The Best Car Vacuum Cleaner in Australia [Comparison & Reviews]

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Car vacuum cleaners are no doubt the most efficient way to keep the interior of your vehicle looking clean and tidy. 

However, with so many varied options on the market, it’s easy to get confused about which products are great and which are duds.

Scroll down to see our hand-picked list of the best car vacuum cleaners on the market today.

After our car vacuum cleaner reviews, we list the key things you’ll want to watch out for when choosing one to ensure you don’t end up with a sub-quality product.

1. BLACK + DECKER Lithium Pivot Dustbuster (Top Pick)

BLACK+DECKER PV1820L-XE Lithium Pivot Dustbuster

The Lithium Pivot Dustbuster from Black and Decker has powerful suction for its size making it perfect to use in the car. The construction is quite good; the unit is strong and durable so it won’t be out of place in a garage, and it folds up for easy storage.  

This model is lighter than earlier models, which makes handling more comfortable, and cleanup is easy; it has a side door that you can open to empty all the debris into the bin. 

Charging takes under four hours and you can expect to run the unit for about ten minutes. It’s enough to clean out your car, but some people may find it a little short. An indicator light lets you know when the battery is going to run out. 

Overall, this earns its place as one of the most popular car vacuums around.

What We Like:

Powerful suction
Easy storage

What We Don’t Like:

Run time is a little low

2. ThisWorx for TWC-01 Car Vacuum (Best Value)

ThisWorx for TWC-01 Car Vacuum

The TWC-01 from ThisWorx is pretty sturdy and has enough power to pull all the dirt from your car. It’s good for both wet and dry dirt so you can vacuum beach sand as easily as dog hair. 

This is a corded vacuum that plugs into the cigarette lighter of your car. The power is not quite as high as a vacuum that plugs into a wall socket, but it’s higher than a cordless model. The cord is long enough to get all the way around your car, so don’t worry about not reaching everywhere. 

This is a good vacuum to keep in the boot when you’re traveling as it doesn’t need to be recharged. Overall, it’s great value for money and will last a long time.  

What We Like:

What We Don’t Like:

Lacks the convenience of a cordless model

3. Dyson V7 Trigger (Upgrade Pick)

This beast packs some serious power for a handheld vacuum. It cleans better than other dustbusters and is great for sucking up pet hair, mud, and food from car seats. 

Dyson has done a pretty good job with this. It has two power settings and it recharges fairly quickly. Although the advertising claims it lasts 30 mins, it really only lasts around 10-15 mins, which is normal for handheld vacuums. The batteries last around 20 mins on eco mode and around 10 mins on max. 

This is operated by a trigger, which you have to hold down the entire time you are using it. It also doesn’t come with a docking station, but these are pet peeves. Overall, the V7 is a great car vacuum with plenty of power for just about any job.  

What We Like:

What We Don’t Like:

Run time is shorter than advertised

4. Ryobi One+ 18V Cordless Hand Vacuum

The Ryobi One+ hand vacuum is a great budget vacuum for your car. It operates as well as any other cordless vacuum, but the price is much lower. It also benefits from Ryobi’s universal battery system, so you can switch out a battery from a Ryobi cordless drill or hedge trimmer. 

This is for light duties; it has decent suction for the price, but keep it for small jobs like food spills or the occasional pet hair. Some people may find it a little noisy for its size, but that’s a small thing for a budget vacuum. 

The weight is reasonable, not light but not heavy either. The unit is easy to empty and the filter is easy to remove as well. 

This is a great vacuum if you want something for a low budget. 

What We Like:

What We Don’t Like:

Takes a universal battery

5. Electrolux Rapido

The Electrolux Rapido is a solid handheld vacuum that is lightweight and runs pretty quietly. The suction is very good and its cleaning performance is near-perfect. 

One nice feature that the Rapido has is an inbuilt light so you can see dust and debris. This helps a lot when you vacuum under car seats as you can see what you are actually doing. Emptying the unit is simple and without fuss and the run time is decent at around 10-15 mins. 

The Rapido doesn’t come with any accessories or attachments, which may put some people off, but it has an extendable nose for hard to reach places and it can handle most jobs. 

This is a great value unit that does everything a hand vacuum should.

What We Like:

What We Don’t Like:

No extra attachments

Car Vacuum Cleaner Buyers Guide


The amount of suction is the primary consideration for vacuums. Generally, a cordless vacuum has less power than a corded one, and a corded vacuum that plugs into a car’s cigarette lighter will have less power than one that plugs into a wall socket. 

Whichever type you go for, choose one that has enough suction for the jobs you have in mind. 

Cord or Cordless

Cordless vacuums are more convenient to use than corded ones as they can be maneuvered around without you having to worry about a cord catching on anything. On the other hand, they have a short window in which you can use them before they have to be recharged. 

Corded vacuums can be used for longer periods, but they can only be used in a small area as they are limited by the reach of the cord. 

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Always choose a Lithium-ion battery over a Nickel Cadmium type. The Lithium-ion batteries charge faster and retain the charge for longer than other battery types. They also have a longer life-cycle.

Extra features

Consider whether you need attachments such as a dusting brush or extension hose. Some vacuums have an extra-large tank that means you don’t have to empty it as often. If you need to deal with beach sand or food, look for a vacuum with wet/dry capabilities. 

Car Vacuum Cleaner FAQ

What is the best car vacuum cleaner?

The best vacuum cleaners to use in your car are lightweight, maneuverable, easy to use and durable. Small hand-held vacuums are most suited to this task, however you’ll want to ensure your appliance has sufficient power for the job, along with the appropriate attachments to get into the hard to reach places in your vehicle. In this article we reveal our top pick, some great alternatives, and a guide on what to consider when making your selection.

How do you use a vacuum cleaner in a car?

First open all doors and remove any bulky items such as floor mats and personal belongings. Use a vacuum cleaner with a large head attachment to vacuum the floors (including boot) and seats. Use a narrow attachment to vacuum in the crack between seats and other hard to reach places. Make sure you shake and vacuum the floor mats before replacing them. Check out this video for more tips.

Do gas stations have vacuums to use for your car?

Unfortunately most petrol stations no longer provide vacuums for you to use. However, most self service car-wash providers have vacuums that you can use as part of your package or for a small fee.