Oricom vs Angelcare baby monitors

Oricom vs Angelcare baby monitors

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Oricom and Angelcare offer some of the best baby monitors available. Both brands are extremely popular and create products that include a wide selection of useful features.

Below we compare the brands and two of their top products to help you decide which is best for you.

Oricom vs Angelcare – Brand Comparison


Oricom is an Australian owned brand that was founded in 2003. One of their three communication focus points is baby monitors and they use the latest technology to create robust and effective products.

Their baby care range includes audio, video and breathing movement monitors. The high tech monitor range is designed to be long-range with clear signal and no interference to give parents peace of mind at all times.

As you can see below, there is a large selection of baby monitors available from Oricom.

Video Monitor Selection:

  • Secure740 4.3″ Digital Video Monitor
  • Secure895 5″ Digital Video with Motion Tracking
  • Secure745 4.3″ Digital Video with Motorised Pan/Tilt
  • Secure850 4.3″ Digital Video With Pan/Tilt Camera
  • Secure720 2.4″ Digital Video Baby Monitor
  • Secure860 Touchscreen Video
  • Secure710 2.4″ Digital Video
  • Secure715 Digital Video

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Audio Monitor Selection:

  • Secure530 DECT Digital Monitor
  • Secure330 DECT Digital Monitor

Breathing Movement Monitor:

  • Babysense 7


Angelcare was founded in 1997 and specialises in producing monitors that work with a sensor pad that goes underneath the baby’s mattress.

Their care products include audio, video and movement monitors as well as additional cameras, charging cradles and adaptors.

Depending on the monitor you select the features including two-way sound, a temperature indicator, wireless movement sensor and alarm and LCD touch screen.

Angelcare Baby Monitors

  • AC527 Movement Monitor with Video $499
  • AC327 Movement Monitor with Video $459
  • AC027 Movement Monitor with Wireless Sensor Pad $190
  • AC320 Video & Sound Monitor $319
  • AC110 Sound Monitor $169

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Oricom vs Angelcare – Popular Product Comparison

Below we compare two of the most popular products from Oricom and Angelcare to help you make the right selection.

Oricom Secure Care SC740

The Oricom SC740 is a 4.3″ digital video and audio baby monitor. It includes a room temperature display and alert as well as baby-friendly infrared night vision and motion detection.

This monitor has a large colour display, digital volume control and offers a range of lullabies and white noise options to help soothe your baby to sleep.

The battery life of the parent unit is up to 8 hours and there is a talk-back function so you can speak to your baby from another room. Additional cameras can be added to this set up too.

At $199 (price at the time of writing) this baby monitor offers great value for money and the 4.3″ screen provides a clear view. The video quality is good enough but doesn’t offer super-crisp detail at night. Some users have mentioned sound distortion or muffling.

The SC740 comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

Angelcare AC401

The Angelcare AC401 is an audio and motion baby monitor. It offers variable sensitivity settings so you can adjust them to reduce false alarms.

The monitoring pad goes under your baby’s mattress and will monitor movement, if no movement is detected for 20 seconds an alarm will sound. There is also a temperature monitor that alerts you if the baby’s room is too hot or cold.

This baby monitor has a 250m range and there is an alarm so you know if you go out of range. The battery on the parent unit lasts up to 8 hours.

The sound monitoring can be set the continuous or voice-activated and the microphone sensitivity is adjustable too. One of the things parents appreciate about this baby monitor is how loud the alarm is so you won’t miss it. The transmission quality is excellent as this system uses 8 channels and 2 frequencies to minimise interference.

There is a built-in nightlight but no lullaby or white noise feature. The AC401-2PU comes with 2 parent units for added convenience and reassurance. This model has an RRP of $359 but can often be found on sale. It also comes with a 3-year warranty.

Choosing your Baby Monitor

When choosing the best device for your little one consider the connection range, type of monitor and which features are most important to you.

If you are looking for a video baby monitor make sure it has good night vision and a large colour screen so you can easily keep an eye on your baby in light and dark conditions.

A monitor with two way audio lets you hear your baby and talk to them without being in the room which can help soothe them back to sleep.

A temperature display is useful as it helps ensure your baby is comfortable in all seasons.

Other features you may want to consider is the addition of lullabies, white noise and a night light.

When you are choosing between Oricom and Angelcare the best option for you will depend on your budget and what features you expect from the baby monitor.

Oricom specialises more in video baby monitors so the Oricom SC740 is the one to choose if you want a video with motion detection and multi-camera capability.

The SC740 offers many useful features and is an all-around great value sound and video baby monitor.

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Angelcare specialises in monitoring the movement of your baby at night or when napping.

If you want a baby monitor set with a movement sensor go for the Angelcare AC401 as this monitors your baby and will alert you if no movement is detected.

When sold at full price this is the more expensive option but when on sale, it is much more affordable.

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