How to dress a bed like a designer

How to dress a bed like a designer

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Upon entering a bedroom, nothing quite catches the eye like a beautifully dressed bed. The bed is the main and immediate focal point of any bedroom and dressing it with the proper pillows and bedding can make a world of difference when it comes to providing a classy and aesthetically pleasing feel. 

Steps In Dressing A Bed

With so many different steps that are involved in making up a bed, the process can be quite overwhelming. Here, we’re going to break down each step and what it involves, starting from the bottom and working our way up.

  • Valance / Bed Skirt – This is designed to conceal the box spring or bed frame that your mattress rests on. It is typically a neutral colour that matches the rest of the bedding, curtains, or even the bed’s headboard.
  • Fitted Sheet – Pretty self-explanatory in the name, a fitted sheet fits tightly around the mattress. If your bed has a mattress topper, consider an extra deep version to ensure it all fits.
  • Flat Sheet – A sheet that goes in between the fitted sheet and comforter or duvet. The flat sheet almost always matches the fitted sheet in colour or design.
  • Doona – The top layer covering for the bed and usually the centre of the bed’s theme and colour scheme or design. The doona is a soft and flat bag-like blanket that is typically filled with down or feathers.
  • Coverlet – Lightweight bedspread that is typically woven or quilted, designed as a decorative layer for the bed. Sometimes they may also be used as throws to act as an accent piece at the foot of the bed. Because they’re lightweight, they can either act alone as a covering for the bed or be placed on top of a comforter.
  • Throw – Throws are almost always used as a decorative component with the added value that they provide extra warmth. They’re usually placed at the foot of the bed and can work to match the bedding or work as a contrast piece.
  • Accent Pillows – These pillows vary in size and are used to accent the colours or patterns that are present in the bedding. These include European pillows that are square pillows, small or large, that are used decoratively on the bed.
  • Oxford & European Square Pillowcase – These pillowcases are incorporated into the pillow arrangement and usually match the doona or coverlet on the bed. The European square pillowcase is obviously square and typically propped at the very back of the arrangement. The oxford pillowcase has a loose and flat hem around its perimeter.

Creatively Designing Your Dream Bed

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to dressing your bed elegantly and with style. While some people prefer the sleek appearance of an all-white set, it can also be wonderfully creative to incorporate contrasting colors and designs. 

If you do decide to add a bold pattern into your bedding, it’s a good idea to keep at the least the sheets neutral so that the designs don’t start to become too overwhelming. If you want to add a pop of drama to your bed, a great way to do that is with the use of European pillows.

Utilising pillows as a way to contrast bedding is a great and versatile way to keep your bed looking fresh. You can also change the pillows with the seasons while still keeping the same doona or coverlet. 

Get creative and don’t be afraid to tastefully step outside the box when dressing your bed. It’s the first thing that eyes are drawn to when stepping into a bedroom so why not make it as elegant and classy as possible?

This article was written by Julia Warren

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