The Best Dog Clippers In Australia for 2024

The Best Dog Clippers In Australia for 2024

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Regular grooming can help keep your dog looking great and will ensure they remain clean, healthy and free from uncomfortable mats or knots.

Professional groomers can be costly so investing in clippers to use at home can help save you money.

Clipping your dog is a relatively quick and easy way to remove hair evenly but this is only the case if you use the right tools for the job.

The reviews and buyers guide below will help you figure out which clippers will suit your needs. Let’s take a look a closer look at the best dog clippers in Australia.

1. Wahl KM-SS Clipper Dog Clippers (Top Pick)

The KM-SS Wahl Dog Clippers are suitable for use on all coat types. They are perfectly suited to home use as well as for professional dog grooming or use in veterinary practices.

The KM-SS has detachable blades in various sizes and there are attachment guides available too for when you want to cut your dog’s coat to a longer length.

The clipper has single-speed operation and has a fan-cooled motor so it will stay cool when in use and will last longer.

As this Wahl dog clipper is mains-powered it offers consistent power and you won’t need to worry about having to stop to recharge any batteries, this is a particular plus if you have a large dog or multiple dogs to groom.

This dog clipper is powerful enough to handle all styles including thick, long and curly coats.

The ergonomic shape is comfortable to hold and the low vibration clipper runs quietly to ensure your dog stays calm and relaxed during grooming.

What We Like:

  • Suitable for all coat types
  • Detachable blade
  • Quiet operation
  • Powerful
  • No batteries required

What We Don’t Like:

  • The power cable may limit movement

2. Professional Pet Hair Grooming Clippers (Best Value)

Professional Pet Hair Grooming Clippers Detachable Blades Cordless Rechargeable, Pet Clipper Kit with USB Cable, Combs, Brush, Quiet Animal Clippers (2-Speed)

If you are looking for a full pet grooming kit, this set is a great option. It has everything you need to get started with giving your pet a professional-level cut in the comfort of your own home.

The clippers are quiet and have a low vibration to ensure your pet does not get stressed or scared during grooming. There are 2 speed levels so you can select the best-suited option to your dog’s coat type.

This trimmer is cordless so there is no power cable to get tangled up when you are trying to get to those hard-to-reach areas.

The kit includes scissor, 4 combs of different lengths, 1 cleaning brush, 1 comb, 1 cleaning cloth, 1 USB charging cable and a replacement battery.

The USB charging is simple and convenient, there is a battery indicator that will let you know when the clipper is ready to use too.

What We Like:

  • Full grooming kit
  • 2 speed settings
  • USB charger

What We Don’t Like:

  • The instructions may be slightly vague for first-time users

3. Kazoo Dog Groomer Clippers

Kazoo Dog Groomer Clippers are cordless, lightweight and powerful. They are best for household use and are perfectly suited to homes with 1 or 2 dogs.

These cordless dog clippers are quiet when in use so are comfortable for your dog. They are powered by rechargeable long-life batteries which means there is no power cord to get in the way.

The cutting blade is adjustable and there are 4 attachment combs included in the set. The design is slim so the clipper body is easy to hold and control. They offer fast, controlled cutting that is well suited to giving your dogs monthly trims.

What We Like:

  • Uses rechargeable batteries
  • Quiet operation
  • Best for home use

What We Don’t Like:

  • Clipper attachments start from 3 so if you want shorter styles you may need to find extra attachments

4. Wahl Show Pro Dog Clippers

Wahl Show Pro Pet Clipper

These dog grooming clippers from Wahl are perfect for both home and professional grooming use.

This high-quality clipper is durable and robust. The adjustable cutting length between 1 – 3.5mm is perfect for precise clipping particularly for trimming around faces and paws.

If your pet is nervous or sensitive to noise, these clippers are a great option as they use a quiet V9000 motor. The set also includes 4 comb guides, steel scissors and a cleaning brush for the blade.

What We Like:

  • Great for trimming sensitive areas
  • Can be used at home or in a groomers
  • Very quiet

What We Don’t Like:

  • Better suited to small dogs

5. FURminator Comfort Pro Grooming Clipper Powered By Remington

The FURminator clippers are designed to be user-friendly and comfortable for your pet. They are best for home grooming and make cutting your dog’s hair easy.

These clippers are reasonably priced and are powerful enough for thick coats while being gentle enough for use on fine fur too.

They are durable and long-lasting with a stainless steel precision ground blade and a durable polycarbonate body.

The non-slip rubber grip ensures you always have control and the extra-long power cord is a convenient feature.

The kit comes with a blade guard, multiple combs, an oil bottle, cleaning brush and a strong storage case to keep the kit neatly packed away together too.

What We Like:

  • Powerful but gentle
  • High quality
  • Long power cord

What We Don’t Like:

  • Blades cannot be replaced

Dog Clippers Buyer’s Guide

Clipping your pet at home can save you time and money. Going to a professional groomer can sometimes be a hassle, particularly if your dog is not fond of strangers and gets anxious easily.

Whether you want to occasionally trim your dog’s coat or you are a professional groomer looking for high-quality equipment, this buyers guide can help you choose the best clippers for your needs.

Corded or Cordless?

  • Corded clippers generally offer more power but the cord can get in the way or make it more awkward. Professional dog groomers tend to use corded clippers as they are powerful enough to handle all coat types and they will last all day.
  • Cordless dog clippers are great for manoeuvrability and are best for at-home use particularly if your pet is smaller or has finer hair. High-quality cordless clippers have a long battery life but may come at a higher price too.

Dog Breed & Coat

When choosing the best dog clippers available for your dog, the first thing to consider is coat type and grooming needs.

Different dog breeds have different grooming needs, the length and thickness of the coat will give you a good guideline for the type of clippers you need.

If your dog’s fur is thick, easily knotted and difficult to maintain you will need higher quality clippers to be able to deal with this.

Think about how often you will be cutting their fur and whether you want something to give them full body clips or simply tidy up trims around their face and paws in between grooming appointments.

Blade quality

The quality of the blade is very important as it impacts the overall effectiveness of the clippers.

The blade needs to be sharp and should offer a tight, smooth transition.

Dull blades will tangle and pull your dog’s hair which will be uncomfortable and even painful.

Guide combs are great for ensuring you don’t accidentally nick your dog.

There are different sized guide combs available for cutting at different lengths, these are great for achieving the desired length without changing the blade.

Using an attachment comb helps to ensure you achieve a consistent cut.


Durability & Speed

Dog grooming clippers are an investment so the ones you choose should be durable and long-lasting. Some sets come with a case to help keep the set together and the clippers protected from damage when not in use.

The motor needs to be strong enough to maintain speed even when cutting through thick dog fur. This is really important for giving a clean cut and is something a cheaper, lower-powered dog clipper will generally struggle with.


The clippers should feel comfortable for you to hold and control, they should be ergonomic and have a little bit of weight to them too.

The best dog grooming clippers have a quiet motor and a low vibration, this helps keep your dog comfortable and reduces any anxiety they feel during grooming. The gentler the clipper is, the better the experience is going to be for both of you.

Heat prevention

It is important pet clippers remain cool so they do not cause harm to your pet.

Lower cost clippers tend to heat up quickly, this is a safety issue and will also mean you will need to turn the clippers off and wait until you can use them again.

This will slow down the dog grooming process and can cause additional stress and discomfort for your dog. When you are using clippers check the blades often to make sure they are not overheating.

Home Use or Professional Use

The amount of use the dog clippers are going to get is an important consideration.

If you have a small dog who will just need the occasional trim or tidy-up you won’t need to spend lots of money on high-end products but if you are going to be clipping lots of dogs frequently it is best to look at the higher range, professional-grade dog grooming clippers.

Professional grade clippers will also be able to get through thick dog coats with ease so may be the best option if your dog has incredibly thick hair.

Higher quality clippers tend to offer adjustable speeds, multiple blades, quality parts and extended warranties.

Dog Clipper FAQs

Is there a difference between dog clippers and humans?

Yes, as dog hair is so much denser than human hair the clippers need to be properly equipped to handle this. Dog clippers have quieter motors, finer blade teeth and a higher blade speed than human clippers. For the safety and comfort of your dog, it is important to only use products designed for use on pets.

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