The Best Mattresses In A Box in Australia [2019]

Mattresses in a box is one of the latest online shopping crazes to sweep the world. Not only can you get a good quality mattress delivered to your doorstep, you generally save a significant amount compared to what you would pay in the store, as you are buying directly from the manufacturer.

On the back of the huge success of brands like CasperNectarLeesa, and Tuft & Needle in the USA, numerous brands have now popped up in Australia, providing some much needed competition to the traditional mattress stores and manufacturers.

The key players in the Australian market, all offering different levels of quality and affordability, are EcosaKoalaHugo Sleep, and Eva.

In this article we take a deep dive into the world of mattress in a box and check out what all the fuss is about!

Types of mattress in a box

Memory Foam – Soft but supportive and shapes to the contours of your body

Latex – Contours to your body but generally firmer than Memory Foam. Can be natural, synthetic, or a combination.

Inner sprung/coil – More traditional mattress structure utilizing springs, often with a pillow top for comfort.

Hybrid – A combination of the above

Pros and Cons of a Mattress in a Box


  • More affordable (buy straight from the manufacturer)
  • Good trial periods and return policies
  • Lightweight (great for moving house!)


  • Not easy to try before you buy
  • Memory foam not good for hot sleepers
  • New foam mattresses can give off an odour

best mattress in a box brands

This new breed of mattresses have very much taken hold in Australia. 

Here are the most popular brands on the market:

Ecosa mattress


Mattress filling – Memory foam

Trial Period – 100 Nights

Warranty – 15 Years

Price (Queen) – $1,099

koala mattress

Mattress filling – Kloudcell foam

Trial Period – 120 Nights

Warranty – 10 Years

Price (Queen) – $1,050

Hugo sleep mattress

Mattress filling – Natural latex and 

memory foam

Trial Period – 3 month

Warranty – 10 Years

Price (Queen) – $1,045

eva mattress

Mattress filling – Pocket springs, 

natural latex, and memory foam

Trial Period – 120 night

Warranty – 12 Years

Price (Queen) – $850

shopping for a mattress in a box – what to look out for

Price range

For a mattress in a box in Australia you will be looking at anywhere from $400 up to around $1,300. 

The market is very competitive, so generally you get what you pay for. Spend a bit more and you’ll get more durable, natural materials. Spend less and you’re more likely to get something that will start to sag sooner and be less durable. Cheaper brands are also likely to have less generous trial periods and warranties.


As you would with a regular mattress, keep in mind what level of firmness you are looking for and be sure to check this against the manufacturers stated rating.

If you do find the your mattress slightly firmer than you would like, one option is to look into the addition of a mattress topper, to add a softer layer on top.


Some of the lower cost mattress in a box brands use polyurethane and other potentially toxic compounds in their manufacturing process. To reduce your chances of being exposed to these materials, try to steer clear of cheap foam mattresses and opt for more natural, eco-friendly alternatives.

Bed Base

Be aware that some foam mattresses don’t work particularly well on slat bed bases, and are much better suited to flat, hard surfaces. Make sure your base aligns with what is recommended by the manufacturer.


Delivery is another thing to look into when buying a mattress online. Make sure there are no hidden delivery charges and also enquire about old mattress removal if this is something of interest to you.

Is mattress in a box right for you?

We spend around 30% of our life in bed so picking your next mattress isn’t a decision you should take lightly. 

Mattresses in a box offer a good quality alternative to traditional beds, at an affordable price, but there are definitely some trade-offs.

At the end of the day we all have our own personal tastes, preferences, and budget. So be sure to do your homework and pick something that aligns with what you think is right for you.

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