The Best Artificial Plants In Australia for 2024

The Best Artificial Plants In Australia for 2024

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There are so many reasons to love artificial plants. Apart from the fact that these decorative plants can add a lush and lively touch to your interior space, they’re also impossible to kill and totally mess-free.

The best high-quality artificial plants also look extraordinarily real, meaning that your guests or clients won’t know the difference!

So which fake plants are best? Well, that’s what we’re here to discuss. Below, we’ve listed some of the most attractive and realistic looking artificial plants available in Australia. Take a look for some faux foliage inspiration!

1. High St. 120cm Faux Potted Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

This premium faux fiddle leaf fig may just be one of the most realistic-looking fake plants we’ve ever seen. Its leaves showcase vibrant multi-toned shades of green and do a great job of mimicking the real thing.

This fake plant has been made with durable materials like PE/EVA and iron.

It also measures 120 x 45 x 45 cm, so it’s an amazing choice for filling up bare spaces in a room. Since this faux fiddle leaf fig tree comes in a pot, all you have to do is decide where to place it.

2. Home Republic Ashton Hanging Plant Coin Leaves

Mess-free, hassle-free and maintenance-free, this gorgeous Home Republic Ashton Hanging Plant showcases lavish coin-shaped leaves that cascade elegantly downward.

This stunning plant looks lush and full, bringing those empty spaces in your house to life. Hang it in the corner or let it drape from an accent table! Either way, it’s a stylish and good-looking option.

3. Morgan & Finch Fake Potted Monstera Plant

With this Morgan & Finch Fake Plant, you can effortlessly bring the serenity of nature inside of your house. It has large realistic-looking Monstera leaves and comes with an included pot.

Measuring 60 x 30 x 120 cm, it can enhance a range of empty spaces. It replicates real Monstera foliage wonderfully! Made of plastic and iron, this plant is also durable and well-designed.

4. Designer Plants Faux Heart Leaf Philodendron

Keeping this faux Philodendron cared for is as simple as dusting it occasionally. It’s an extremely attractive and lively designer faux plant with large heart-shaped leaves that vary in size to masterfully replicate the real thing.

Made of high-quality materials, this faux plant measures 73 X 30 W X 30 cm, and can easily be added to a hanging basket or attached to cables. It’s a great choice for those who want to create a custom hanging look!

5. Meneco Faux Succulents Artificial Plants

Meneco Faux Succulents Artificial Plants - 16 Pack Lifelike Artificial Succulent Plants Unpotted

Let your creativity shine with this gorgeous set of faux succulents! With this unique Meneco Faux Succulent set, you’ll get an array of beautifully designed plants to do with as you please. Every succulent has a lush and lively natural look with realistic touches and vibrant colour.

This elegant assortment comes with plants in varying sizes, shapes, colours, and textures. Unleash your inner interior designer and create exquisite arrangements that match your unique tastes!

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6. Home Republic Lennox Potted Fern Lace

The delicate elegance of a lace fern is undeniable. This everlasting faux lace fern is perfectly sized to add style to any room.

You’ll love its lifelike aesthetic and lush appeal! It looks so much like the real thing that you may have to ensure that no one tries to water it.

Every gorgeous Lennox Fern comes with an attractive pot included as well. This is a top option for pretty much any interior living space!

7. Artisan Homewares Artificial Variegated Potted Plant

This lovely faux plant showcases beautifully arranged arrowhead-shaped leaves and includes a chic pot.

This artificial plant is incredibly lifelike! Its leaves have a subtle glossy shine and are large and carefully shaped to replicate the real deal.

Each leaf even has large veins and varying green tones. Made from premium plastic with iron wire, this is a sturdy and long-lasting option.

8. Ikea Artificial Plant – Peperomia

Stunning and affordable, the Ikea Artificial Peperomia Plant is an amazing choice for essentially any living area or office. It’s also low maintenance and doesn’t require a green thumb to care for.

Ikea products are known for their low price-points and efficient designs. This particular faux plant is budget-friendly and realistic looking!

9. Cooper & Co Homewares Weeping Willow Tree

If you need a large faux plant for a particularly spacious bare corner, this is one of the best products to consider. This accommodating artificial weeping willow tree measures 180cm H x 90cm W x 90cm D. As such, it can impart lively notes to any room.

This tree can be placed in covered outdoor areas or used indoors. With its tall height and varying green shades, it’s one of the best fake trees available in Australia. It also comes potted and surrounded by faux soil material. Just make sure that no one tries to water it!

10. Bunnings Artificial Plant – Monstera

With natural foliage that can be used to brighten up an array of indoor or outdoor spaces, this Bunnings Artificial Monstera Plant yields instant maintenance-free designer appeal. It also offers plenty of height to spruce up bare corners and comes at a great price.

This fake plant measures 70 cm and implements varying green tones for a lively aesthetic. It’s one of the best artificial plants for those who want to improve their interior design theme in one easy step!

11. KMart Artificial Plant – Ivy On Post

Add a touch of realistic greenery to your home! This unique fake ivy plant showcases a climbing design that surrounds a singular central post. It’s a fantastic choice for those who want to save money while still getting a quality product. It even has real pebbles surrounding its base!

This KMart product is constructed using various high-end materials and measures 120 cm high. Even though it’s durable and well made, it’s for indoor use only.

Tips for Buying Fake Plants

Fake plants impart a lush and lively aesthetic to your living space without any stress or mess. They’re much easier to take care of than actual living plants! Premium artificial plants never need to be watered, trimmed, or tended. Simply dust them off from time to time and you’re all set.

With so many choices to browse, finding the best artificial plant for your home can feel overwhelming. Here are some great tips that can save you time as you shop online!

Find Plants of the Proper Size

As you shop for the perfect artificial plants, size is key. The goal will be to create lush beauty in your home without going overboard.

Before you buy a new artificial plant, it may be a good idea to measure the space you need to fill and then get something that will be around 2-4 inches smaller.

This will help to create a balanced aesthetic feeling.

Search for Arrangeable Wire Leaves

Some plants come with leaves or flowers that can be arranged and configured in a customisable way. These plants will usually have iron wires within their fabric or plastic components. This allows you to carefully bend them into balanced arrangements that seem even more life-like.

Get Plants Made of Durable Materials

Premium material construction will ensure that the plants you buy will last for years to come. Plastic, PVC, silk, polyester, iron, concrete, polyethylene (PE), polystyrene (PS), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and palm sheath fibre, are all durable materials commonly seen in the construction of faux plants.

Set a Budget

To save money, it may be wise to set a budget before you start shopping. Keep in mind that with this particular product category, you may get what you pay for. For exceptionally life-like faux plants, be prepared to spend a little bit extra.

Know Which Features You Like Most 

It’s also a good idea to ask yourself which features you prefer in faux arrangements. Do you like flowers, ferns, or broadleaf foliage? Do you need something potted or do you plan to buy a separate pot? How many plants will you need to make your living space look better? Are you trying to find indoor plants or ones that can be used outside?

Faux plants with flowers can impart delicate notes to your space while ferns yield lovely textures. Broadleaf varieties create balance and succulents give off cheerful and creative vibes. Find plants that will compliment the flow of a room and please the eye. Know whether the product you choose can be used outdoors. While materials like silk, palm, and paper are good for indoor applications, they may get damaged outside. 

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