How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

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A small bathroom might be short on square footage, but it doesn’t have to be short on style. Compact bathrooms can be absolutely stunning, and equal in many ways, to larger versions. 

Styling a small bathroom well is achieved with creativity, and plenty of tricks to complement the space and make it look bigger. If you have a tiny bathroom that you want to look as stylish and spacious as possible, take a look at these clever tips to help you get started in your design:

Harness The Natural Light

Natural light makes any space look bigger and brighter and fresher. So it makes sense that the first thing you need to do to make your bathroom look bigger is to ensure it is drowning in all the natural light available. To ensure this is possible you may want to:

  • Clear that windowsill of ornaments and top-heavy plants
  • Get that window cleaned inside and out
  • Consider blinds that might let in more light, including any on glass doors

The more natural light that bathes the room, the better.


Who said bathrooms can’t get cluttered? You’d think they only store the essentials for washing and getting ready but, they can become very messy with items that do not need to be in there. 

Clutter makes any space look and feel smaller, so decluttering your small bathroom is an easy way to make it look bigger. Here are some key examples of items that can clutter up a bathroom:

  • Oversized wash baskets
  • Too much storage, especially the type that takes up flooring
  • Too many towels
  • Too many needless accessories
  • Too many toiletries in and around the sink and shower
  • Cleaning products that could be kept elsewhere

Spending half an hour to clean and clear the clutter from your small bathroom is a free and easy way to enhance the space. 

Use Mainly Light Colours And Shades

With any surfaces in your bathroom (including the ceiling), choosing a light shade like white or pale grey will ensure all light is reflected and not absorbed, making the space look bigger. 

Tiling a small bathroom with lighter colours, or choosing light small bathroom tiles is a really easy way to instantly enhance your bathroom space. 

Light colours and shades are also associated with hygiene and cleanliness, something most of us appreciate in a room like a bathroom. 

Use Glass & Mirrors

Glass allows light to flow through, so using it as a shower screen rather than a shower curtain is a really great idea when you’re trying to make the space visually bigger. Ensuring any shiny surfaces like floor tiles or a light floor space are super clean will also help with the reflective qualities of the room. 

Mirrors are another great addition to a compact bathroom because they actively reflect light, which gives the visual illusion of a bigger space. 

By following the tips above you can not only make your small bathroom look bigger, but clearer, cleaner and more stylish too. A small space doesn’t have to be restrictive, in fact, it can enhance your bathroom design creativity, resulting in a stunning aesthetic the whole family will love.

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