The Best Artificial Christmas Trees in Australia for 2024

The Best Artificial Christmas Trees in Australia for 2024

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It simply isn’t Christmas without a Christmas tree.

Available in almost every size and style, artificial Christmas trees are wonderful because they’re easy to set up, decorate, and maintain. Plus, you can use them again year after year!

The best artificial Christmas trees will compliment your home and accommodate your seasonal style.

Since there are so many options to choose from, we’ve put together this list of the absolute best artificial Christmas trees in Australia.

Classic Pine Premium Christmas Tree

For a natural and lively look, this vibrant and lush Brighton Spruce tree is an amazing option. It’s best for those who want a thick and full artificial Christmas tree that can easily be decorated with lights, garlands, and baubles. It has a generous amount of branches and pine tips that make it look natural and realistic.

Made of high-quality faux pine materials, its branches are a natural brown colour at the base and covered with deep green spruce needles.

It also includes a base stand, requires minimal assembly and comes available in four sizes. Choose from a large 240cm size, slightly smaller 210cm size, medium 180cm size, or compact 150cm size.

Jingle Jollys 2.1m Pre Lit Christmas Tree

As a large pre-lit artificial Christmas tree, this might just be one of the best options to consider.

This beautiful optic fibre LED pre-lit tree has 1250 branch tips and 3000 white lights carefully fitted within the branches to provide cozy illumination.

This large tree has been made using safe and eco-friendly materials like high-quality PVC with low-energy optic fibre LED technology.

It also includes a metal stand, which adds plenty of stability.

With a fast and easy setup, this artificial pre-lit Christmas tree comes in a 244cm tall size and a 214cm size. All in all, this is a durable and long-lasting choice.

Royal Deluxe Bristle Christmas Tree

One of the prettiest artificial trees around, this large Royal Deluxe Bristle Christmas tree is made of this plush faux pine and comes with a premium powder-coated steel base.

Its bushy and thick design balances its charm and elegance wonderfully, making it an ideal decorative statement piece to display in any room.

It has durable hinged branches and is available in various sizes. Choose from a 150cm size with 293 branch tips, 180cm size with 509 branch tips, or a 210cm size with 761 branch tips.

This full thick tree showcases a very realistic-looking natural pine green colour.

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Jingle Jollys 2.7M Christmas Tree

With 1600 well-made PVC tips, this symmetrical and compact tree looks strong, thick, and has a beautiful and realistic pruned pine shape.

Easy to assemble and disassemble for storage, trees like this are great for those who really want an authentic-looking faux Christmas tree at a fair price.

It has an angular design that measures 270cm high and is fairly easy to assemble.

Majestic Snow Flocked Christmas Tree

Have you been dreaming of a white Christmas? If so, you’ll probably love this stunning “snow-covered” Majestic Flocked Christmas Tree.

This artificial Christmas tree has artistically frosted branches that add an extra festive feeling to your home.

It has been generously fitted with thick branches that have brown bases and green PVC pine needles frosted in white for a wintry look.

It includes a stand and is available in a 210cm size with 480 tips, 180cm size with 249 tips, and a 150cm size with 164 tips.

This faux snow pine creates a magical and memorable feeling in any room.

Easy to assemble, this is a great choice for anyone wanting to create a whimsical winter vibe this Christmas season.

Adairs 7ft Christmas Tree

Inspired by themes of classic evergreen tradition and featuring a full-bodied branch style, this Adairs tree measures 231cm tall and is easy to assemble. Its base diameter is 136cm, adding balance and stability.

Plus, the Adairs 7ft Christmas tree has a naturally full appearance that resembles something between a Scotch pine and a Douglas fir.

This may be the best option for those who want a straightforward tree that’s well-made, steady on the floor, and easy to decorate.

Ikea Christmas Tree

If you’ve been looking for a hassle-free Christmas tree that won’t make your space feel overly crowded, this is a great option to consider.

Measuring 205cm tall, this artificial Christmas tree is festive, simple, and great for crowded or small spaces.

It comes available in a few different sizes and is very easy to assemble. Its Frasier fir inspired appearance is stylish and unique as well.

This minimalistic tree includes a stand and all of the parts you need to set it up quickly.

It’s made of Polyethylene Plastic, Steel, and safe PET (BPA-free) plastic. All in all, this is an ideal choice for those who prefer trees that aren’t overly bushy.

Jingle Jollys Pre Lit Christmas Tree with Multi Colour Lights

One of the best pre-lit artificial trees out there, the Jingle Jollys Pre-Lit Multi Colour Tree resembles a real Douglas fir and showcases lovely coloured fibre optic LED lights that have been pre-fitted within each of its branches.

It has 280 thick PVC tips covered in thick lush needles that provide lots of space for decorative creativity.

Its colour-changing fibre optic lights and stars illuminate every branch to provide intricate depth and mesmerising illumination.

It also comes with a large colour-changing LED star that adds an additional focal point at the top. Symmetrical and compact, this artificial pine has strong bushy branches that fan and are easy to assemble and disassemble.

It measures 210 cm tall, implements low voltage pre-lit coloured light tips, includes one LED top star, 50 small stars, an SAA approved adapter, and a sturdy metal tree stand.

Balsam Hill Christmas Tree

Beautiful Balsam Hill Christmas Trees may earn the award for being the most premium artificial Christmas trees on the market.

Even up close, they look just like the real thing. As such, Balsam Hill pines are ideal for those who want trees that both look and feel real to the touch. Their sweeping tiered structures can hold heavy ornaments too.

The 240cm x 170cm Balsam Hill Christmas Tree features 3,371 distinct tapered deep-green branch tips, lush and full realistic foliage, shaded light-green tips, and dramatically rich dark-brown stems.

This large Balsam Hill Christmas Tree also comes with a premium tree stand that features scratch-proof rubber feet. You’ll even get an off-season storage bag and soft cotton branch shaping gloves!

10ft White Bavarian Premium Pine Xmas Tree

An extra-tall tree, this pretty pine is 3.0M high and pure snowy white in colour.

It’s possibly the best overall option for those who want an artistic and unique showstopper in their living room or company lobby this year.

It has 4,866 thick and bushy pure-white Bavarian-styled Kingswood fir pencil tips that leave you plenty of room for ornaments.

Plus, the white background of this tree is one of the best canvases for a range of Christmas decorations, colourful baubles, and either clear LED or coloured Christmas lights.

Target Christmas Tree

Showcasing hinged branches and 739 bushy tips, this faux Alberta spruce Christmas tree includes a four-point base stand.

Made using durable Iron and PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and measuring approximately 213cm tall, this pine has an authentic and traditional shape with natural-green branch colouration.

It’s the best option for those who want a larger tree that’s simple to assemble and comes at a competitively low price.

Tips for Choosing an Artificial Christmas Tree

Now that you’ve seen some gorgeous artificial Christmas trees, let’s talk go over some of the most frequently asked questions about these practical pines.

The best products are often of high-quality with realistic faux tree accents and user-friendly designs. Some decorators prefer trees that are so authentic looking that you’re surprised they don’t sprout pine cones.

Others would rather buy trees that are easy to set up, shed-free, and durable. The best artificial Christmas trees will have all of these features and more.

Realistic Looking Artificial Pine Trees

For those who want an artificial pine that looks like a real tree, opt for trees with branches that have been carefully designed with intricate details.

Usually, realistic-looking artificial trees will have rich brown branch bases covered in both dark and light coloured green artificial needles. This shaded foliage is one of the best ways to make an artificial tree look like more like a real tree.

Durable with Quick and Easy Setup

If you’re more interested in durability and simplicity, user-friendly features include metal stands, balanced designs, pre-strung lights, and hinged tips. These components will make trees easier to set up.

Pre-Lit Christmas Trees

Choosing a tree that comes pre-lit can save you tons of time and help you avoid hassles. Often, pre-lit trees come in three sections and may come with clear lights, coloured lights, or white LED lights. Clear lights match more interior themes but coloured lights are mesmerising and festive. Think about which design themes you’ll use to help you decide which lighting styles are best.

Find the Proper Size

Also, check the height of your ceiling and consider how much floor space you have available. You definitely don’t want something too tall or wide. Leave between 6-12 inches from the tip of your tree to the ceiling.

Make sure to leave plenty of room to walk from space to space and avoid crowding your home’s natural traffic ways.

Christmas Tree FAQs

How can I make my artificial Christmas tree look fuller?

Gaps and spaces on a tree can be pretty frustrating. There are a few ways to fix this. First and foremost, only buy artificial trees that resemble thick pines. A faux Scotch pine tree, Dunhill fir, Douglas fir, or Kingswood fir tree will usually be thick and bushy.
If you’ve already got a tree, you will first want to fix up your branch tips. To do this, shape and angle branch tips in an upward direction. Then, using gloves, you can fan out the needles to sort of “fluff” them up. If all else fails, there are green garlands and other fillers that you can use to minimize gaps.

How many tips should an artificial tree have?

Branch tip numbers can vary depending on the size, style, and shape of the artificial Christmas tree you choose. For example, very tall premium thick trees will measure around 240cm tall and can have as many as 3,200 branch tips. Alternatively, an inexpensive yet equally tall tree might only have 700 tips. The more branch tips, the thicker your tree will look. The best artificial tree options will have anywhere from 800-2000 tips. Shorter trees can get away with 300-800 tips and still retain their shape and fullness.

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