Britax Millenia vs Graphene: Car Seat Comparison

Britax Millenia vs Graphene: Car Seat Comparison

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Britax is a well known and much-loved car seat brand in Australia. They are known for producing safe, stylish and simple to use car seats.

In fact, their products are so good that deciding between them can be a challenge.

Two similar car seats that are often compared are the Britax Safe n Sound Graphene and the Britax Safe n Sound Millenia.

Both of these car seats are fantastic but there are a couple of key differences that are important to know about.

This direct Britax Millenia vs Graphene comparison will help you choose the car seat that is best for you and your family.

Britax Safe-n-Sound Millenia Car Seat

Britax Safe N Sound Graphene Car Seat

Key similarities

Suitable up to approx 4 years

Both the Britax Safe n Sound Graphene convertible car seat and the Millenia are suitable to be used from birth to 4 years (approximately).

This removes the need for a capsule to accommodate a newborn in the car.

Having one car seat that can be used from birth and for a number of years can help make it easier for a new parent.

It may also help save money by reducing the number of car seats you need to purchase.

Rearward/ Forward Facing

Your child can remain rear-facing until they are 2-3 years old in both the Britax Graphene and the Millenia.

Rear-facing is considered safer for your child and it is the law that your baby should be rearward-facing until they are 6 months old.

You can also use these car seats forward facing from 12 months to around 4 years.

The rear and forward-facing seat belt lock-offs are fitted to provide a secure fit within the vehicle when used with a vehicle seat belt.

Side Impact Cushion Technology (SICT) Protection

This dual-layer head protection is found in both car seat models. This optimises safety without compromise.

The SICT layer provides 180-degree protection around your child’s head.

It also minimises the energy generated in a side-impact crash to help keep your little one protected.

Active Head Restraint (AHR)

This is designed to minimise impact forces and protect your child’s head in the event of a side-impact crash.

This head restraint has deeper side wings to shield your child and it grows with your child to ensure it stays effective as they get older.

High-Quality Material

Both of these car seats are made using Thermo5 Bamboo Fabric. This is a high-performance fabric that provides premium comfort. Bamboo fabric is both breathable and comfortable. This will help keep your baby cool and content while on car journeys.

Easy to Use Harness

To help get your little one in and out of the car, both of these Safe n Sound car seats have easy to use harnesses.

The harness and headrest can be adjusted single-handed while your child is in the car seat.

This helps to ensure a correct fit without stress and confusion. The harnesses also have an EZ-Buckle which keeps the buckle forwards to prevent your child from sitting on it when getting into the car seat.

ISOFIX Compatible

Both car seats are designed with ISOFLEX connectors that make it easy to install them in vehicles with ISOFIX low anchorages.

This helps to ensure correct fit and safer car journeys.

Both the Graphene and Milennia can also be installed using the car seat belt and are easy to install with well-labelled adjustment levers, attachment clips, latches etc. on the seats.

Key differences


The Graphene is designed to be compact to make it better suited to families with smaller cars and for families that need multiple car seats on the back seat.

The dimensions when it is positioned rearward-facing are 475mm H x 440mm W x 520mm D and when forward-facing are 685mm H x 440mm W x 425mm D.

The Millenia is larger as you can see when directly comparing specs. When rearward facing it is 600-700mm H x 600mm D x 385-500mm W and when forward-facing it is 640-810mm H x 390mm D x 385-500mm W.

This makes the Britax Safe n Sound Millenia better suited to larger cars and smaller families.

Car Seat Weight

The Britax Safe n Sound Graphene is slightly lighter at 7.8kg compared to the Millenia which weighs 8.9kg.

Reclining Positions

When used in forward-facing mode the Millenia has 4 recline positions so your little one can be comfortable in the available space.

The Graphine has 1 rear-facing and 2 forward-facing recline positions.

For adjusting the sear when forward and rear-facing there is a pedestal at the rear that can be squeezed to move the seat into the required position.


Torso Protection

While both models have SICT head protection, only the Graphene has SICT Torso protection.

This means it has a patented Torso SICT design to minimise energy impact on your child’s chest and vital organs. It also helps to reduce crash energy.

Infant Safety Cushion

The Millenia has an infant safety cushion made of EVA composite material to provide extra support and protection for a small baby during a side-impact crash.

This cushion has specially designed ventilation holes to ensure breathability and comfort. The cushion has detachable wings to make it flexible.

Aircraft Compatible

The Britax Safe n Sound Millenia is aircraft compatible for domestic Australia flights.

This means it meets guidelines for you to be able to use it on the flight so travelling can be fuss-free whether you are driving, flying or both!


There is only a slight difference in the price between the Britax Safe n Sound Graphene and Millenia.

At the time of writing, the Graphene is available for $479 while the Millenia is available for $499.

Although both models are relatively expensive they do offer good value for money as they can be used from birth up to approximately 4 years and remove the need to buy a capsule for your newborn.

Making your selection

Britax Safe-n-Sound Millenia Car Seat

Britax Safe N Sound Graphene Car Seat

Britax Safe n Sound is one of Australia’s most loved car seat brands. Both of these models are great, they include a number of amazing safety features and are easy to use.

There are a couple of differences between them such as the SICT torso protection in the Graphene and the infant seat cushion in the Milennia.

However, the biggest difference between the Millenia and Graphene is definitely the size.

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If you have a small car, you need to install multiple car seats or you have a tall passenger to also accommodate in the car, the Britax Graphene is the car seat to go for. This compact car seat is ideal for smaller cars.

It weighs slightly less but is considerably more compact than most car seats. This is the main reason to choose the Britax Graphene over the Millenia.

If you have a larger car or only need to fit one car seat in the vehicle, the Millenia is the best choice.

This model is also ideal if you are planning to travel domestically within Australia as it is aircraft compatible so makes travelling with a little one easier.

Overall, the Millenia is the best option for most people and it gives you everything you need in terms of safety, comfort, durability and design.

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