When to Prune Lemon Trees in Australia

When to Prune Lemon Trees in Australia

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If you have worked hard growing some beautiful lemon trees for fresh, delicious citrus to use in your kitchen, you’re probably wondering when the best time to prune is.

You don’t want to have spent all that time and effort nurturing strong, healthy citrus trees only to start removing the branches at the wrong time. To help you get the most yield from your lemon trees while also keeping them healthy and strong, here are some handy Q&A’s:

Lemon Tree Pruning Frequently Asked Questions

When Should Lemon Trees Be Pruned in Australia?

The right time to prune for most is late spring and early summer. However, there are quite a lot of variables to that rule.

For example: pruning when the branch is flowering or showing fruit is generally best avoided. Although, in a climate that remains steady, the plant could constantly be flowering.

A hard prune can be done later on through winter if you need to strongly transform you tree for new growth, but this should be done carefully as not to accidentally damage the plant. It is also important to be aware that pruning during winter tends to encourage the plant to push out lots of new shoots. This can create less fruit later down the line and it can cause the plant to grow out of control if you don’t tend to it again. So if you are pruning during winter, as a general rule, prune again in late spring to keep up with the growth.

If you don’t want a double prune and an increase in shoots, then look at pruning in autumn which will help prevent such a vast growth spurt.

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Why Should Citrus Trees Be Pruned?

There are many benefits of trimming this type of fruit tree, including, but not limited to:

– Ensuring trees remain the right size for the garden they are grown in
– Ensuring you can easily reach the tree fruits through to the canopy
– Helping you manage the trees with ease
– Allowing light circulation from ground to full tree height
– Opening the canopy
– Ensuring there aren’t too many scaffold branches
– Get rid of crossing branches
– Ensure water shoots do not dominate the plant
– Get better blossom
– Increase fruits of better quality
– Protect the fruits

How Do You Prune Lemon Trees?

Pruning lemon trees can be done in several different ways depending on a variety of factors. We recommend you take a look at this video on how to prune the branch, to get a better of idea on what to do.

This article also gives detailed information on how to manage the plants.


Hopefully the Q&A’s and tips above have helped you feel more clear about keeping your fruit and lemon branches in good shape. With the right approach to branch care, you can harvest plump, aromatic fruits to use in your kitchen making incredible drinks and food for the whole family.

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