The Best Smart Home Devices in Australia for 2024

The Best Smart Home Devices in Australia for 2024

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The market is full of new smart devices that are designed to make our lives easier. Smart home devices give us the luxury and convenience of at-home automation and the current market offers a satisfying mix of useful technology for us to choose from. When looking at smart home devices it is a good idea to read reviews and check compatibility before buying. The below reviews will take away any second-guessing and will help you find the best smart home devices for your home.

1. Echo Smart Speaker with Alexa

The Amazon Echo is a voice-controlled smart speaker that offers excellent sound quality and a range of great features. The Amazon Echo is sleek, easy to set up and produces 360 degree audio.

The Dolby speakers ensure the sound is high-quality and you can adjust the equaliser settings to suit your preferences. The Amazon Echo needs to be connected to wi-fi and once set up, voice commands can be used to carry out a range of tasks such as playing music and controlling lights, plugs and other compatible devices. The echo can also connect with other echo devices to provide multi-room music.

You can use the Amazon Echo smart speaker to make hands-free calls, make announcements to every room with a compatible device and use other features such as finding recipes, checking the weather and playing games.

What We Like:

  • Voice controlled
  • High quality sound
  • Smart design

What We Don’t Like:

  • Needs to be plugged in and connected to wi-fi to work

2. Google Nest Hub Max

The Google Nest Hub Max is a smart display that is perfect for video calls and helpful home assistance. The hub is easy to set up you just need to make sure it is turned on and connected to wi-fi.

Making video calls couldn’t be easier, you simply use voice command and the auto framing feature means the camera keeps you in view even as you move around the room.

The Google Nest Hub Max is compatible with other smart home devices allowing you to conveniently control your smart home from the hub. The built-in nest cam lets you keep an eye on your home and you can get motion and sound alerts straight to your phone. This Google Assistant provides help at a glance, whether you want to connect with loved ones, listen to your favourite songs through the smart speaker or check whos been in your home.

What We Like:

  • Music-friendly speaker
  • High quality screen
  • Auto-framing on video calls

What We Don’t Like:

  • Doesn’t sync with Apple apps

3. LIFX Mini Multicolour Dimmable Smart Light Bulb

LIFX Mini, B22, Adjustable, Multicolour, Dimmable, No Hub Required, Works with Alexa, Apple HomeKit and the Google Assistant

Easily transform your home lighting with these LIFX colour changing smart bulbs. The compact, flat top bulb has a domed design and gives you total colour and brightness control.

The set up is very straightforward and once the app is downloaded (on Android or iPhone) you can control your lighting from anywhere, anytime with no hub or additional equipment needed. The user-friendly app interface allows you to precisely and comfortably choose the colour shade you like and dim or brighten the bulb.

The LIFX wifi light bulb can also be voice controlled via Alexa making it even more convenient. If you have more than one LIFX bulb you can control the lights individually or as a group. The bulbs are pricey but they are energy efficient and have a 22 year lifespan (based on 3 hours of daily use).

What We Like:

  • Easy set up
  • No hub requirement
  • Controlled by the LIFX app or voice controlled via AlexaPro 3

What We Don’t Like:

  • Expensive for a smart light

4. Arlo Pro 2 Smart Security System with 4 HD Cameras

The Pro 2 Smart System from Arlo is one of the best security camera systems on the market. The resolution is crystal clear HD 1080p video and it also has night vision.

The motion detection is excellent so you can set up the system to send you alerts whenever there is activity, and there is also two-way audio with built-in microphones and speakers so you can talk to the person who set off the alert.

The cameras themselves are weatherproof and will last for some time, so you can place them outside in strategic locations, and the batteries are rechargeable via AC, or solar panels if you have them, so there is no need to purchase additional batteries.

With intelligent technology and easy setup, the Pro 2 is a great wireless security camera system.

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What We Like:

  • HD 1080p high-quality video
  • Night vision
  • Motion detection
  • Rechargeable batteries

What We Don’t Like:

  • Expensive

5. Philips Hue Smart Wireless Dimmer Switch

Philips Hue Smart Wireless Dimmer Switch with Remote, Installation-Free, Exclusive for Philips Hue Smart LED Light Bulbs

This wireless dimmer switch from Philips Hue can dim or brighten your smart light bulbs. You can connect this one switch to up to 10 light bulbs.

The Philips Hue dimmer smoothly adjusts your lights without any other installation necessary. You can simply mount the switch anywhere using the included adhesive strips and use the remote or app to control your lights.

This switch offers versatility combined with simplicity, the switches are self-explanatory and you can use the app to program up to 5 lighting states if you want to personalise the lighting to each room. We like that there are a few control options as this ensures the smart lights can be dimmed by anyone in the house rather than just those connected to the app. The Smart Wireless Dimmer Switch can be used with other Hue accessories and can be controlled with voice commands too.

What We Like:

  • Connect up to 10 lights
  • Easy to use
  • No additional installation required

What We Don’t Like:

  • More limited without the Hue Bridge

6. August Smart Lock Pro

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect, 3rd gen Technology, Works with Alexa, AUG-SL03-C02-S03, 1.5V

The August Smart Lock Pro is one of the best smart home devices to give you peace of mind whether you’re at home or away. It is easy to install and allows you to turn your lock into a smart lock while still being able to keep and use your existing keys.

With this smart home lock, you can control and monitor your door from anywhere. For convenient home security, you can use your phone to control keyless access, lock and unlock the door and track who is coming and going. It also works with Alexa to enable voice commands.

This home security unit attaches to your existing lock meaning you can still use your keys at any time. With the Smart Lock Pro your door will automatically lock behind you and will unlock as you approach. All you need to install it is a screwdriver so it takes about 10 minutes and its ready to be used.

What We Like:

  • Quick to install
  • Allows you to use your existing lock and still use your keys
  • Control your door from your phone

What We Don’t Like:

  • Only works with single deadbolts

7. Google Nest Thermostat E

Google, T4000ES, Nest Thermostat E, Smart Thermostat, White

The Google Nest Thermostat E is an affordable smart thermostat that fits into any home and allows you to control the temperature from your phone or tablet. The device looks great with its circular shell and subtle frosted display.

The Nest Thermostat E can be self-installed and the Nest app has step by step instructions that are specific to a range of heating systems helping to make set up simple.

The learning capabilities of this thermostat means it gets to know the temperature you like, how your home heats up etc. allowing it to automatically adapt to your life and habits. This is one of the best smart home devices for saving you energy, it uses home/away assist to turn down after you leave so energy is not wasted on an empty home. You can also use the Nest app to check how much energy you are using.

What We Like:

  • Can be self-installed
  • Stylish design
  • Helps you save energy

What We Don’t Like:

  • Cannot control hot water

8. Eve Door & Window Wireless contact sensor with Apple HomeKit technology

Eve Door & Window - Wireless contact sensor with Apple HomeKit technology, Bluetooth Low Energy

The Eve Door & Window is a wireless contact sensor that is good for simple home security as it lets you know whether your door or window is open or closed. You can easily stay informed with activity notifications about access points.

This is Apple HomeKit enabled which means it can automatically control other HomeKit accessories. You can enjoy advanced home security and gain insights using the time and duration statistics provided.

With Apple TV home you can be alerted to what’s going on even when you’re away from home. This is completely wireless and the unit has a long battery life. When you are at home Eve Door & Window connects to your iPhone or iPad using Bluetooth so there is no need for a hub, gateway or bridge.

What We Like:

  • Wireless
  • Easy to install
  • Discreet

What We Don’t Like:

  • Only works with Apple devices

9. Brunt Blind Engine Smart Motorized Blind

Ver.2 Brunt Blind Engine - Smart Motorized Blind, Make Your Existing Blind To Smart, Automated, Motorized Blind, Connected Home, Home Automation, Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home/Assistant and Samsung SmartThings

The Brunt Blind Engine allows you to motorize your blind and control it using your smart devices. It is extremely easy to install as you simply attach it to the wall or window frame using double-sided tape, screw and bead or cord link gears. Once the unit is secured you need to link the blind cords and then plug it in.

The blind can then be controlled with all Android devices as well as iPhones and it can work through voice commands too (Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Samsung Bixby are all compatible).

You can control multiple blinds simultaneously and for convenient in-home automation, you can set up a schedule or geo-location. The Brunt Blind Engine is suitable for all blinds and has enough torque to pull heavier blinds too. This is a simple, smart way to motorize your blinds.

What We Like:

  • Easy to use
  • Allows you to set a schedule
  • Can be voice or smart phone controlled

What We Don’t Like:

  • Needs to be plugged in

10. Google Nest Mesh WiFi System

This easy, convenient and simple wireless mesh system is ideal for larger or unusual shaped homes as the 3 pods can be placed anywhere in your house to improve the signal coverage. The google nest wifi pod design is minimal yet appealing so they won’t draw attention or be an eye-sore when dotted around your home.

There’s a selection of great features on the Google Wifi System including traffic prioritisation that makes sure there is no lag or connection drops, the cloud based security that automatically updates itself, and the network repair that happens automatically if any of the pods lose power.

This wireless mesh system requires minimal effort or input from you. There is a mobile app that connects to the system and you can also add parental controls that allows you to pause the wi-fi on kids devices.

What We Like:

  • Minimalist design
  • Great value for money
  • Simple set up

What We Don’t Like:

  • Limited control options

11. TP-Link HS100 Smart Plug

TP-Link Smart Plug, No Hub Required, Wi-Fi, Control Your Devices from Anywhere,Works with Alexa and Google Assistant, Control Your Devices from Anywhere (HS100)

The TP-Link Smart Plug is simple to use; just plug it in and you’re ready to go. It can be controlled by an app from your phone that takes seconds to set up, or it can be controlled through Alexa and Google assistant.

This smart plug has both a countdown timer and scheduling features, so you can fully automate the way your appliances operate. It also has an away mode so when you are on holiday it will continue to turn a light on and off to give the appearance that someone is home.

If you haven’t used a smart plug before, this may be a little bulkier than you expect, but otherwise, this is probably the best wifi smart plug you can buy.

What We Like:

  • Easy to set up
  • Scheduling and timer
  • Away mode
  • Kasa App integration

What We Don’t Like:

  • A little bulky
  • Doesn’t work with Apple Homekit

12. Ring Smart Video Doorbell 2

This video doorbell from Ring is one of the most popular on the market globally and with good reason. It’s easy to use and works well; you can install and set it up in under five minutes. It can be installed into your home’s existing wiring, or it can be powered by a rechargeable battery. The battery-pack has a quick-release feature and a charge lasts more than a month.

The camera records HD video in 1080p and it has infra-red too, so it can record just as well at night. It also has a good field of view with motion detection, and excellent two-way audio, so it covers all the important features you need from a video doorbell.

This can also integrate with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for voice operation, however, there can be a noticeable lag. Whether that’s from this device or Alexa, it can be annoying. That said, this is still one of the best video doorbells around and our top pick of those on the market in Australia.

What We Like:

  • Great features
  • Easy installation
  • Good video quality
  • Long-lasting battery

What We Don’t Like:

  • Alexa integration can lag

13. IRobot Roomba E5 IRobot Vacuum

The iRobot Roomba e5 is one of the most popular on the market worldwide and with good reason. It has great suction and a high-efficiency filter, so dust and pet hair is sucked up and trapped immediately. It cleans a whole room in very little time and picks up a lot of dust. Emptying the unit is quick and easy too.

The mapping ability is good and it has little trouble navigating obstacles. It also has dirt detection technology, so it’s able to concentrate on the areas that need the most cleaning.

Scheduling the vacuum to clean is easy to do with the app, and the battery life is around three hours, so it won’t be interrupted in the middle of cleaning.

Overall, this is probably the best robot vacuum around. The price is on the high end, but it makes up for it in convenience and reliability.

What We Like:

  • Great suction
  • Easy to use
  • Clever technology makes it more efficient
  • Good navigation

What We Don’t Like:

  • Expensive

14. Echo Show 5 Clock Radio By Amazon

The Echo Show 5 is more than an alarm clock radio, it is a digital display that connects to Amazon Alexa and provides all the functionality you could want. It can stream from the internet, make video and voice calls to compatible echo devices, it syncs with a smart video doorbell so you can see who is pressing your doorbell, and, believe it or not, it is a clock and a radio too.

The price might scare some, and if you just want something to wake you up in the morning, this might be a bit overwhelming. But if you want a voice-controlled clock that you can order to wake you up at 6:00 am and order you a pizza from time to time, then this is the one to go for.

What We Like:

  • Great display
  • Lots of features
  • Alexa integration

What We Don’t Like:

  • Expensive for an alarm clock

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