The Best Christmas Decorations In Australia for 2024

The Best Christmas Decorations In Australia for 2024

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Decorating for Christmas is the fastest way to get into a festive mood. To add holiday cheer to your home, a glamorous garland, lush wreath, or themed centrepiece can make a world of difference.

The best Christmas decorations will be affordable, versatile, and filled with holiday spirit!

Below is a list containing some of the absolute best Christmas decorations available this season. We’ve also included a Christmas decorating FAQ section to give you some additional information for seasonal inspiration.

1. Classic Pine Premium Wreath

This classic natural-looking pine wreath can spruce up any home’s interior. It has a large circular design that draws the eye, adding a lush evergreen note. It looks particularly beautiful as a focal point when hung above a fireplace or on an open wall. Measuring 76cm H x 76cm W x 11cm D, this premium wreath has been constructed using durable faux pine materials so it will last year after year.

2. Globe Ball String Christmas Fairy Lights

LED Fairy Lights USB Globe Ball String Lights with Remote Christmas light 33Ft 100LED Children's Light Decor for Indoor Bedroom Curtain Patio Holiday Outdoor Party Wedding Christmas Tree Garden Lawn Landscape (Warm White)

If you want to create an atmosphere of cheery holiday warmth, we recommend adding these remote control fairy string lights to your Christmas decorations. They’re whimsical, warm, and extremely user-friendly. With 8 versatile lighting modes, you can choose between combination, sequential, wave, chasing, slow fade, twinkle, steady, or slow glow lighting patterns.

Durable and resistant to water with an IP44 rating, these 33 foot light strings have 100 lit globes that implement energy-saving LED technology. Made using high-quality ABS materials, they can be used indoors or outdoors and are an excellent choice for any front porch, front door, bannister, or mantle.

3. Morgan & Finch Wooden Reindeer Decoration

From the charming Terrain Christman Range collection, this decorative reindeer adds an adorable homestyle touch to your Christmas tree.

Made using real wood and jute, this lightweight reindeer decoration has intricate golden star accents and beads for hooves. It would work great with any natural or country Christmas decorating theme.

4. Campfire Graphics Santa Beard Wall Decal

It doesn’t quite feel like Christmas without Santa! This colourful Santa wall decal easily sticks to a range of smooth surfaces, adding a jolly and merry holiday look. Its vintage cartoon aesthetic makes it a great choice for holiday parties as well.

Made of paper and Avery matte adhesive, this decal is easy to apply and can be removed without causing damage. It’s water and UV resistant and can last outdoors for up to 12 months. Stick it to metal, glass, and other smooth surfaces in seconds!

5. Adairs Jewel Emerald Bauble

With its playful and eye-catching colours, the Adairs Jewel Emerald Bauble is ideal for those who love glamorous Christmas ornaments. It beautifully combines glittery beads and sequins for a textured sparkling look.

This bauble makes a great statement piece for any tree! It also comes available in blue and gold variants.

6. Personalised Traditional Red Christmas Stocking

This traditional red Christmas stocking is one of the best ways to add a personalised touch to your holiday decor. Every stocking can be customised to easily impart a thoughtful and unique touch to any space.

Made of a heavy cotton drill material and measuring 41cm H x 20cm W x 15cm D, you can fill this stocking with various Christmas morning surprises.

The individualistic personalised designs will easily let your loved ones know exactly which stocking is theirs on Christmas morning!

7. Koala Festive Paper Napkins Pack of 20

Add a fun Australian holiday touch to your kitchen, dining room, or holiday party spread with these cute and cuddly Koala napkins! Available in a 20-pack, each napkin features an extremely sweet little Koala wearing a red Santa hat.

These paper napkins make the perfect conversational piece or merry table accent. Additionally, the Koalas on these napkins have a classy water-colour paint look that’s simultaneously artistic and adorable.

8. Majestic Snow Flocked Wreath

If you’ve been trying to find an eye-catching centrepiece to hang above your fireplace front door, this frosted evergreen wreath may be the best solution. It has a large design, measuring 76cm H x 76cm W x 11cm D, so it beautifully balances out bare spaces. Its thick detailed faux pine material is durable and realistic-looking.

With dark green colours underneath and wintry white frosted tips, it easily adds a charming holiday-ready look to your home. Also, if you want to dress this wreath up with DIY style touches, you can decorate it with string lights, baubles, and more.

It’s white snow flocked tips make the perfect background for unique accents. On the whole, this lush round wreath has a myriad of uses and is a versatile and premium choice that will easily liven up your home this year.  

9. Morgan & Finch Kangaroo Decoration with Antlers

One of the most adorable Australian-themed decorations is easily this Morgan and Finch Kangaroo. It’s the kind of original Christmas ornament that everyone will notice immediately! With its neutral colours, three-dimensional design, and detailed contouring, it has a lively and aesthetically pleasing look.

This extremely cute and fuzzy little Christmas kangaroo also has a soft textured coat, detailed antlers, and a whimsical little smile. All in all, it’s the perfect option for parents, grandparents, kangaroo or animal lovers. 

10. Christmas Window Snowflake Decals

LUDILO 135Pcs Christmas Window Clings Snowflakes Window Decals Static Window Stickers for Christmas Decorations Window Décor Ornaments Xmas Party Supplies Thanksgiving Party Décor (5-Sheet)

Have you been trying to find a simple way to make your space into a winter wonderland? If so, you might want to get a pack of these Christmas Window Snowflake Decals. They’re glue, mess, and residue-free, so you can easily put them up and remove them from smooth surfaces like windows, mirrors, tiles, or even your refrigerator.

These pretty snowflakes are made of premium eco-friendly PVC materials which make them durable and reusable. Utilizing the power of static cling, they come in three varying sizes so that you can make patterns or add depth as you decorate. You’ll get 60 small 2.1” snowflakes, 60 medium 3.1” snowflakes, and 15 large 4.3” snowflakes in each 135-piece pack.

11. Papercone Christmas Baubles (Set of 4)

These stylish and charming baubles come in a set of four and can be used to add instant Christmas cheer to any tree. They’re made using a paper outer cover wrapped around polyfoam inner ball interiors.

Plus, they come with included jute strings that make them easy to hang. Each premium bauble measures 19cm H x 8cm W x 8cm D and weighs just 0.04 Kilograms. As such, they’re a lightweight choice that will not weigh down or overwhelm your tree while still adding a touch of chic texture.

christmas decorating FAQs

With so many amazing decorations to choose from, you’ve probably got some questions. In this next section, we’ll do our best to answer them!

What are the Christmas colours for this year?

Every year, Christmas trends shift and change. This year, it seems that Navy and classic blue will be the Pantone colours! This is great news for homes with neutral tones, rustic accents, or light coloured walls. Navy blue has been influencing the interior design industry all year and you can find it in all sorts of accessories, furniture pieces, paint mixes, and yes, even in Christmas decor. Navy pairs amazingly with white, gold, silver, platinum, rose gold, and even deep red!
Other trending colours include cream, beige, traditional evergreen, stone grey, and rose gold with marbled grey accents. For a feminine touch, rose gold and dusty rose pink or matte light grey tones can easily be used to accent a Christmas garland or centrepiece. Alternatively, to create a unique interior decor touch, natural textured elements like jute and burlap can easily be implemented into traditional colour schemes. Finally, varying shades or matte cream or sparkling light gold can be combined with most traditional red and green themes for a chic yet traditional look.

What day should Christmas decorations go up?

Typically, Christmas decorations will be put up in late November or early December. This is usually done to coincide with the start of Christmas Advent. However, some people will begin adding seasonal touches as soon as October ends. If your Christmas decor theme is traditional with lots of red and green, we recommend waiting until the end of November. On the other hand, if you’ll be using neutral tones and natural decorative elements, you could really begin slowly transforming your space and adding festive touches gradually starting as early as November first.

What is the easiest way to decorate for Christmas?

If you want to decorate for Christmas simply and effectively, the easiest thing to do is focus on key accent pieces and address the focal points in each room. Homes have different layouts, but most will usually have focal points that are seen from entry angles of the living room, front porch, dining room, and front door. Simply look around each room and identify its most significant feature. The key is to then display a few festive accents in or around these areas to draw the eye.
Don’t forget to decorate outdoor spaces as well. To create easy Christmas touches outside, you can quickly wind lights or a garland around the railing of your front porch in a spiral pattern that’s similar to the stripes of a candy cane. For the front door, a wreath, sign, or seasonal decal can go a long way. You may want to get a fluffy Christmas blanket and matching throw pillow for your living room. Finally, a hot chocolate bar and some festive napkins can be used to totally transform your dining room.

How do professionals decorate Christmas trees?

If you want to decorate your tree like a professional, there are a few things you’ll need to do. First, invest in a premium artificial tree. Then, fluff and shape each branch to look full and natural. Next, choose a themed Christmas design scheme and stick to it. This can be a colour scheme, whimsical theme, or something else. The key here is to have a plan. After that, you will want to evenly add lights to your tree. Adding a garland or layered ribbons is also a good ideal. Finally, be sure to symmetrically space out and display ornaments and baubles evenly and in some kind of pattern.

How can I decorate for Christmas for cheap?

For a bit of DIY Christmas appeal, a wreath can easily be decorated with baubles or lights to match any interior holiday theme. Other fun and frugal ideas include crafting popcorn garlands, making paper snowflakes, and adding red and green touches wherever you can.
A few inexpensive Christmas decorating ideas include adding string lights to the focal points in your home, getting a wreath for your front door, or finding a couple of cheap Christmas throw pillows. You may also be able to find Christmas themed scented candles, which will create an ambience of decadent aromatic festive cheer in your home.
It’s easy to find Christmas decorations for cheap or make your own DIY Christmas ornaments by upcycling materials. Finally, evergreen branches and glass bottles can be upcycled put on display for a chic and trendy touch of holiday cheer. Wrapped Christmas presents under a tree can serve as decorations too.
Remember to include holiday touches on your front porch, patio or entryway as well. It doesn’t cost much to get a garland, wreath, or outdoor decal of some kind to make the exterior of your home look more festive. If you live in an apartment, you may want to get a garland or string lights for your balcony, window frames, or back door.

Where should I put the Christmas tree?

Every home has natural pathways that will need to be left open for people to walk from space to space. The best places for Christmas trees will usually be away from these pathways.
The goal is to display your tree in a highly visible place without having it get in the way of the flow of your home’s traffic. After all, you don’t want people bumping into your tree and knocking off its garland, lights, and ornaments.

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