The Best Top Loader Washing Machines in Australia for 2023

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No one likes doing laundry, but having a good quality, reliable washing machine, with an appropriate load capacity and all the features you need, can make a world of difference. In this article we discuss how to find the best top loader washing machine for your needs and list some of our recommendations for the best top loading washing machines on the market. 1. Fisher & Paykel 10kg Top Load Washer WA1068P1 (Top Pick) From industry leaders Fisher & Paykel … Read more

The Best Clothes Dryer in Australia: LG, Electrolux, F&P

Drying clothes with the aid of sunlight and wind is still the best way to do it. However, we don’t all have the time, space, or good enough weather to rely on this method alone. For these reasons, many households like the option of having a dryer in the laundry. If you’re in the market for a clothes dryer, you’ll want to find a machine that is efficient, durable, reliable, and the right size for your household. Not sure where … Read more

The Best Massage Chair In Australia: InTouch, Beurer

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Massage chairs are a wonderful way to soothe and relax aching muscles right in your own home. To help you choose the best product for your needs, we have reviewed five great massage chairs for you to take a look at. Here are the top massage chairs currently available on the market: 1. Livemor Electric Massage Chair (our top pick) If you’re after a premium massage chair without the premium price tag, be sure to check out this great chair … Read more

The Best Washer Dryer Combo In Australia: Bosch, Miele

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A combined washer dryer combo is a great way to save space and get your laundry done more efficiently. But if you’re not sure which unit is right for you, read on and we’ll give you our best picks. We’ll also give you our tips on what to look for so you can make the right choice for your home. 1. Bosch Series 6 Washer Dryer Combo (Top Pick) The Bosch Series 6 Washer Dryer Combo is a great performer. … Read more

The Best Front Loader Washing Machine in Australia: Bosch

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Front loading washing machines provide a fast and efficient way to wash your clothes, but the choices available can be overwhelming. In this article, we’ll discuss the best front loaders available in Australia and break down what makes them stand out from the rest. We’ll also give you some tips to look for when buying a front loading washing machine. 1. Best For Most People: Bosch Serie 8 9kg Front Load Washer (Top Pick) Our top pick for the best front-load … Read more

The Best Air Purifiers in Australia For 2023

With little ventilation, air pollution can build up within our homes without us knowing it. Air Purifiers can be the best way to fight allergies and ensure you are breathing clean air when inside your home. However, with so many varied options on the market, it’s easy to get confused about which is the best product for your needs. Below we review some of the best air purifiers in Australia. After the reviews, we cover everything from HEPA filters to … Read more