Le Creuset vs Chasseur: Best Dutch Oven

Le Creuset vs Chasseur: Best Dutch Oven

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If you are in the market for a french oven, dutch oven or casserole dish then you are bound to have come across products from Le Creuset and Chasseur.

Both brands specialise in enamelled cast iron pots and make premium cookware. On first glance, there seems to be little difference between them with clear similarities in the basic shape and features of their french ovens. Choosing between them requires a closer look and this guide will help you figure out which one is best for you.

Le Creuset

Le Creuset is a well-known cookware brand that was founded in 1925 in France. They offer a range of products and their popular cast iron cookware continues to be manufactured in France. Le Creuset offers a broad selection of products including 3 ply stainless steel, non-stick, stoneware and more. In addition to offering a large range of cookware, they also offer an extensive collection of colour options to suit all kitchens and styles.


Chasseur manufactures cast iron cookware in the Invicta foundry in France. Invicta has been established since 1924 and controls 100% of the manufacturing process in-house. The cookware is affordable, high-quality and built to last. Chasseur products continue to be made the traditional way with layers of enamel being applied by hand.

Key similarities

Enamelled Cast Iron

Both Le Creuset and Le Chasseur make pots from enamelled cast iron. This is a strong, long-lasting material that is great for cooking. You can make a range of meals from casseroles to pasta and the pot material will properly retain and distribute the heat. Technically, Dutch ovens traditionally use bare cast iron while a French oven is coated with enamel but the terms are now more or less used interchangeably. The enamel helps to ensure food doesn’t stick when you cook and makes cleaning easy.

Easy to Clean

As mentioned, the enamel coating that is on all the Le Creuset and Chasseur French/ Dutch ovens is great for cleaning. They help to make the pots more beginner-friendly and also save you time on washing up. The enamel is durable, resistant to chipping and resistant to staining. They are also dishwasher safe so you can put the pot straight into the dishwasher once you’re finished.

Tight Fitting Lid

One of the key features of dutch ovens is a secure lid. Both brands use a tight-fitting lid that has enhanced rings to help create a basting effect. The heavy lid is important as it helps to keep food moist and tender. These lids not only fit securely, they also look great too. The lid is the same colour as the pot itself so you can use it for serving as well as cooking.

Made in France

Both brands take pride in remaining close to their roots. Le Creuset french ovens have been individually handcrafted in France since 1925. Le Chasseur french ovens are handcrafted in the Champagne Ardennes region of France.

Suitable for Use on All Stove Types

One of the great things about a french or dutch oven is the versatility. If you buy one from either of these two brands you would be able to use the oven on all stove types. This even includes induction hobs. In addition to this, the casserole pot can also be used in the oven. This gives you the freedom to make any recipes in any kitchen.

Stainless Steel Knob

The lids feature a heat resistant stainless steel knob. This not only looks stylish but also ensures the lid can safely go into the oven too. On the Chasseur cast iron french oven the knob is safe up to 232 degrees Celcius.


If you had pans from these two brands side by side you would find it hard to pick a favourite based on looks alone. They both offer incredibly stylish options in a range of rich, beautiful colours.

Key differences

Enamel Finish

Le Creuset french ovens have a 3 layer enamel finish whereas Chasseur french ovens have a 2 layer enamel finish. This means the Le Creuset options are in theory more durable and should last longer. Having a toughened, 3 layer enamel finish is something that sets Le Creuset apart from the competition. With that said, products from both brands should be able to last a lifetime if properly cared for.

Colour Options

If you are looking for the perfect cookware to suit your kitchen decor and style, you may want to look at Le Creuset’s range. Although Chasseur does offer 7 rich colour options for their casserole dishes, Le Creuset offers up to 18 different colours to choose from. It is quite difficult to decide on a favourite colour as they are all vibrant and rich but it’s great to have lots of choices.


The Le Creuset french ovens weigh less than the competition. Generally, the same size pots are around 15% lighter if you choose the Le Creuset version. For example, the 26cm 5.3L capacity round french oven weighs 5.15kg from Le Creuset but the 26cm 5L capacity round casserole dish from Chasseur weighs 6.52kg. This makes Le Creuset a better option if you struggle with the heavy weight of one of these pots.

Environmentally Friendly

Chasseur is an environmentally friendly option, they use up to 80% recycled material and the cast iron pots are 100% recyclable.


A pot from Le Creuset is generally more expensive than one from Chasseur. At the time of writing, you can pick up a Shell Pink 24cm / 4.2L casserole dish for $529. A 24cm/ 4L casserole dish is available from the Chasseur collection for $329. A discounted cerise coloured dish of the same size costs $423.20 from Le Creuset and a similar colour costs $329 from Chasseur.

Making your selection

As you can see, there are far more similarities between these brands than there are differences. One of the most notable differences between them is the price, but does Chasseur offer less because the product is cheaper? Absolutely not. Chasseur is a great brand, it is more affordable and offers a perfect place to start your collection of cast iron cookware without breaking the bank. You can get value for money and a reliable french oven that will last a lifetime.

Le Creuset offers a french oven with slightly better finishing and additional durability thanks to the 3-layer enamel. They also have a great reputation for providing quality customer service. If you have the money and you want to build a brand collection in your kitchen Le Creuset may be a well-suited choice. They have a wide range of colours available to buy and it would be easy to mix and match items too. French ovens from Le Creuset are also lighter in weight so are good for people who struggle with the weight of regular cast iron cookware.

Which one you decide to buy comes down to personal preference. The additional cost of Le Creuset does buy you a couple of extra luxuries but the basics are the same. We cannot fault either, they receive fantastic reviews and produce cookware that will last years. If you are looking for value for money go for Chasseur, if you are looking for luxury (and lots of colour choice) go for Le Creuset.

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