Vornado 660 vs 633 Fan Comparison

Vornado 660 vs 633 Fan Comparison

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Vornado is one of the go-to manufacturers when it comes to household fans. They create effective, reliable fans that use Vortex technology to circulate air throughout the whole room.

Their products offer excellent value for money and there are a number of Vornado fan models to choose from, with the 660 and 633 being two of the most popular.

Below is a Vornado 660 vs 633 comparison to help you find the best air circulator fan for your needs and your budget.

Vornado 660 vs 633 – Key Similarities

Multidirectional Air Flow

The design of the air circulator means air moves in multiple directions. You can enjoy this feature with any Vornado fan as each one moves air in this way to get the best results. The cool air travels around the room more efficently and the fan doesn’t have to work so hard to get results. This is why the design of Vornado fans is often preferred over a more traditional fan.

Easy to clean

Both the 663 and the 660 feature a removable grill. This gives you easy access to the air inlets, blade and grill for cleaning and removing dust. Cleaning the air circulator helps to keep it in top condition and helps to ensure it is not circulating dust. It’s worth noting the 633 fans have 3 screws that need to be removed in order to take the grill off for cleaning. This can be a bit awkward and time consuming.

Vortex Action

Both of these powerful air circulators feature Vortex Action airflow. This is an inlet guide cone that directs the airflow to the most efficient area of the blades. The blades then direct the air through a duct that moves the air into a column shape. The air circulator Vornado AirTensity grill then straightens the airflow to ensure it travels across longer distances to cover the whole room. This vortex action provides whole room air circulation. When the released air gets to the other side of the room it will split and recirculate providing maximum efficiency.

Whisper Quiet

Both models are really quiet when on their lowest setting. Either one can be used in smaller rooms without disturbing the peace or conversation. The low speed sound level of the 633 is 40dB and high speed is 53dB. Compared to the 660 which produces 35dB on its lowest speed and 54dB on its highest speed setting. As you can see, both fans are considerably louder when on their highest setting but if you want ongoing airflow to keep a room cool then a low setting is ideal.

Cord Length

Both models come with a generous 1.8m power cord. This gives you more freedom and versatility when it comes to positioning the fan to get the best results.


As both of the models are Vornado air fans they each come with a long warranty (5 year). The impressive 5 year replacement warranty on the Vornado 660 and on the Vornado 633 means you can buy either one knowing it is high quality and built to last.

Vornado 660 vs 633 – Key Differences

Speed Settings

Speed control is an important factor for fans. The 660 features 4 speed settings letting you switch between the speeds with ease using the push buttons. The 633 offers 3 speed settings which can be selected using the mechanical switch. The additional speed setting on the Vornado 660 offers more control over the airflow and power.


The 633 is a smaller model that is designed for use in small – medium sized rooms. Its dimensions are 21.9cm x 30.5cm x 34.9cm with a blade diameter of 22.8cm and a grill diameter of 23.8cm. This Vornado fan moves air up to 23m2. The Bornado 633 is best for mid-sized bedrooms, living rooms or kitchens.

The 660 is larger and is designed for bigger rooms.It stands at 29.8cm x 34.3cm x 38cm with a blade diameter of 25.8cm and a grill diameter of 26.4cm. This larger model is suitable for air circulation in an entire room as it can move air up to 30.5m2. This makes the Vornado 660 a great choice for spaces such as master bedrooms or entertainment areas.


As you may expect due to the difference in size, the smaller 633 also weighs slightly less than the 660. The weight of the 633 is just 2.66kg. The 660 is only a bit heavier at 3.3kg. With these weights each air circulator is easy to lift and move around.

Energy Smart

The 633 uses energy efficient technology. This means it is energy smart while effectively evening out the air temperature and eliminating any hot and cold spots.

Chrome Glide Bar

The Vornado 660 comes with a fully adjustable chrome glide bar. With this the fan can tilt between vertical and horizontal airflow positions. This bar allows a tilt of up to 90 degrees and you can direct the fan wherever you need it without any constraints to positioning. There is a lot to like about this feature and sliding the fan along the bar is smooth and effortless too.


The Vornado 660 features electronic push buttons while the 633 has a mechanical switch. The control buttons on the 660 air circulator are on the top of the unit making them easy to find, even in the dark. There are 4 speed buttons and a power button so adjusting between the different speeds is simple.

Airflow Performance

The 660 lowest speed setting produces an airflow of 257 cubic feet per meter (CFM) while the highest setting produces 584 CFM. The 663 lowest speed setting procudes 230 CFM and a high speed CFM 393. This shows that the 660 is more suitable for use in larger areas as it offers a greater reach on each setting.


RPM is rotations per minute, the Vornado 600 has a low speed RPM of 600 and a high RPM of 1375. The Vornado 633 has a low speed RPM of 900 and a high of 1625. The 633 has higher rotation values as the diameter of the balde is less so they are doing more work to move the air.


The 660 has a slightly different style with a gloss and matte finish. It looks clean and contemporary but yhe downside to the gloss design is that you can see fingerprints and smudges more easily. It is also compact ensuring it will sit discreetly in any room. Both the Vornado 660 and the Vornado 663 come in black or white so you can choose the best colour fan for the room you will be using it in.


Both of these powerful fans offer excellent value for money. The 633 is the small model (of the two we are comparing) and is available at the time of writing for $189. The larger 660 will set you back $259.

These fans are high quality, offer multiple speeds and each one is available at a reasonable price. Customers also enjoy a warranty of 5 years with Vornado fans which is a good indication of the quality and longevity of the product.

Making Your Selection

The best Vornado fan for you depends on the size of the room you plan to use it in and the amount of power required.

Overall the Vornado 660 is the better of the two options as it offers extra capacity and capabilities with user-friendly features. It has enough power for a larger room and has improved controls for ease of use.

The Vornado 633 is a great choice for a small or medium sized room. It offers quality, 3 speeds and multidirectional airflow in a smaller package. The 633 is energy smart and is a small, compact size making it easy to move around.

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