Redsbaby vs Bugaboo Prams: Which is Best?

Redsbaby vs Bugaboo Prams: Which is Best?

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Redsbaby and Bugaboo are two of the most popular baby brands in Australia, thanks to their innovative designs, user-friendly features, and excellent quality.

In particular, their prams are a favourite amongst consumers due to them being stylish, lightweight, and easy to fold up, carry, and maneuver.

Trying to decide between the two? Read on as we break down the key things you should keep in mind when choosing, answer some commonly asked questions, and compare some of the best Redsbaby and Bugaboo prams currently on the market.

Redsbaby vs Bugaboo: Brand Comparison

Bugaboo launched in the early 2000’s and focuses on the luxury stroller market. Their products tend to be more expensive but they are backed by an excellent reputation and great user reviews.

Overall, parents find Bugaboo prams to be stylish, lightweight, and of excellent quality.

Newer Australian brand Redsbaby launched in 2013 and focuses on designing prams that combine style and functionality. Their products are more affordable, practical, and offer great storage options making them excellent value for money.

Both stroller brands are considered among the best on the market and have excellent reputations. The deciding factors when choosing between these two brands are going to come down to price and your specific requirements.

One thing to note is that Redsbaby is solely online which means it is a bit harder to compare the prams in person, however, they do hold demo days so you can try the prams out before buying.

While Redsbaby is Australia-based and Bugaboo is based in the Netherlands, both brands manufacture their products in China (Bugaboo has their own factory).

Both brands have strong reputations for producing excellent quality baby products that are built to last and tend to not lose their value like many baby products do. This makes them great for re-selling once your child outgrows the pram.

Recommended Redsbaby and Bugaboo Prams

Best Overall: Bugaboo Fox 3

Weight: 9.9kg
Folded Size: 86 x 52 x 34cm
Weight Limit: 22kg
Wheel size: 22 – 30cm
Storage: 10kg underseat
Warranty: 2 year

Pros: Easy to push, big wheels, compact size and weight
Cons: Expensive

The Fox 3 is the latest update of the Bugaboo Fox model. Compared to the Fox 2, the upgraded pram has a new bassinet design with mesh panels for increased airflow and a softer harness for improved comfort for your baby.

There are also new premium finishing touches including embroidered logos and a wider range of colours so finding a pram to suit your style is even easier.

This is our pick for the best pram overall thanks to its ease of use and versatility. The Fox 3 is sturdy, comfortable and has a compact fold despite being a full size pram.

The pram also has a 4 wheel suspension and large puncture-proof wheels that make it easy to push and steer on any terrain.

The Bugaboo Fox 3 is also suitable for overnight sleeping so you don’t need to wake your sleeping baby.

Runner Up: Redsbaby Jive

Weight: 11.9kg
Folded Size: 88 x 58.5 x 40cm
Weight Limit: 20kg
Wheel Size: 19.5 – 25cm
Storage: 12kg underseat
Warranty: 3 year

Pros: Versatile, large wheels, slimline shape, lots of storage
Cons: Heavier than Fox 3

This Redsbaby pram is an excellent choice with its versatile functionality and one-move fold. It boasts a reversible and reclinable seat and the option to turn it into a tandem pram at a later date if needed (a second seat will be required).

Similar to the Fox 3, the Jive also has puncture-proof wheels and a four wheel suspension. The front wheels and suspension system has been improved since the last version and although the wheels are a smaller size than the Fox 3, they are still large enough to handle uneven terrain smoothly.

The Jive is one of the heavier prams listed but it is slimline and can be folded down with the seat attached. One of the key features on this baby pram is the large extension canopy that offers sun protection and lots of ventilation. It also comes with a rain cover to keep the main seat protected when on the go.

The Jive 3 is suitable for newborns, is car capsule compatible and is also approved for overnight sleeping. Compared to the other prams, the Jive 3 has one of the largest storage options with a 12kg under seat storage basket. This ensures you have plenty of space underneath the seat frame to put your bags.

Best City Pram: Bugaboo Bee 6

Weight: 9.4kg
Folded Size: 90 x 36 x 47cm
Weight Limit: 15-22kg
Wheel size: 18cm
Storage: 4kg underseat
Warranty: 2 year

Pros: One-handed fold, compact size, lightweight, great for use on public transport and busy shops
Cons: Limited storage space

If you’re looking for a lightweight pram that can handle day to day life in the city, the Bee 6 is the best option. This baby pram can be folded down with one hand and has a self-stand for added convenience.

The Bee 6 pram is ideal for shopping trips and time in the city with your little one. It can be taken on public transport without an issue and the nimble size means it is easier to navigate through busier areas.

The Bee 6 comes with updated features including larger 18cm wheels, improved seat fabric with mesh and an updated sun canopy with a peekaboo window so you can keep an eye on your baby. Other improvements include a new rotating bumper bar and increased ventilation on the bassinet attachment.

Compared to the Redsbaby Jive and the Bugaboo Donkey 3, the Bee has limited storage with just a 4kg under-seat storage basket. With that said, it is one of the lightest prams listed at 9.4kg.

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Best Value: Redsbaby Skip

Weight: 7kg
Folded Size: 50 x 45 x 27cm
Weight Limit: 20kg
Storage: 5kg underseat
Warranty: 3 year

Pros: Compact, lightweight, ideal for travel
Cons: No bassinet

The Redsbaby skip is the smallest pram on our list by far. It weighs just 7kg and folds down to a compact 50 x 45 x 27cm. It is lightweight, easy to push and offers the best value with its affordable price tag.

This is a stroller so is the only one on the Redsbaby line that doesn’t come with a bassinet and cannot be used for overnight sleeping. It does however have a fully-flat reclinable seat that can be used for newborns. As with the other Redsbaby prams, this also has an extra-large sun canopy.

This is a low-cost, low-maintenance option that is easy to fold and travel-friendly.

Most Versatile: Bugaboo Donkey 3

Weight: 13.9kg
Folded Size: 89 x 60 x 35cm
Weight Limit: 22kg
Adjustable handle bar: 84 – 104cm
Wheel size: 25 – 30cm
Storage: 10kg underseat & 10kg side
Warranty: 2 year

Pros: Easy to manoeuvre, lots of storage, premium finish, user-friendly set up
Cons: Bulky

The Donkey 3 is a pram that can do it all. This pram has large wheels, lots of storage space and it is great for a growing family. It’s a great choice for your first baby and can go from a single to double pram using the extension set. The pram is spacious and comfortable for up to two kids and it can be used from newborn to toddler.

The Donkey 3 is the latest version of the Donkey pram. The new model has functionality improvements including lighter wheels, a zipped pouch and peek-a-boo windows. For ease of use on different terrains, the wheels have two positions so the pram can be pushed comfortably through sand and snow as well as on paved roads.

Compared to the other options listed, the Donkey offers the most storage space. Not only do you have a 10kg underseat basket (the same as the Fox 3), there is also a detachable side luggage basket for an additional 10kg of storage.

The downside to this pram is the weight, it is the heaviest on our list and comes in at almost double the weight of the Redsbaby skip at 13.9kg. It offers a comfortable ride and is easy to push, but it isn’t going to be the best option for use on public transport or when you need to fit more than the pram in the boot of the car.

Redsbaby vs Bugaboo Comparison Table

PramOur VerdictWeightFolded SizeWeight LimitBassinetWheel sizeAdjustable HandlebarApproved for Overnight SleepStorageWarranty
Bugaboo Fox 3Best Overall9.9kg86 x 52 x 34cm22kgYes22 – 30cm88 – 108cmYes (Bassinet & Bugaboo Stand)10kg Underseat2 year
Redsbaby JiveRunner Up11.9kg88 x 58.5 x 40cm20kgYes19.5 – 25cm95-106cmYes (with Bassinet Stand)12kg Underseat3 year
Redsbaby MetroPractical Choice10.5kg80 x 61 x 42cm20kgYes18 – 24cm96 – 106cmYes (with Bassinet Stand)10kg Underseat3 year
Redsbaby SkipBest Value7kg50 x 45 x 27cm20kgNo/NoNo5kg Underseat3 year
Bugaboo Donkey 3Most Versatile13.9kg89 x 60 x 35cm22kgYes25 – 30cm84 – 104cmYes (Bassinet & Bugaboo Stand)10kg Underseat & 10kg Side2 year
Bugaboo Cameleon 3 PlusGreat All-Rounder9.6kg90 x 50 x 31cm17kgYes15-30cm101 – 112cmNo6kg Underseat2 year
Bugaboo Bee 6Best City Pram9.4kg90 x 36 x 47cm15 – 22kg (depending on position)Yes18cm91 – 109cmNo4kg Underseat2 year
Bugaboo LynxLightweight Option9.4kg87.5 x 53 x 31cm22kgYes17.8 – 28.9cm99 – 110cmNo10kg Underseat2 year


What’s The Difference Between Bugaboo Fox 2 And Fox 3?

The Fox 3 boasts new mesh panels on the bassinet, softer harness materials, new colour options and higher quality finishing touches including embroidered logos.

Is Bugaboo Fox Better Than Cameleon?

Yes, in most aspects, but the best option for you will depend on your requirements. Overall the Fox is more customisable, has one-step folding (as opposed to the two-step Cameleon) and features larger wheels.

What Is The Difference Between A Bugaboo Donkey 2 And Donkey 3?

The Donkey 3 has lighter wheels, peek-a-boo windows, a new zipped pouch and a front pocket on the basket. The new model also has an increased weight limit of 22kg.

Can The Bugaboo Donkey Be Used As A Single Pram?

Yes, it can also be upgraded to a double pram at a later date by using the extension kit.

What Is The Difference Between Redsbaby Jive And Metro?

The Redsbaby Jive is able to have two seats, offers a larger basket, and comes with a seat liner. Both are compatible with car capsules, are suitable for overnight sleeping and come with rain covers but the Jive is slightly heavier than the Metro.

How Heavy Is The Redsbaby Jive?

The Redsbaby Jive stroller weighs 11.9kg.

Can You Take Redsbaby Skip On A Plane?

Yes, just check the carry-on specifications of the airline before travelling.

Is Redsbaby Australian Made?

Redsbaby is Aussie owned and designed but the products are made in China.

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