of the best indoor plant delivery options in Australia. From luxury gifts, to rare and exotic collectors items, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for at one of these excellent indoor plant stores.

Jacob & Roy

If you’re looking to make a lasting impression with your plant gift, be sure to check out Jacob & Roy. This Melbourne based online store delivers luxury plant gifts that provide a long-lasting alternative to flowers. Plants on offer include Ficus, Peperomia, Monstera Adansonii, Sweetheart Vine, and Birdsnest Fern. There is also a selection of pots available, ranging from modern and sleek to hand-finished and rustic. Once you’ve chosen your plant and pot, you can also add a personalised message to be included with the delivery. Get offer $5 off your purchase with code HOMEMUSE5.

Deliver to: VIC, NSW, SA

Delivery method: Hand delivery by courier

Recommend for: Gifts

Our experience: It’s hard to see how anyone receiving one of these plants wouldn’t be impressed. From the packaging to the pot and the plant itself, it’s clear how much care has been taken in crafting these deliveries. We would definitely recommend Jacob & Roy if you’re looking for a unique gift and think their offerings would suit a wide range of occasions.

Hello Botanical

Hellow Botanical is an online-only store that supplies a range of easy-care plants that are designed to be gifted. Same-day delivery is available for orders made prior to 12:30pm, making this a great last-minute gift option. There is a good range of plants available including Monstera Deliciosa, Peace Lily, and Snake plant, and they are delivered in a hessian planter bag/pot cover.

Deliver to: Melbourne and Geelong

Delivery method: Hand delivery by courier

Recommend for: Gifts

Our experience: We cannot fault our delivery from Hello Botanical. The plants were hand-delivered by a courier service called Go People, which allowed us to track the location of the driver, and estimated time of delivery throughout the day. The plants were in perfect condition and the accompanying card was high quality. Great for gifts!

Folia House

This is a substantial online store with a great range of indoor plants and accessories. From Devil’s Ivy to Fiddle Leaf Figs, you’ll find all the favourites and more at Folia House. They also stock a range of “gift ready” plants that are potted and ready to go (and even offer gift wrapping). Folia House also has a physical location near the Queen Victoria markets in Melbourne.

Deliver to: Melbourne

Delivery method: Hand delivery by courier

Recommend for: Plant lovers, Gifts

Our experience: Our Alocasia from Folia House is a great looking plant. It was hand-delivered so there was no packaging to deal with and the driver made contact on the delivery day regarding timing and to make sure we’d be around to receive the delivery.


Uprooted has fast become one of our favourite online plant stores. They have a great looking and easy-to-navigate website that makes plant shopping a pleasure. The range of plants is solid and they even stock some collector’s items like the Monstera Thai Constellation. Uprooted ship their plants in pots using custom packaging and also offer pick up from their location in Burwood, Melbourne.

Deliver to: Australia-wide

Delivery method: Shipped in nursery pot

Recommend for: Plant lovers, Collectors

Our experience: We were interested to see how our plants from Uprooted would fare given they were shipped in their pots with Australia Post. To say we were impressed is an understatement, the plants arrived looking super fresh and healthy. Aside from the effective custom packaging, we like the impressive range, reasonable prices, and the shopping and checkout experience on their website.

Homegrown Houseplants

Homegrown Houseplants is a Melbourne based store that stock a wide range of plants at reasonable prices. Website visitors can shop by category (Indoor & Tropical, Cacti & Succulents etc), or for those who already know what they are looking for, by genus (Alocasia, Calathea, Monstera etc).

Deliver to: VIC, NSW, ACT, QLD and SA

Delivery method: In pots, bare or semi bare rooted, depending on plant type and delivery location.

Recommend for: Plant lovers, Collectors

Our experience: Homegrown Houseplants were very responsive and great to deal with via their facebook messenger chat. The plants they sent us were bare-rooted and wrapped in damp sphagnum moss to keep the roots from drying out and were securely fastened inside the box. They arrived looking fresh and undamaged. With a great range and great prices, we’d definitely recommend Homegrown Houseplants.

Stem & Soul

Another great option for gifts, Stem & Soul offers a small range of affordable indoor plants that are already potted in a high-quality modern planter. To help with your selection, they categorise their plants by beginner-friendly, low light, office plant, and pet friendly. This is another online-only store, which is reflected in their affordable pricing. Stem & Soul manage their own deliveries and ship 3-7 days after purchase.

Deliver to: Melbourne and Geelong

Delivery method: Hand delivery by store

Recommend for: Gifts

Our experience: Our Monstera Adansonii from Stem & Soul arrived in good condition in a nice planter. Delivery was hassle-free as it is managed by the store to ensure quality control. Considering the price, we think this makes a great option for gifts, or for yourself if you want the convenience of your plant already being potted.

Green Beanz

Green Beanz is a family run plant store located in Erskineville, Sydney. They stock an impressive range of plants at reasonable prices, along with a range of accessories including planters and hangers. The website is easy to navigate and they offer some helpful tips for each plant.

Deliver to: VIC, NSW, ACT, QLD and SA

Delivery method: Shipped semi-bare rooted or hand-delivered in Sydney

Recommend for: Plant lovers, Collectors, Gifts

Our experience: This was our only delivery shipped semi-bare rooted, which means the plant has a small amount of soil still attached to the roots. Our Alocasia arrived in perfect condition, despite its inter-state journey with Australia Post. The soil was wrapped in damp tissue paper to keep it moist and it was well secured and protected within the delivery box. We like that Green Beanz is big on community, having started their physical presence at local markets. They even have a monthly customer spotlight where they gift a $50 voucher to a previous customer.

More Plants

More Plants in a specialist indoor plant store based in Rosebery, Sydney. They stock one of the biggest ranges of indoor plants we’ve seen and provide helpful care information for each one.

Deliver to: NSW, QLD, ACT, VIC, and SA. Also to WA, TAS and NT through an approved third party

Delivery method: Sent by courier in pots

Recommend for: Plant lovers, Collectors

Our experience: Our delivery from More Plants was sent via a courier service called Sendle, which allowed us to track progress and get live updates. Plants are shipped in their pots, and the store employs a unique packing technique, securing the pots inside the carton using cable ties. While this does make unpacking a bit more of a process, it seems to work very well in ensuring the pots remain in place during transit. The pots also had a damp paper towel on top of the soil to ensure it didn’t dry out, along with tape to keep everything in place. Our plants from More Plants all arrived in great condition and we would happily use them again.

Home of Houseplants

Home of Houseplants is an online indoor plant store based in South Australia. They stock a great range, including a number of rare and unique varieties. Those at the start of their indoor plant journey will appreciate the Beginners/Easy To Grow section of the website, while collectors may enjoy browsing their Variegated Plant section. One thing that is clear about Home of Houseplants is that they live and breathe indoor plants. The owner, Jo Howski, posts regularly on the store’s blog, and even hosts her own podcast, discussing all things houseplants.

Deliver to: Australia-wide

Delivery method: Shipped bare rooted

Recommend for: Plant lovers, Collectors

Our experience: We found Home of Houseplants great to deal with and our plant arrived well packaged and in good condition. If you’re looking for hard to find plants, Home of Houseplants should be your first port of call.

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