The Best Solar Lights For Your Garden [2024 Guide]

The Best Solar Lights For Your Garden [2024 Guide]

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Solar lights are a great way to save on electricity, reduce wiring in the garden and enjoy outside lighting with minimal effort and fuss. They are affordable, easy to use and look great.

With lots of styles and options available, the reviews and buying guide below will help you find the best solar lights for your garden.

1. MINI 50X Twin Solar-Powered Cast Aluminium LED Garden Lights (Top Pick)

MINI 50X Twin Solar-Powered Cast Aluminium Warm White LED Spotlight 60-100 Lumen Per Light Fixture for Outdoor Garden Yard Landscape Downlight

When it comes to solar garden lights, the MINI 50X twin lights are a perfect place to start. They offer high power 60-100 lumen per light and the spotlights have three brightness settings.

These garden lights produce a warm white light and each has an enhancing magnifier glass to help cover more area without using more power. On a full charge, the LED lights will last 5-15 hours depending on the chosen brightness level.

The cast aluminium fixtures have a textured black finish that looks simple and smart. Each has a ground stake but they can also be mounted to a wall if desired.

What We Like:

  • Long-lasting
  • Different brightness levels
  • 100 lumens at brightest

What We Don’t Like:

  • Do not offer a wide beam

2. Joyho Solar Motion Sensor Lights Outdoor

Solar Motion Sensor Lights Outdoor - JOYHO Super Bright 40 LED Wireless Waterproof Solar Wall Outside Lighting, Solar Security Light for Porch Patio Yard Deck Stairway Driveway (2 Pack)

The JOYHO motion sensor outdoor lights are ideal solar lights for gardens, decks, garages or doorways. They are versatile and are designed to be mounted to the wall.

There are three modes: sensor, sensor & dim and always on so you can choose the setting that works best for you. They have 40 upgraded high power LEDs to provide highly efficient light while saving energy.

Durable, water-resistant and heat-resistant, these lights are built to last and withstand all weather conditions. These outdoor solar lights offer excellent value for money, are easy to install and require very little maintenance.

What We Like:

  • Three modes
  • Energy efficient
  • Durable

What We Don’t Like:

  • Difficult to change mode once installed

3. Findyouled Solar Spotlights

findyouled Solar Spotlights, 2-in-1 Waterproof Outdoor Landscape Lighting Spotlight Wall Light Auto On/Off (Warm White)

These LED solar spotlights offer high power warm light with an impressive reach of 49ft. They give 120-130 lumen output per light and can last up to 12 hours after a full charge.

These spotlights turn on and off automatically using light sensors so they are only using power when it is needed. Built to be used outside, they can withstand all weather conditions and can be left outside all year round.

The spotlights are easy to install and the light angle is fully adjustable. The large solar panel is separate so you can easily place it in direct sunlight.

What We Like:

  • High power
  • Durable and suitable for all weather conditions
  • Adjustable light angle

What We Don’t Like:

  • Depending on light positioning, you may need an extension cable for the solar panel

4. Morvat LED Landscape Pathway Solar Lights

The Morvat pathway lights are stylish stainless steel with an elegant decorative design that would look great next to any garden path. They are simple to install and each light has a built-in solar panel and LED light so all you need to do is choose where to position it and turn it on.

The LED bulbs are bright and convenient, they turn on and off automatically using light sensors. There are no wires so your garden will look neat and tidy. Each light has a durable ground spike so you don’t need any tools to install them.

These outdoor solar lights are weatherproof and can be left outside rain or shine. The pack of 6 helps you create a beautiful pathway atmosphere and ensures safety when you walk around after sunset.

What We Like:

  • Value for money
  • Each light is self-contained 
  • Looks elegant

What We Don’t Like:

  • The decorative design is made from plastic

5. Non-solar alternative: G40 Outdoor String Bulb Lights

G40 Outdoor String Bulb Lights with 25 Clear Globe Bulb(2 Replacement Bulbs)- UL Certified 25Ft Waterproof String Lights Outdoor/Indoor Decoration for Party, Garden, Wedding, Patio, Backyard Warm White(Black Wire)

Not completely sold on solar lights? Consider investing in high-quality mains powered outdoor lights.

The G40 outdoor string lights are ideal for use in gardens, decks, tents, events and even for commercial events. They have a simple sophistication that creates a beautiful ambience and they require minimum effort and maintenance.

A great feature is that you can connect the strands if you want a longer string of lights. Each strand is 25 feet long and you can connect up to 20 together.

They are durable and versatile, the nickel-plated bases help to improve connectivity and prevent corrosion. The bulbs are low wattage, remain cool to touch and if one bulb fails the rest stay lit.

What We Like:

  • Can connect strands
  • Waterproof
  • Versatile use

What We Don’t Like:

  • Needs to be plugged in

Solar Lights Buyer’s Guide

Solar powered lighting is an economical option that is easy to install but which solar lights are the best option for you? The buyer’s guide below will help you find the type of solar light you need.


1. Solar path lights

Softly illuminate your garden path with these small solar lights on stakes. They are easy to install and usually have solar panels on the top of the light so there are no wires and no fuss. These are ideal for garden walkways, they add style and lighting without any obvious solar panelling. As these lights tend to be small you’ll likely need quite a few when lighting your pathway.

2. Solar spotlights

Solar powered spotlights are bright and strong. They are the brightest solar light but are not quite as bright as plug-in spotlights so if you have a larger area to cover you could place a couple of solar spotlights around. You can get motion-sensing solar spotlights that are ideal for the garden.

3. Decorative solar garden lights

Decorative options such as string lights look great and provide an ambient glow. They don’t tend to be as bright as other types but they look great and provide a welcoming touch for events, gatherings and outdoor seating areas.


  • Solar panel size – spotlights will often come with a separate panel while decorative and path lights usually have small solar panels attached to the light. The larger the panel is, the more charge it can provide for your lighting.
  • Battery life – many solar lights advertise as having an 8-12 hour battery life but it can be quite varied. Take into account the advertised battery life to make sure it is adequate for your requirements. If you find the battery life of your solar garden lights has significantly reduced, you may need to replace the batteries.
  • Hue – consider the hue of light you want, many LEDs produce a bright white light but you will also find some that offer soft white or amber.
  • Sensors – many solar lights have automatic on/off features that use sensors to detect when it is dusk and dawn. Some lights have motion sensors so the light only comes on when it detects motion and you may also find some are manually operated.
  • Installation – a solar light should be extremely easy to install. Many require no tools, make sure you check the lights installation instructions so you don’t choose a lighting system that is unnecessarily awkward and difficult to install.

Other Options

Not sold on the options above? Check out your local retailers for further alternatives, including many budget options.

Bunnings Solar Lights

Bunning a range of solar lights suitable for a variety of purposes.

These include:

  • Solar fence lights
  • Solar path lights
  • Solar spot lights

If you’re keen to get your hands on the product before purchasing, it may be a good idea to head down to your local Bunnings and have a look.

Kmart Solar Lights

Kmart stock a small range of low-cost solar lighting options. If you’re looking for a lighting solution for an event such as a birthday or wedding and don’t want to invest in a permanent solution, there may be something there that suits your needs.

Big W Solar Lights

Big W is a household favourite for wallet-friendly home and garden products.

At the time of writing, they stock a good range of affordable solar lighting solutions including a ceramic solar lantern, garden spotlight, motion sensor light, and path and bollard lighting.

Solar Lights FAQs

Do solar lights work in winter?

As long as the solar panel receives enough daylight, the solar lights will work. However, you can expect a reduction in the amount of time the solar lights are on for because of the reduced sun exposure.

Are solar lights OK in the rain?

Yes, solar lights will be waterproof so long they are designed for outdoor use. If there’s heavy rain or flooding it might cause damage to the solar lighting so keep this in mind.

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