The Best Bathroom Scales in Australia

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Bathroom Scales can be the best way to monitor your weight loss journey and overall health. However, with so many options on the market, it can be hard to find the product that is right for you.

In this article we break down everything from high tech options that sync to your smartphone, to more basic models that are built to simply take your weight to help you find the bathroom scales that best meets your specific needs.

1. Renpho Bluetooth Body Fat Smart BMI Scale – Top Pick

RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale - Smart Bmi Scale Digital Bathroom Weight Scale, Body Composition Analyzer with Smartphone App, 396 Lbs

The Renpho Bluetooth Body Fat Scale utilizes the latest technology to measure 13 essential metrics and help you track your measurements on an app. Users can track everything from their BMI to water weight, as well as muscle & bone mass.

It can sync with several fitness apps to monitor your progress. The Bluetooth capabilities allow the user to save their information on multiple different social networks and fitness apps, and share it with their friends.

The backlit LED display makes reading the data easy.

2. Nokia Withings Body+ Scale – Upgrage Pick

Nokia Body+ Black - Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale

The Nokia Body + Black Body Composition Wifi Scale uses patented Position Control technology to deliver accurate body composition readings.

The scale pairs with over 100 fitness apps making it easy to monitor weight loss goals and progress. The screen immediately shows the reading with no warm-up time, and it comes in a variety of colours to fit in with any decor.

It’s the perfect device for the whole family with Baby Mode for children and Pregnancy Mode for expectant mothers.

3. EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale

EatSmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale with Ultra-Wide Platform, 440 Pound Capacity

Since 2005, EatSmart has been dedicated to providing innovative healthcare products to help customers meet their weight loss goals. The scale has an easy to read, LCD display with a blue backlight. Its stylish design compliments any bathroom.

EatSmart has patented, one-step technology allowing the user to simply step on and read their data without the need to warm-up the scale. It is engineered with high gauge sensors to ensure accuracy to the nearest 91g.

4. Fitbit ARIA 2 Wi-Fi Smart Scale

Fitbit ARIA 2 Wi-Fi Smart Scale, Black

The Fitbit Aria 2 is one of the most popular scales on the market thanks to its ease of use, wide range of measurements, and the exceptional app that records and tracks user-specific data. It works in conjunction with the Fitbit app which can be installed on your phone or tablet so you don’t need a wearable Fitbit device to access the full benefits of the scales.

The scales support multiple users, while guests can also simply step on the scales to weigh themselves. Their data will be displayed, while the scale will recognise they aren’t a registered user so the data won’t be stored on anyone’s account.

These smart scales track weight, body fat percentage, BMI, lean mass and more. The construction is stainless steel and glass and looks sleek and modern.

But the data display is where the Aria 2 really comes into its own. Tracking your health trends and progress is a breeze with an array of charts and graphs in the handy Fitbit dashboard.

What We Like:

Good battery life
Dashboard is great for tracking a range of metrics
Tracks body weight, body fat percentage and weight BMI

What We Don’t Like:

Requires FitBit app

5. Tanita UM051 Body Fat / Hydration Monitor Scales

Tanita has been committed to helping people live healthier lives since the 1940s, and is recognized as a world leader in electronic scale development.

The Body Fat/Hydration Monitor Scale was designed to measure the overall health of an individual, taking 10 measurements into account by using four electrodes.

It has four memory settings to allow multiple family members to use it, and has its own app to help track your progress.

6. Weight Watchers Body Fit Smart Scale

The Weight Watchers Body Fit Smart Scale is specifically designed to help users stay on their Weight Watchers plan and easily track their progress on the app. The Weight Watcher’s app makes tracking your weight fun with badges and awards for progress.

With memory for 8 users, it is the perfect scale for the whole family to use. It can sync to an app but it is not necessary to fully use all of the scale’s functions. The display is large and easy to read, with a surface that is sturdy and comfortable to stand on.

7. Withings Body Cardio – Heart Health & Body Composition Digital Wi-Fi Scale

Withings Body Cardio – Heart Health & Body Composition Digital Wi-Fi Scale with smartphone app

Some of the most popular smart scales on the market globally, the Withings Body Cardio provides a comprehensive view of your body health. It comes in a sleek, slimline design that works on hards floors as well as carpet.

Here’s what you can measure with this high-end bathroom scale:

  • Fat Mass – to calculate body fat percentage, track weight loss and conversion to muscle
  • Muscle Mass – to help track muscle mass and target diet and exercise
  • Water Mass – track body water percentage, hydration and impact of body water on weight fluctuations
  • Bone Mass – allows full analysis of body mass composition
  • Weight – super precise weight measurements
  • Heart rate and BMI

These WiFi scales sync with Apple Watch and are compatible with a wide range of other health and fitness apps including Apple Health, Fitbit and Google Fit.

While these impressive bathroom scales are feature-packed, they do come with a hefty price tag which may put off some potential buyers.

What We Like:

Measure a wide range of metrics
Sleek, modern design
Works on both hard floors and carpet

What We Don’t Like:


Bathroom Scales Buyer’s Guide

It’s Not All About Weight

Most people on a weight loss journey have come to understand that success is not only measured by kilograms lost. Understanding other body mass metrics such as water mass and BMI are imperative to a successful diet plan.

Many scales today offer high tech features to help read these metrics so the user can track their overall health. These smart bathroom scales typically increase the cost of the scale, so if tracking body weight only is the most important priority, a less expensive model is probably the best action.

Tracking Apps

A scale that it wifi or Bluetooth enabled can sync your data to an app, helping you to track your progress over time and even share with friends on social networks. For some people, this is a great motivator in their fitness plans, but others are hesitant to share their personal information with many producers and retailers.

The ability to see your progress over time, allows you to determine if any habits affect your fitness goals.


All of the tech in the world is not useful if the scale is not consistently accurate. The scale should track your weight accurately within 1 lb each time you step on. If you notice a shift of several pounds within the same day, it is possible the scale needs to be fine-tuned by the manufacturer.

The more consistently accurately the scale is, the better it will serve you when tracking your goals.

Style & Design

The overall look and style of scales have evolved since the traditional large, bulky model that you see in a doctor’s office. It is important that a piece added to your bathroom fits in well with your overall decor, or it will not be something you like to see every day.

Many scales come in a variety of colours, or sleeker, more modern looks to appeal to a variety of consumers.