The Best Desks In Australia for 2024

The Best Desks In Australia for 2024

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A home office desk is somewhere that you’ll spend time using the computer, opening mail, filling out paperwork, storing important documents, and more.

It’s also a significant piece of furniture that you’ll want to fit in with your home’s aesthetics. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to put some forethought into finding the best desk for your specific needs.

For this reason, we’ve created this comprehensive list of the best desks available in Australia. All of the desks listed below have been carefully considered to give you a better idea of what could potentially work best for you.

Additionally, we’ve included a helpful FAQ section to answer the most common desk shopping questions.

1. Fitueyes Computer Desk with Storage Shelf

FITUEYES Computer Desk with Storage Shelf Modern Study Writing Table fit Working/Eating/Gaming for Small Spaces Black CD307001WB …

With a modern and compact design, this trendy desk includes a top hutch to raise your monitor or laptop and is one of the best choices for small home office spaces.

It’s a top option for those who live in apartments, townhomes, or simply want an ergonomic and versatile desk that saves space. This desk works for large computers or laptops, and can easily be used as a gaming desk or corner desk. Made of MDF wood and steel, this home desk is also easy to care for and clean.

Plus, the desks from this brand are fairly easy to assemble. However, keep in mind that while this desk looks height-adjustable, it actually can only be raised a few centimetres off of the ground when you use its stability adjustment foot attachments.

As such, it isn’t a standing desk by any means. Still, its wide lower shelf makes a great keyboard tray and it can hold a monitor on its sturdy top shelf. In conclusion, if you need a compact gaming desk or home office computer desk, this is one of the best options to check out.

2. Mocka Dakota Desk

A stylish and classy option, the Mocka Dakota Desk has an urban-influenced aesthetic with a distinctive wooden surface and black steel legs. It would work well as a study desk, computer desk, or writing desk.

It has a simple design with modern detailing that adds textural notes to essentially any space. It’s also one of the best desk options for trendy home office spaces.

3. Corner Office L-Shaped Desk with Drawers

This large and utility-friendly L-shaped desk is attractive, ergonomic, and one of the best computer desk options for any home office or workspace. Since it offers so much surface room, it’s an ideal candidate for those who want someplace to spread out their paperwork, do crafts, and more.

It’s also the kind of computer desk that would be useful for any number of applications. Plus, it works well as a corner desk to give you more room in your home.

Made of laminated MDF wood, this L-shaped piece of furniture features an open storage design, storage drawer for pens and small items, and a large file-optimized drawer. It has full extension slides that can hold letter or legal size hanging files as well.

Additionally, it’s fully finished on the back, so you don’t have to keep it pushed up against a wall. All in all, for versatility, value, and style, this is one of the best desks out there.

4. Need Heavy Duty Folding Desk

Need Small Desk 40cm Width Folding Desk No Assembly Required Sturdy and Heavy Duty Desk for Small Space and Laptop Desk Damage Free Deliver(Teak Color Desktop & Black Steel Frame) AC5BB-P2(8040)

This is a great compact portable desk for people who value versatility. Design highlights for this desk include a folding design and fast assembly. It’s easy to put together and put away when you’re not using it.

Then, it has a thin design that lends plenty of floor-room to any workspace. It can effortlessly be used as a laptop desk or work surface as well.

One of the most heavy-duty compact desks out there, it’s very convenient for small spaces or people on-the-move.

Constructed of high-strength tubing steel with a powder-coated finish, it has a high resistance scratch-free surface.

All in all, if you need a small portable folding desk that’s been designed well and has durable and portable functionality, this little desk might be one of the best pieces of furniture you’ll ever buy.

5. Milan Direct Walnut Torsby Office Writing Desk

If you need a simple and functional desk to get your work done, this is a great option. It has a mid-century feel that’s both charming and attractive.

As a writing desk, this piece truly excels. Its wide surface is deep enough to provide you with plenty of room for a standard computer, small laptop, and more.

Since it features drawers underneath, this desk lets you stay organized and can help keep the clutter at bay.

Use this desk to do computer work, study, write, or whatever else you need to do. It also serves as a table and doesn’t look too industrial, so it can go in almost any room in your house. This desk offers the best functionality and versatility at a low price.

6. Fantastic Furniture Cody Desk

Have you been looking for a highly-functional desk with a classic design that comes at a low price? If so, this is a good option to consider. It lets you keep your workspace organized with plenty of shelving and storage.

In addition, it has two large drawers that let you easily store paperwork, stationery, writing utensils, and stay organized. Also, its style is attractive and subtle.

It has an oak-look finish and a silhouette with white and wooden drawer fronts that go with a range of colours and aesthetic designs.

Although it’s a bit time consuming to assemble, this desk is definitely worth considering if you need a versatile place to study with plenty of available storage.

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7. Jason. L Litewall 2000 Commercial Office Desk

When it’s time to get down to business, this desk is definitely there to help you out. It’s sophisticated and contemporary, so its design complements any home office.

Plus, it offers more than enough room to complete a range of work-related tasks. It also has an adjustable beam which gives it plenty of sturdy support. Modern design details and three worktop finishes make this a good match for essentially any home or work office.

Also, this desk has sturdy legs that match whatever surface finish you opt for, whether you go with white, black, or any of the other colour options. It has an industrial feel that makes it a capable working office desk.

If you’re a minimalist looking to buy the best office desk, you should definitely take the time to check into this product.

8. Mocka Large Trestle Desk

We love the crafty artesian aesthetic of the Mocka Large Trestle Desk. It offers a generous amount of workspace and has hints of contemporary charm with an artistic turn-of-the-century aesthetic.

It’s one of the most attractive desks around and would complement a range of living spaces.

Not only that but with its spacious surface, it’s very functional. It would be a great option for those who require a writing desk, laptop space, or simply somewhere to study or do paperwork.

Finally, it comes in three colours: all white, white and wood, and all wood.

9. Artiss Roskos Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Artiss Roskos I Electric Motorised Height Adjustable Standing Desk Laptop All White 140cm Computer Table

Have you been looking for the most utility-friendly and innovative standing desk around? Motorized standing desks provide an array of solutions for home office spaces.

This standing desk features a smooth motorised design that lets you adjust not only its height but its length. So, at the press of a button, you can configure it to meet your exact specifications quickly and easily.

It’s a great option for anyone who needs a standing desk or a utility-friendly work table. Plus, considering that this standing desk is motorized, it comes at an amazing price. It’s definitely one of the best standing desks in its respective category.

As such, it’s among the best options for people who simply want plenty of ergonomic surface room. This would make a good writing desk or crafting table as well, so when your computer isn’t on it, it will still serve many functions.

10. Fitueyes Computer Desk with Shelves

FITUEYES Computer Desk with Storage Shelves,Writing Table with Bookshelf, Workstation Home Office Desk CD210301WB

This sophisticated and sturdy desk is user-friendly, easy to install, and durable. It has a heavy-duty metal frame and is stable and great for a range of applications. With a compact design, you can maximize the space in any room.

Additionally, this desk includes a bonus bookshelf and tower. It isn’t overstated and won’t detract from the design of the room you place it in.

Considering this, you’ll have more versatility when looking for the perfect place to set this desk up at home.

11. Ikea Desk for Home Office

This white Ikea desk from the Micke range is a great option for anyone working from home. It has a subtle and attractive design that fits with most home decor themes.

This is one of the best Ikea office desks for home office spaces or working spare rooms. Also, it features multiple storage space areas to improve your productivity. This desk includes a coordinating hutch too.

In conclusion, this small Ikea desk is utility-friendly and has an array of uses. As such it may earn the title of best little utility desk.

It’s attractive, stylish, has lots of handy features that make it perfect for bedrooms, home offices, and more. So, if you want plenty of compact storage, you should check into this great little desk from Ikea.

12. Milan Direct Carnegie Modern Office Desk

If you have a modern home office, you’ll want to check out the Milan Direct Carnegie office desk. Since it doesn’t have a bulky keyboard tray, you’re free to scoot your office chair in without obstruction.

The top of this desk is wide and spacious, meaning you’ll have plenty of room for your keyboard, mouse, paperwork, and anything else. It’s among the best office desks for minimalists who value wide ergonomic surface spaces.

So, if you want a work-ready commercial desk that can be used for an array of tasks, this large and high-functioning piece of furniture is worth considering.

computer desk FAQs

Now that you’ve seen some inspiring desk options, let’s go over some of the most frequently asked questions about these pieces of furniture.

That way, you’ll be able to confidently select the best desk for your individual needs.

What makes a good office desk?

There are a few features that make a desk perfect for office use. First of all, you will want a desk that balances surface space and size well. That way, you’ll have plenty of surface area to spread out your work while still making the most of the floor space in a room. Corner desks can be great options for home offices. Keyboard trays, sturdy designs, and drawers are also good features to look for.

What size desk do I need for 2 monitors?

For two monitors, you’ll need something that’s at least 50″ (4′ 2″) wide or wider. You may also want to purchase monitor mounts to help you maximize your overall desk space.

Should I put my PC on the floor or desk?

Your PC will be fine if set on floors with hard finishes like laminate or wood. However, it’s not a good idea to store any computer tower or monitor on the carpet. This may lead to dust accumulation, overheating, and damage. So if you have carpets, storing your computer on a desk will be best.

What is an executive desk?

Executive desks are large desks often used in open offices. Computer desks are scaled-down versions of executive desks.

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