Oral B Vitality vs Pro 100 vs Pro 500 vs Pro 700

Oral B Vitality vs Pro 100 vs Pro 500 vs Pro 700

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An electric toothbrush can help you improve your dental hygiene compared to a regular manual toothbrush but does price always dictate quality?

To help you select the best option for your needs, in this guide we directly compare the Oral B Vitality Vs Pro 100 vs Pro 500 vs Pro 700.

The differences between the Oral B Vitality and Pro electric toothbrushes are subtle but they are worth knowing about.

We’ve assessed these electric toothbrushes against a range of important criteria including cleaning technology, battery life and timer settings.

You can use this comparison to find the best Oral B toothbrush for you.

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Comparison Table

Oral B VitalityOral B Pro 100Oral B Pro 500Oral B Pro 700
Check PriceAmazon
Shaver Shop
Shaver Shop
My Deal
Shaver Shop
Bing Lee
2 Minute TimerYesYesYesYes
Cleaning ModesOneOneOneOne
Cleaning Method2D (oscillating and rotating)2D (oscillating and rotating)2D (oscillating and rotating)3D (oscillating, rotating and pulsing)
Battery LifeUp to 5 daysUp to 8 daysUp to 8 daysUp to 7 days
Travel CaseNoYesYesYes
Brush Head CompatibilityEveryday SeriesEveryday SeriesEveryday SeriesEveryday Series
Pressure SensorNoNoNoYes
Colour OptionsOneTwoMultipleOne

Key Similarities

Built-in 2 Minute Timer

All of these Oral B toothbrushes include a built-in timer on the handle that buzzes after 2 minutes.

This timer helps you brush your teeth for the dentist-recommended 2 minutes to effectively get rid of plaque and avoid missing any areas.

The Oral B vitality and Pro 100 only offer a 2-minute timer while the Pro 500 and Pro 700 offer the added benefit of a quadpacer.

Single Cleaning Mode

All of these electric toothbrush models offer a single cleaning mode. This means they offer one consistent speed setting.

As you look at more advanced electric toothbrushes they may offer a couple of power modes but this isn’t something these Oral B models do.

Size and Shape

There is very little difference between the size and shape of all of these toothbrush models.

The weight and feeling in the hand is more or less the same no matter which of the Oral B Pro or Vitality models you choose.

The dentist-inspired round brushes are identical and should be replaced with new brush heads every 3 months.


All of these electric toothbrush models are compatible with any of the Oral B Everyday Series replacement brush heads.

This means you can select the brush head type that works for your teeth and gums.

The compatible brush heads include Cross Action, 3D White, Gum Care, Precision Clean, Floss Action and Sensitive Clean.

This is important as you don’t need to specifically buy one of the toothbrush handle models for a specific type of brush.

For example, if you have sensitive teeth/ gums you can buy any of these models but attach a sensitive clean or a gum care brush head to suit you.


It doesn’t matter if you choose the more affordable Oral B Vitality or the higher-priced Pro 700, they both clean up to 100% more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush.

Brushing your teeth and gums with an electric toothbrush for 2 minutes twice a day will help improve your dental health compared to using a manual toothbrush for the same amount of time.

The difference is the movement of the brush head while you are brushing, it helps to clean around each tooth and your gums.

Key Differences

Cleaning Technology

The Oral B Vitality, Oral B Pro 100 and the Oral B Pro 500 all use 2D cleaning. This means the brush head works by oscillating/rotating.

The Pro 700 is the next step up and uses 3D cleaning. This means the Oral B Pro 700 brush head oscillates, rotates and pulses to help surround each tooth to give a thorough clean.

Pressure Sensor

The Oral B Pro 700 includes a pressure sensor light. This sensor lets you know when you are pushing too hard.

Only light pressure is needed when using these brushes and the sensor helps monitor this for you. This feature is not seen on any of the other models listed so if you are worried about brushing your teeth too hard go for the Pro 700.

The sensor is ideal if you are buying toothbrushes for your kids and want them to learn the best way to brush their teeth.

Battery life 

Each of these Oral B electric toothbrush models uses a rechargeable battery.

It is not a surprise that the cheapest model, the Oral B Vitality, offers the shortest battery life (5 days).

The rechargeable battery on the Pro series lasts up to 7 – 8 days before they require charging.

The Pro 500 and the Pro 700 also have a battery and charger indicator on the front of the handle so you can see when the toothbrush is charging or fully charged.

The rechargeable battery life won’t be as important to you if you are using the electric toothbrush at home and recharging it between uses anyway.

However, if you plan to travel or you are often away from power points then the charge life is an important consideration.

In The Box

The Oral B Pro series all come with a handle, 1 brush head, a travel case and a charger.

The brush head will depend on the option you have selected, for example, the Pro 500 comes with a cross action head.

The Vitality model does not come with a travel case but does include 2 precision brush heads.


As mentioned earlier, the Oral B Pro 500 and Pro 700 both have a built-in quadpacer.

This is essentially a secondary timer to the two-minute timer we discussed earlier.

The quadpacer will let you know when 30 seconds have passed. This more advanced feature helps to guide you through each quarter of your mouth.


The Oral B Vitality is the cheapest electric toothbrush in this range, it is a cost-effective option offering great value for money. The Vitality model offers the basic features and is good for daily cleaning.

The Pro range is slightly more expensive, the models increase in price as they go up with the Pro 100 being the lowest and the Pro 700 being the most expensive. As the price increases so do the features.

Grip Design

The colours and rubber grip positioning is different on each of these electric toothbrushes.

There are no colour options for the Vitality model and the grip is mostly located on the sides of the handle.

The Oral B Pro 100 is available in a few colours including white and black, the coloured grip is on the top two-thirds of the front of the handle.

The Pro 500 is available in softer colours such as blue or pink and the grip covers the entire length of the front of the handle.

The Pro 700 only seems to be available in black and offers the same grip design as the Pro 500 model.


Each of these toothbrushes offers great value for money.

They are high-quality and are covered by a 2-year warranty so whether you are looking for a budget-friendly Oral B Vitality or Oral B Pro 100 or a more advanced Pro 700 they all have the same 2-year warranty.

Making Your Selection

When you look at each of these electric toothbrush models side by side it doesn’t seem like there is much that separates them.

However, once you take a closer look you can see how the user experience is different depending on the chosen electric toothbrush.

The Oral B Vitality is a cost-effective option, it is good for daily cleaning and can last around 5 days before needing to be recharged.

It is a minimalist toothbrush that gives a better clean than a regular manual toothbrush without all of the additional features such as a charging status LED or a quadpacer.

If you are simply looking for a low-cost toothbrush that you will be using at home the Oral B Vitality is great.

With that said, the Oral B Pro range has much more to offer.

When comparing the Oral B Pro 100 vs Vitality there is not much difference but once you move up to the Pro 500 and Pro 700 there are some defining features that are worth considering.

The Pro 500 offers excellent value for money, you can enjoy additional features including the 30-second timer, a charging status LED and large grips that make the handle easy to hold.

If you are looking for a step up from this go for the Pro 700, you can enjoy everything the Pro 500 has as well as 3D cleaning technology and a pressure sensor.

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