The Best Pots for Plants In Australia

The Best Pots for Plants In Australia

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Plant pots can be decorative, functional, and may even help to improve the overall health of your fern, ficus, or flowers. Not only that, but some pots for plants come with automatic watering functions and other convenient features that can make plant care easier.

So how can you find the ideal potting solution for your plants? Below, we’ve put together a helpful list that features a few of the best pots for indoor and outdoor plants in Australia. We’ve also included a frequently asked questions section to give you a better idea of which pots will work best for your specific needs.

1. Coda Plant Pot on Stand

This popular ceramic and rubberwood pot has a large and accommodating design that elevates plants off of the ground. It’s ideal for medium-sized plants such as rubber plants or monsteras that you want to give a bit of extra height. Plus, this pot comes in three colour options and features a stylish and trendy-looking aesthetic. It can be used to bring a touch of style to any space inside the home.

2. Motyaj Garden Lite Fibre Clay Egg Planter

Made of durable and plant-friendly fibre clay, this minimalist pot set comes with three planting containers so that you can create a matching look with your plants or flowers. This is a great choice for herbs, small plants, and decorative indoor and outdoor plant species. The largest planter measures 51 x 54 x 54cm, the medium planter 43 x 46 x 46cm, and the small planter 38 x 39 x 39cm. With an all-black terracotta look, you can easily add charm to any indoor or outdoor space. These planters also come with a 12-month warranty.

3. Home Republic Vegas Planters Grey

This stylish planter helpfully keeps potted plants lifted off of the floor. It has a contemporary design and comes available in a range of sizes and colours. If you want a planter that makes a statement, this is a great option to consider. It can be used with indoor plants or outside and comes at a fair price as well.

4. Mr Kitly Self Watering Pot

Mr Kitly Self Watering Pots are lightweight, ergonomically designed, and helpful for those who lead busy lives or are concerned about overwatering. This is a lightweight planter that actually helps you take care of your plants thanks to its self-watering design. It showcases a clean and modern design that looks great on mantles, desktops, bookshelves, or glass tables. With pioneering Australia design elements, this is a great self-watering planter for anyone to use.

5. Worth Garden Sandstone Touch Resin Planter

With a Sandstone Touch finish, this Worth Garden resin planter is elegant, durable, and has a design that’s nearly unbreakable. As a set of three, you can stylishly pot multiple plants to create a lush aesthetic in any outdoor space. Use these pots on your terrace, deck, patio, or garden.

No matter where you place them, you can rest easy knowing that they won’t crack, chip, or break. Even when dropped, these pots are shatter-proof. In addition to this, they won’t fade in the sun because they feature UV resistant resin design elements. As such, this 3-set can withstand even the harshest weather. Each pot comes with pre-drilled water drainage holes that allow water to drain so that roots can breath overwatering is prevented.

6. 35cm Bloom Plant Pot on Stand

This elevated plant stand lifts and showcases one of the most gorgeous ceramic pots around. With a natural blue ceramic material and wrought metal legs, the stand and pot combination will add style to your home. The metal stand legs are sturdy and well balanced, so they can handle heavy loads. Overall, this is one of the most stylish choices for flowers or medium-sized indoor plants.

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7. Home Republic Turin White Chevron Plant Pot

One of the most simple and stunning options out there, your plants will grow and thrive in this white chevron planting pot. This is the perfect choice for any home interior design scheme. These Turin pots have carved Chevron symbols engraved into their exterior surface. As such, the patterns aren’t noticeable at first. However, when you look closely, you begin to notice the intricate design details. Choose from two different sizes to accommodate different plant species. Additionally, these pots come with water draining holes that make them suitable for use both inside and outside of the home.

8. Bendo Maceta Metal Plant Stand with Pot

An ideal choice for ferns, creepers, flowers, and more, these Bendo Maceta plant stands are durable, well-balanced, and can be used for real or artificial plants. With powder-coated steel legs and a powder-coated spun aluminium pot, this stand is sturdy yet lightweight. The pot size is 18.2cm x 21.2cm x 21.2cm and the stand size is 31cm x 17.5cm x 17.5cm. So, you can accommodate plenty of soil for large plants. This pot also has pre-drilled drainage ports that make it great for outdoor use.

9. Ikea Plant Pot – Bittergurka

Designed by Maria Bergström, this is a beautiful rectangular pot for plant varieties that are small enough to grow in any herb garden. This includes plants like rosemary, thyme, mint, oregano, parsley, basil, and more. Made with durable galvanized steel and an attractive powder coating, you’ll enjoy the durability of this planter. In addition, it has bamboo feet and has been coated with clear plant-safe nitrocellulose lacquer.

Grow small vegetables or creeping plants like ferns and vines. This hanging planter has been ingeniously designed to convert vertically. So, if you like, you can hang several planters in a row. No matter how you use this plant pot, you’ll enjoy its lovely design and attractive aesthetic.

10. L & M Home Mona Iron Plant Pot

Implementing a 100% iron design, this plant pot comes in three muted colour tones to match your style preferences. More durable than plastic pots could ever dream of being, this is a great option for plant enthusiasts who like high-end styles and long-lasting material construction. Make sure to dry its exterior thoroughly to prevent rusting and you’ll have a stylish plant holder that can last you for years.

11. Lifestyle Traders Sunset Ceramic Pot on Wood Stand

Available in two stylish colour patterns and two different sizes, this beautiful plant pot and stand combination can be used inside or outside of the home. Whether you like cool neutral colours or warm cozy themes, the Lifestyle Traders Sunset Ceramic Pot can accommodate your style preferences.

The warm-toned pot variant has three different striped shades of coral rustic orange while the grey variant is slightly more neutral and fits with a range of home decor applications. With a clear and sleek finish, this trendy pot and stand combination is one of the most stylish and durable ceramic planter options around. It even comes with a 12-month warranty.

Plant Pot FAQs

Now that you’ve seen some trendy, durable, and highly functional pots for plants, let’s go over some of the most frequently asked questions about these products. That way, you can confidently purchase the absolute best pot for your outdoor or indoor plants. Plus, you can use these tips to get your flowers and houseplants growing healthier than ever in no time.

Do pots for plants need holes in the bottom?

Different plants have different drainage needs. Generally, drainage holes allow the water in planter soil to drain freely. This makes it easier for air to penetrate the soil and keep plant roots healthy and free of rot and mould. Keep in mind that healthy root systems lead to healthier plants. Holes aren’t strictly necessary for all plant species, for most plant variants, they’re a good idea.
Note also that many indoor pots don’t have holes in the bottom but you can always use a plastic nursery pot inside the decorative pot and remove it for watering purposes.

What do you put under plant pots?

If you will be keeping your plants inside of your home, it’s a good idea to use a drainage saucer. On top of these saucers, you can add a layer of pebbles, rocks, gravel or sand. This will allow the container to freely drain and keep standing water away from your plant’s root systems.
If you’re using a plant stand with drainage, you can choose to allow water to drip onto the ground outside, especially if the ground surface is dirt or concrete.

What are the easiest plants to grow in pots?

Some people have green thumbs while other people’s thumbs tend to have the power to kill. If you want to grow plants easily, consider choosing species like Geraniums, Petunias, Begonias, or Mandeville. Other easy to grow potted plants include certain herbs, vegetables, and hardy ferns.

What is the best material for outdoor planters?

For outdoor plants, the best pot materials include fibreglass, resin, and terra cotta. These pots are usually moulded to resemble terra cotta regardless of their material composition. Since fibreglass and resin plants are more durable than real terra cotta, they tend to withstand extreme temperatures better. However, terra cotta itself is ideal for plant health as it’s breathable and porous, if not slightly more breakable.

Do I need to put rocks in the bottom of a planter?

It isn’t always necessary to add rocks to the bottom of a planter. With pebbles and rocks, the goal is to cover the drainage holes enough for water to drain without taking too much soil along for the ride, while also reducing the likelihood of root rot. Additionally, on the line drainage plate outside of your pot, you will want to add rocks or pebbles. This is so that moisture doesn’t accumulate and drown the root systems of your plants.

Are clay pots better for plants?

Clay and terra cotta planters are great for giving your foliage a healthier growing environment. The pores within the clay structure allow air to penetrate plant-soil without causing an overly dry environment. However, many gardeners swear by plastic container pots with drainage holes. A lot of it will depend on the climate you live in. In Australia, some areas are extremely dry while others are excessively humid. If you live in a dry climate, plastic containers may be better. For humid areas with lots of rain, clay and terra cotta pots are one of the better options for outdoor plant species.

Are plastic pots OK for plants?

Plastic pots are fine for most plants, provided that they have drainage holes of some kind. If you live in a dry area or tend to forget to water your plants, plastic pots may actually be better. Whether you use pots made of clay, plastic, resin, or something else, make sure to follow watering guidelines for the plant species you’re working with.

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